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Industrial Noise Control, Inc.  Call 630-844-1999
Manufacturer of a wide variety of high performing structures and products useful for solving the most common to the most unusual and complex noise control applications. Provides a complete selection of flexible noise control materials such as noise absorbers, noise barriers, acoustical composites, and vibration damping materials to protect environment from noise pollution.
401 Airport Rd. | North Aurora, IL 60542   (477)

Kinetics Noise Control, Inc  Call Toll Free: 1-877-457-2695
Company engaged in developing, producing and designing products to better control sound and vibration and resolve seismic issues over a wide range of applications in different fields like industrial vibration systems, architectural noise separation, exterior acoustic barrier Walls, whole building isolation and more.
P.O. Box 655, Dublin, OH 43017   (475)

Noise Control Engineering, Inc.,  Call 978-670-5339
Premier acoustical engineering consulting firm offering vibration and noise control engineering services and cost-effective solutions to all types of acoustical problems for the commercial, marine and industrial environment including noise control treatment design, environmental noise control, and product noise control.
799 Middlesex Turnpike, Billerica, MA 01821   (476)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A guide to noise control products business

In the environment we dwell, especially in the centre of the cities or living adjacent to industries, you will observe a massive noise energy pollution that may be upsetting your mind throughout the day. This noise is now successfully preventable through modern inventions of noise control products. Within the facts of increasing population on daily basis makes it a perfect business for a person to start with.

Today, we are going to guide you how to clean your environment while making money. The first thing you need to decide is your business mission and objectives. For example, if you have intended to launch a non-profit organization or purposely setting up for revenue generation, you shall decide to buy and sell low-priced or expensive equipment respectively.

After when you have established the supply chain, start considering the products and their further sales and marketing. Now, there are two basic kinds of noise energy controlling products: Noise Barriers & Noise Absorption. Following are the further details on the types of noise controlling products.

Noise Barriers

  • Vinyl Sound Barrier
  • Stop Noise Wall Panel
  • Wrap Barrier
  • Barrier Composites
  • Acoustic Blanket and Curtain Systems
  • Waterproof Baffles
  • Ceiling Tile Barrier
  • Football Acoustic Floor Underlayment
  • Piping and Duct Acoustic Materials
  • High Velocity Attenuator

Noise Absorption products

  • Acoustic Foams
  • Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
  • Noise Control Panels
  • Acoustic Fabric

These above discussed types have further materials therefore make appropriate decisions while selecting which products to sell in the market. It is not necessary to focus on cheaper products as your initial market statistics will inform you of the exact customer requirements. As you are aware that rich people prefer quality to price, therefore throwing low priced products before rich people will be a false target to clean your environment.

Before you get started as a seller, it is very essential to locate yourselves reachable by the customers. If you have enough budgets to launch multiple outlets, it is well and great however opening a single outlet should be closer or within the local market. If you are challenging enough to prove your quality and competitive prices, you shall not hesitate to be a part of such products industry.

Focusing on pricing strategies, it is a smart tactic to move with a penetration pricing strategy. This strategy will cut down your prices and minimal profits from each energy product however when the demand increases, you accumulate the maximum profits out of hundreds and thousands. Hereby, your objective of cleaning the environment from noise will more effectively accomplish. The more the people use your products, the better the noise pollution will reduce.

A very tiny implementation that is at the same time the most significant factor for your best selling is your brand or Company name. It should be small, attractive and easy to pronounce. It sounds ridiculous however; you cannot deny Google’s success for its name to use as a verb in English dictionaries. Even if your name memorizes to people, you can someday make a peaceful environment behind your name.

Alright, you have set your energy business, hired labor, and even celebrated the inauguration. Remember when you receive the first customer; valuing him to your best will lead you to expect more customers in the future referred by the first one. Thereon, treating every customer as the first customer will create a multiplier effect for the best of your revenues. Since you are heading to harmonize the environment through your soundproofing products, you will surely require a good customer service to influence more people buy from you.

At the end, when you start making good number of sales. It is very essential for you to expand in other parts of the world. You can do that by participating in environmental events, donations, advertising and above all reaching to the customer before he reaches you; being available to be bought.

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