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The earth is believed to be the only planet in our solar system on which life exist. There are humans, animals, birds, rocks, mountains, water, fishes and so much more. In short whatever was the result of the big bang theory that gave birth to this wonderful planet this is one planet that is the most gifted one with huge wealth of natural energy resourses. We often hear the term ‘natural resources’ or a particular country is blessed with tremendous natural resources but what exactly does the term natural resources mean?. Natural resources are those resources that are naturally available inside our environment and remain relatively undisturbed by the exploitation of humans.

Natural resources are present inside our environment and they are the reason why this planet is as beautiful as it still is. Within these natural resources there exist some resources that can be used for our benefit but the fact that we exploit them is a matter that we all should take seriously. Our mountains are natural resources because hidden underneath these mountains could be gold mines. Any natural resource that has monetary value can be turned into a business. Natural resources are therefore classified into different categories. On the basis of origin such resources are marked as biotic and non-biotic resources.

Biotic resources are those resources that are derived from the biosphere meaning things with live like animals, birds, creatures that live in the forest and whatever things that are available in the forest. Minerals, oil and natural gas also come under biotic resources, the reason being that these energy resources are derived from plants and animals that once lived on this planet. On the other hand non-biotic resources are resources that are non-living objects like water and land. So whatever extracts we can derive from the water and the land are considered to be non-biotic resources. Examples of non-biotic resources are gold, iron and sliver.

Many of these resources both biotic and non-biotic are needed in our lives. Life animals such as cows are needed to derive milk that we drink and non-biotic resources such as iron are used for making buildings and road construction. There many business options with can be done with natural resources. But before that we have to understand the nature of natural resource business. While in some countries where there is communist rule or strict law controlling the commercial use of natural resources in such countries the government controls all such resources. The government will create its own companies will handle the extraction and selling of such energy resources. In a free economy like America you can start your own natural resource by just taking a license for such a business.

Amongst the different business models you can have for a natural resources business is that of owning your own mine. If you happen to have interest in gold digging then South Africa is known to be the one destination where gold is found in abundance. There are various procedures that you will have you will have to undertake before you can own a gold mine. You will have to take the services of a professional company who can do test about the possibility of gold existing in that area. They will drill in some parts and carry tests on the kind of rocks that are underneath the surface. This is very necessary because you will be investing millions of dollars in such a business and if you cannot be sure of finding the natural resource you are looking for then this can be a business disaster.

Iron is another of the natural resource available in abundance and if your business is not one of owning an iron ore mine you can still start a natural resource trading business. With a trading business you have the benefit of buying iron and steel from anywhere you want, you call a number of people to check with their prices and you can store as much stock as you can pay for. If your business model is a large one wherein you have business partners around the world that puts you in a great position to take advantage of market conditions. Supposing you find prices on the London Metal Exchange the world’s largest most busiest metal exchange diving down so know you can place an order as per the new prices.

For any natural resources business plan you also have to consider the environmental impact that your business will have on the environment. Till a few decades ago use of natural resources and its impact on the environment went virtually unnoticed but today government regulations are very strict and if you are in the mining and natural resource energy production business then you need to have the project certified as a green project before yon commence commercial activities. That because drilling and extracting natural resources such as iron ore means use of machineries and this a process that goes on for years day in day out so there is bound to be wastes and other thing affecting the environment adversely.

Also water is another natural resource which creates huge potential to do business. Various water related business could be the manufacturing of water filters, water softeners, water pumps, water purifiers, water treatment products and much more. So there are many options to make business out of water energy as natural resource.

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