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Accepta  Call +44 (0) 161 877 2334
Water Treatment Chemicals, Testing Kits and Equipment - Accepta speciality products for wastewater and effluent, boiler, cooling and reverse osmosis systems including biocides and disinfectants, scale and corrosion inhibitors, antifoams, oxygen scavengers, polymers, high performance flocculants and coagulants.
Duckworth House, Old Trafford, Manchester M32 0FP, United Kingdom.
http://www.accepta.com/   (2662)

Aquatech International Corporation  Call 724-746-5300
World famous company utilizing its labour resources in the manufacturing and development of world class products and services for water treatment including products for industrial wastewater treatment and equipment supplying, reverse osmosis systems, water treatment plant operating services and much more. Visit the site.
One Four Coins Drive, Canonsburg, PA 15317 USA
http://www.aquatech.com/   (2661)

Filter Tech Systems, Inc.  Call 888-287-8292
Offer water treatment products and services including AquaClear Flocculated Filtration, AquaFloc Complete Treatment, AquaStar Contact Clarifier, AquaAir Air/Water Backwash System, AquaSand Direct Filtration used for waters determined to be true ground water sources and more. Visit the site for further details.
2844 Chipeta Avenue - Grand Junction, CO 81501
http://www.filtertechsystems.com/   (2663)

Fluidyne Corporation  Call (319) 266-9967
Fluidyne is globally recognized as a leader in wastewater treatment technologies. The company has supplied wastewater process equipment and technology for over 20 years with hundreds of installations throughout the world. Take some time to check the site for complete details about what they offer.
5436 Nordic Drive Suite D, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613
http://www.fluidynecorp.com/   (2664)

Swift Tech Engineers & Consultants  Call +91-44-43513490/65265990
Company making its way to dominate its competitors and proved itself as one of the finest and class manufacturers, suppliers and service providers of water and waste water treatment apparatus including Pressure Filters, Ion Exchange Systems, Reverse Osmosis Plants, waste water treatment equipment. Go to site for details.
No.86, First Main Road, Kamakodi Nagar, Valasaravakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. India
http://www.swifttechengineers.com/   (2649)

Water & Wastewater Equipment Company  Call (440) 942-7070
Company doing business globally and helping with all kinds of water and wastewater equipment with a wide range of products including filter presses, complete wastewater treatment systems, skid mounted treatment systems, water treatment chemicals, filtration systems and much more. Go to site for further details.
1466 East 357th Street ยท Eastlake, Ohio 44095, USA
http://www.wwe-co.com/   (2660)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Water Treatment Equipment Business

Treated water is nowadays most common concern for executives and professionals all around the world. People find it difficult to rely on the purity questions of water supplied to them for drinking purpose. In offices, hospitals, clinics or other service based institutions like banks and etc, people often face the need for water treatment. No body can control their thirst therefore people want to be supplied with pure water that is free from germs and etc that will most likely not to make their health suffer.

Given the situation, you can find the market for your water treatment business. Yes, those service based organization, offices, factories, companies, restaurants as well as religious places and etc are your business prospect. Set your business in such a location that covers all these. If you have schools, colleges, universities, hospitals. Shopping malls, playing fields nearby, you are simply the blessed businessman. These are the points where your water treatment business can respond positively and let your business flourish everywhere. The water treatment business involves setting water treatment facility in environment friendly concern and atmosphere. It guarantees environmental safe drinking of natural waters. None can deny the importance of having natural water drinks. Natural waters contain minerals that help our body to advertise sound health. The pressure to get supply of natural water or environment friendly water treatment facilities is mounting everyday on consumer outlets and public places. The owners and operators of such consumer outlets and public places have no way to delay responding to such demands. Even if they do so, they will risk their survival.

Little technical expertise and skills are needed to operate such water treatment equipment business. When people shop for water treatment equipments they give emphasis to major renounced brands and cost. So you need to have arrangement to back your consumers purchase decisions. Many a financial institutions offer consumer lending facilities for such occasions. It is a secured way of doing business for you too. You get your sales quicker to occur and a recurring business with healthy relationship with your bank. There is no way of cheating in selling water treatment equipment business. But most of the time people lack a sense of regularization of the equipments. They do not over haul them properly or even if they try to do it, they do it at their own risk of damaging the devices. Yes, after sales service is crucial here. You need have people to conduct the after sales servicing as this is often searched by the customers.

The prevailing sales arrangement in water treatment equipment business makes the sales easier for the customers. Then they keep the contact for reprocessing, filtering, overhauling the equipments and devices. This is significant for the business because the after sales services delivered in this way constructs a regular service fee. This means regular flat cash flows for the business. So, it is the arrangement. When you plan your product mix you need to think small office, medium office and large corporate bodies. These days some people look for shopping portable water treatment equipments. These can be without channels of filters and placed at the corner of your room. Relevant accessories like chlorine solution, fluorine solution, sodium solvent etc must be kept in the water treatment equipment shops. The range may also include renewable filters or latest market offerings as well.

It is a good and genuine business. Many people have started doing this business and with regular flat income they have quickly changed their social possession from hard earner to affluent one. This with a format of routine activities as well as most lucrative returns offers, many people are venturing now. Start your water treatment equipment business now to catch the water treatment equipment shoppers. Otherwise it will be too many people will make the niche crowded and get the shares of cake you would have otherwise. Some financial institutions offer credit facilities for these businesses. So have a good plan now.

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