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BBQBarbecues   Call 01386 768498
One of the UK's well known online retailer of BBQs, Charcoal Barbecues and Gas Barbeques. Visit the site for more details.
Units 2, 3 and 4 Millennium Court, Enterprise Way, Evesham, Worcs, WR11 1GS, UK
http://www.bbqbarbecues.co.uk/   (6521)

Canoro Resources Ltd  Call (403) 543-5747
International company having branches in India and Canada supplying with oil and gas products worldwide. One of the largest oil and gas production company in the world extracting oil in the state of Assam, India. Take a look at the website for more detailed information about the company.
700, 717 Seventh Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2P 0Z3
http://www.canoro.com/   (1010)

Sunoco Gas Stations   Call 1-800-SUNOCO-1
Sunoco is one of the largest gas distributors with over 4,900 locations and a growing chain of 700 APlus convenience stores.
P.O. Box 321 Essington, PA 19029-0321, USA
http://www.gosunoco.com/   (7279)

Business Information By Mast Directory : Oil And Gas Business Information And Guide

All around the world there is a huge requirement for energy, energy in the form of electricity, energy in the form of fuel for combustion. Power is what our life runs on, even our body needs energy to work. But in this article we are talking about oil and gas business and how you too can have your own oil and gas business. Certainly the magnitude of oil and gas business is one that bigger than many other businesses simply because the demand for energy is tremendous and it scales all borders and demands for energy is growing by the day.

Oil and gas are forms of fossil fuels and fossil fuels are mostly found at great depth beneath the surface of the earth. Fossils are the remains of dead plants and animals and other degradable substances that have been lying beneath the earth for thousands of years and the heat of the earth coupled with other processes has meant that these remains have become oils and gases. With use of technology we have the knowhow to extract such oils and gases for our use. There are wide spread uses of oil and gases. Oil in its raw form is called crude oil and with the use of technology crude oil goes under a series of procedures and then fuel, lubricants for vehicles, fuel for energy is derived.

Gas is also extracted from beneath the earth but gas beds are found in places where oil is not present. Gas and oil beds are found on land as well as sea. Gases are used for running of vehicles, cooking gas and industrial use as well. It must also be mentioned that since both oil and gas are fossil fuels they emit gases into the environment and are known as green house gases. All over the world there is a huge movement to stop the use of energy sources but since a lot of money and technology has already been pumped into extracting and using these energy resources it will take time before major steps in this direction yield results.

Expectedly the business of oil and gas is a huge one with companies such as Exxon, Shell and Reliance Industries having made investment worth billions of dollars. Recently Reliance Industries of India made oil and gas discoveries worth billions of dollars in the Bay of Bengal and production and delivery of gas to Indian companies has commenced. Certainly everyone cannot have such a business yet there remain a number of avenues to enter and start an oil and gas business. Yes your business will be a part of the impact on environment but there ways that you can curb the impact on the environment while still remaining in the oil and gas business.

In some countries fuel oil reaches consumers directly through company owned outlets but this business model is usually practiced in smaller counties. In countries where oil and gas businesses are controlled by the state they will lease the operation of the fuel/gas station to a person who will be given a commission on sales per liter or gallon. If you think that a retail gas station is a good business model then in that case you can approach an oil distribution company. Mostly the requirements are centered on having a good location land within the city or in close proximity of city or land on a highway. Once the formalities are complete and an agreement signed they will set up a fuel station for you.

Gas distributing companies need people who can distribute cooking gas to consumers so where in lay a business opportunity for you. Today most modern cities have gas pipes installed in their homes wherein the cooking gas distribution company will lay gas pipes directly from the gas station up to the consumersÂ’ home. Certainly they have gas to supply but not the pipes for fittings. So if you happen to have such a business of pipe fittings then you can bid for such work and get the business.

Another business in the oil and gas business is the business of lubricants. Lubricants are derived from oil and every automobile be it cars, trucks, buses or any other vehicle needs lubricants to maintain auto machinery. Mobil of USA and Total of France are two of the biggest names in this business and there are some Japanese companies that also make high quality lubricants. You can open a retail shop and sell these products to consumers. The business of selling oil and gases and itÂ’s by products is one that will remain in existence for quite a while. Though we all have concerns for the environment but the reality remains that if we stop of the use of oil with immediate effect all forms of energy usage will come to a halt.

We have tried to cover a few of the business models that exist in the oil and gas business for you but we also recommend that there are other business models that also remain open. Explore them freely and make the best choice according to what you find to be most feasible.

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