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Campbell Scientific, Inc  Call (435) 753-2342
Offer water monitoring or sediment instruments for all environments including products like OBS-3 which measures turbidity and suspended solids in water used in River and stream gauging, OBS-3A which measures sediment concentrations to 5,000 mg/é used in Wastewater effluent testing and measurements, Control water clarity in settling ponds and much more. Give a look to site for further information and details.
815 W 1800 N, Logan, UT 84321-1784 U.S.A.
http://www.d-a-instruments.com/   (2860)

Hach Company  Call 800-227-4224
Hach, a global company in water quality testing and water quality analysis, offers portable, laboratory and on-line instrumentation for testing important water quality parameters. Products include Ion Selective, pH Meters, Test Kits, Test Strips, Colorimeters, Pocket Colorimeter, Turbidimeter, Turbidity Meter, Spectrophotometers, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer and more. Take a look to the site for detailed business information of all equipment offered.
P.O. Box 389, Loveland, Colorado,
http://www.hach.com/   (2862)

MD Instruments  Call +44 (0) 1793 433595
Company growing their business and utilizing their energy and resources in the development and manufacturing of continuous and portable natural water quality monitoring and control instrumentation systems such as sludge blanket detectors, suspended solids monitors, Turbidity Monitors, Automatic Sludge Blanket Level Monitors, pH/Redox Monitors, Dissolved Oxygen Analysers and more. Visit the site for more detailed information about the products the company offer.
Unit 8, Newburn Centre, Dean Street, Swindon, SN1 5EW, United Kingdom
http://www.mdinstruments.co.uk/   (2861)

Solinst Canada Ltd.  Call (905) 873-2255
Company offering a broad range of innovative and practical equipment including high quality ground water monitoring instruments used by both hydrogeologists and hydrologists around the world. Products include Water Level Meters, but has expanded into dataloggers, telemetry, Interface Meters, Drive-Points, Samplers and Multilevel Systems and much more. Give your eyes a look to site for more details.
35 Todd Rd., Georgetown, Ontario, Canada, L7G 4R8
http://www.solinst.com/   (2859)

Valeport Ltd.  Call +44 (0) 1803 869292
Company based in UK and by utilizing its energy and resources expanding its business worldwide for their extraordinary products range including hydrometric(water related) and oceanographic instrumentation such as tide gauges, wave recorders, current meters, bathymetry, ocean engineering and more. Go to site for more details.
St. Peter's Quay, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 5EW, United Kingdom
http://www.valeport.co.uk/   (2857)

YSI Hydrodata Ltd.  Call 01462 673581
Company located in UK and a leader in manufacturing instruments to monitor the aquatic(water) environment including to monitor, measure and test and provide high quality, reliable data to help the customers make critical decisions in matters relating to water quality, quantity and flow. Give a look to site for further information.
Unit 8, Business Centre West, Avenue One, Letchworth, Hertfordshire, SG6 2HB
http://www.ysihydrodata.com/   (2858)

Business Information By Mast Directory : Water Monitoring And Testing Equipment Business Information And Guide

Water is one of the most important elements in nature, the key element for the existence of life. That is the main reason for why it is our duty to make sure that the water we are using and wasting is in the purest state possible.

From the water monitoring and testing equipment business, the profit that can be made is pretty limited. The reason of its limitation is because this is a business dedicated to a close sector instead of working for the masses directly. Although this kind of business is limited to partnerships and only in the interest of a government or city hall, there are some services that can be provided especially for the other companies around.

Signing partnerships with other companies for providing the testing equipment can prove to be a good business for any investor in this sector. There are many companies that need this kind of equipment on their day to day activity. The kind of services you will provide must be of very good quality as the smallest mistake in calibrating the measuring machines can lead to disastrous results for the respective companies. That can be translated in high penalties that your firm will have to pay for the damages that the products’ fault had done because you are responsible for the kind of services you provide.

Water monitoring is a very interesting and risky to provide service. The lives of many people depend on the quality of the water is distributed on the pipeline. Also the quality of some food products that are in need of fresh water can suffer from a bad quality of the water. That is the reason why the companies or the governments are hiring for the best in this business and the ones that can guarantee that the accidents are the less possible events that can happen in the water monitoring process using decent testing equipment.

The first partnership you will have to create when in the water monitoring and testing equipment business is the one with a government or a city hall. On a bid organized by a state institution in general, it is preferred that the company that will provide the best quality services with the lowest possible price policy to win a contract. The publicity isn’t so important here as the partnerships are mostly built on your past reputation and activity in working with other clients.

Water monitoring and testing equipment services are also needed in the big companies that need the clearest water for their production process. Let’s take for example Milka chocolate company. They are running a business of millions dollars and can’t afford to loose to the competition from a bad publicity campaign after one of their key ingredients weren’t provided on the best conditions possible. That’s why the seriousness must be the principal feature your company should promote. Also if the contract with such a company is secured, your business is assured for a long time from that point on.

Working for the state when in the water monitoring and testing equipment business can also be a good path to choose for your company. In this kind of partnerships you will receive many advantages and tax absolutions. But when something will go wrong in your company’s services providing, the penalties that you will have to support will be very high. Also the financial status in this kind of business is always secured. In that way, you will not be obliged to continuingly search for new clients in order to gain some profits. With this kind of security you can try to advance and invest in order to evolve. Signing partnerships with many other clients can be a huge source of profits for the kind of business you want to run.

So, making through in this kind of business isn’t so easy. The investments you will have to make are in the form of relative high amounts of money, not accessible to many. The responsibility you have is very big. But the satisfaction when succeeding in this business can give you the kind of joy you are searching when running an affair.

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