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Piedmont Natural Gas   Call 704-364-3120
Piedmont Natural Gas Company, Inc. is an energy and services company primarily engaged in the distribution of natural gas to over 690,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. Visit the site for more business information and details.
4720 Piedmont Row Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina 28210, USA   (4662)

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Natural gas is a fuel or source of energy which mainly consists of methane. Generally associated with the fossil fuels, this fuel is found deep under the earth’s crust. It is found in marshy environment and bogs where methanogenic bacteria act upon the organic matter to produce methane as a by product. Natural gas is also acts a source of fertilizers for conditioning the soil.

The business of natural gas energy production involved a thorough processing where other than methane all the unwanted particles and material are removed. Only after this the gas is utilized as a fuel. It is a vital source of generation of electricity. The fuel is used to rotate steam and gas turbines. In comparison to the other fossil fuels natural gas is a cleaner fuel and produces very little amount of carbon dioxide. Therefore it is considered a better alternative for coal and petroleum in order to prevent the damage to the environment by decreasing levels of pollution.

In the natural gas business, this energy form is used for domestic purpose by supplying it to homes. This gas is first compressed and then used for the purpose cooking. This compressed form is called compressed natural gas or CNG. This fuel is not only efficient but is very easy to handle and a clean fuel from environmental point of view. It is supplied to the household in rural areas via pipelines. LPG that is propane is still amore preferred fuel in the domestic cooking since it more economical.

CNG or compressed natural gas is an alternative natural source of energy which is used as a fuel for vehicles. It is considered as a cleaner fuel when compared with conventional forms. Thus the damage to the environment caused by such fuels is much lesser. The automobile industry is slowly seeing a revolution where such alternative forms are gaining popularity in the business. Natural gas is also used for the production of ammonia which is a very important and common fertilizer.

Many manufacturers in the aviation business are developing new methods and technology to use liquefied natural gas as a fuel for the aircrafts. This form of energy again proves to be more efficient and helps in cooling the surrounding air thereby has an advantage over the others. This way the clean fuel takes care of the environmental needs as well.

Hydrogen is a very important for various other businesses such as chemical industries, oil refineries and as a hydrogenating agent. This important fuel is also made by using natural gas. This form of alternative energy is also very important when we consider the fact that very less amount of green house gases are released. Thus it helps in controlling further degradation of the environment.

Although natural gas is a very clean form of energy it does have few demerits. Natural gas is mainly methane and this methane is a one of the worst green house gas that has increased the global warming phenomena of the environment. Though it produces very little quantity of carbon dioxide, natural gas itself is contributing to the damage. All said and done carbon dioxide is still considered as the king of green house gases since it is present in maximum concentration in the atmosphere.

Natural gas is an odorless and colorless in the environment. It’s difficult to identify and detect and that’s why small amount of certain substances called odorants are added in small quantities. These odorants have a pungent and rotten smell. So that the leakage of the can be detected and avoiding any explosions or fire which may further prevent loss and damage of life and property. Since this energy form doing well as a fuel, more business of this fuel is cropping up but removal of natural gas results in creating a void and causing damage to the earth’s crust and landscape. Therefore one way or the other it does harm the nature and environment. One should ensure least environmental hazards while operating in the natural gas business.

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