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Intelligent Energy Solutions   Call 0800 7797710
Approved installers of solar panels and Mitsubishi Ecodan air source heat pump in UK. Visit the site for more details.
Unit C2, 131 Waterside Road, Hamilton Industrial Estate, Hamilton, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE5 1TL   (6959)

Online Solar, Inc.   Call 410-308-1599
The company offers the following solar panels as mr Solar 1-110 Watts, solar panels by price volume discounts, global solar flex, BP solar, general electric, sharp, solarworld, sanyo, uni-solar, mitsubishi electric, photon solar panels, sunWize solar, suntech solar, solcharger and ALPS. The company also assists in solar system sizing, unirac sizing chart, industrial sizing, security sizing, RV solar sizing, telecom sizing wiring sizing charts, array orientation, optimum tilt angle, insolation maps and more. Perfect company for all your solar energy needs.
P.O. Box 1506, Cockeysville, Maryland 21030   (515)

Solar Depot   Call 707.766.7727
Provider of solar energy products including 175W modules, Xantrex XW series inverters, SMA US series inverters, along with solar panels for domestic hot water, pool & spa heating, radiant floor heating, instant gas water heater. The company uses utility tied systems, utility tied with battery backup systems,off grid systems telecom systems and backup systems.
1240 Holm Road, Petaluma, CA 94954   (518)

Solar home   Call 1-866-786-7763
The company offers panel packs, radios and water heaters. Also offer photon solar panels, sunWize solar, suntech solar, solcharger and ALPS. Models range from HLS03 with solar panel 12V/10Wp, SF01 with solar panel 12V/12Wp, SPD01 domestic with solar panel 12V/12Wp and SPA01 agriculture with solar panel 12V/140Wp.
307 West 200 South, Suite 2004, Salt Lake City, UT   (513)

Solar Panels Grants   Call only email support
Information and price comparison website for Solar Panels for your home. Compare solar panel prices from top UK solar energy companies.
Not provided   (6577)

Solatron Technologies Inc.   Call 1-877-498-6527
The company offers kyocera solar panels, matrix photowatt solar panels, BP solar panels solarWorld solar panels, mitsubishi solar panels, suntech solar panels and more. The panel mounts include two seas and unirac solar mounts. The company offers all its solar energy products from the manufacturers of Sanyo and BP.

Sunshine Solar Limited   Call 01603 666676
The company offers the following categories of solar panels which include the sunshine solar CIGS range, unframed panels, the sunshine solar amorphous range, the sunshine solar crystalline range and flexible panels . Their main products are SFL01 with solar panel 12V/50Wp, STL01 with solar panel 12V/37Wp and HLS01 with solar panel 12V/3Wp.
Unit 4, Anderson Yard, Park Lane, Norwich, Norfolk NR2, 3EL, UK - England & Wales   (517)

Suraj Solar Inc.   Call 91-9433084138
The company's solar panel models range from SL01 with solar panel 6V/2Wp, SL02 with solar panel 12V/3Wp, SL03 with solar panel 12V/3Wp, TL01 with solar panel 6V/2Wp, ST01 with solar panel 6V/3Wp , GL01 with solar panel 12V/4Wp , HLS02 with solar panel 12V/6Wp, HLS03 with solar panel 12V/10Wp and more solar energy products.
Jogibattala, Baruipur, Kolkata - 700145, W.Bengal,India   (516)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Solar Panels Business Information

Solar panels business is gaining popularity despite low cost of fossil fuels in international market. Barack Obama president of United States of America is increasingly giving importance to solar panels business so that reliance on foreign oil reduces considerably. Governments all over the world are increasingly giving concessions to their citizens and business those who install solar panels. In countries such as Australia where there is more solar energy per pixel area governments are giving almost entire rebate or providing lucrative schemes to attract the customers. Demand has picked up because of these initiatives which are giving good business to solar panel companies and to the secondary suppliers of solar pixel business. Developing countries can capture this growth because there exists huge business opportunity for exports. These developing countries due to huge population relatively consume high amounts of energy and one of the viable solutions is to put up solar panels for energy. Carbon credits can also be earned because environment is saved from destruction. Environment will be the future issue for many companies worldwide.

Many industrial houses and small business are trying to adopt solar panels to reduce their energy costs and to gain carbon credits. This practise hasn’t picked up yet but many industrial houses and small business are trying to adopt this technology into their business. Government support to small business can boost the demand for solar panels hence translating this demand to bottom line profitability.

Some of the top solar panels businesses are listed on NASDAQ. These companies can improve their profitability if governments worldwide give concessions to solar panels business take steps to save this environment from harmful chemicals. One thing is certain fossil fuels are not here to stay for a longer time and at a certain point in time in the future renewable energies will take a lead and provide clean energy to thousands of homes worldwide. In Texas Austin a program was started which gave away $5000 a check each year for having a solar panel which generates a certain amount of power. With such kind of initiatives, environment consciousness and popularity one can expect this market to increase its profitability and share and it may be the right time to enter either into distribution, marketing, material supply, panels supply, etc. Energy can also be saved.

Some of the different materials present on a solar panel are photovoltaic modules, inverters, panels, batteries and inter connection wiring. Solar panels are not adopted by people because of their high cost and longer return on investments. Solar panels need semi conductors which are still highly priced which needs to be reduced for optimal profits to the solar panel business. Many companies in developing countries are planning to start large scale operations to cater their market. Still awareness needs to be put into place to increase the large scale distribution of solar panels to the market to reduce energy and to increase environmental awareness among the people.

Solar panels businesses are obtaining concessions from governments worldwide. These businesses can obtain loans from banks, financial institutions and concessions from the government. There are many private venture capitalists who may provide finance to small business. There are still some technology hindrances and problems which are plaguing the industry. These bottle necks have to be removed for solar panels businesses to thrive in this environment.

There are performance issues which should be considered by solar panels business. Solar panels need to withstand heat, snow, cold, rain, hail, etc. Crystalline silicon modules show performance up to 90% initially for ten years and then it shows 80% for the next 25 years. Numbers of solar panel units have increased considerably during these years and forecasts are that this number will increase gradually over time. This can only boost the bottom line of the businesses and save energy over time.

There are certain standards which a solar business entrepreneur needs to know they are IEC, UL, CE, EST, etc. Solar panels business offer environmental friendly solutions. These panels are also backed up by many environmental friendly organizations, and societies for protection of nature. These technology panels are environmental friendly. Installation professionals are very much in demand in developed countries and some companies have outsourced installation to other companies which are handling the operation and maintenance of these panels. Service after sales demand is also picking up and servicing panels offers good business opportunity to entrepreneurs. Many universities have launched specialized courses to deal with solar panels business and the technology of solar panels.

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