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Since 1972 the company has been a leader in the design, engineering, and installation of energy management systems. Solutions provides energy savings to energy users through temperature controls, HVAC controls, lighting controls, and controls for any type of equipment that requires electricity or natural gas.
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Our life runs on many things, like we need air to survive, food to be able to work & move, money to build our lives in the same energy is another integral part of our lives without which the world will not be the same as it is. Energy is required to run the lights in our homes, energy is need to power the car, trucks and other automobiles we use. Energy is needed to run factory machines, use our computers, cooking and a whole lot more.

Energy comes in various forms; you have nuclear energy, which is used to produce electricity, mechanical energy, chemical energy, thermal energy etc. Chemical energy is that energy which humans derive from the food we eat. We have the ability to store this energy and use it as and when we require. But the biggest concern for energy comes energy that is required to run our computer, our businesses and our vehicles. When the industrial revolution started there was hardly any thought about the massive amount of energy requirement that the world would have and neither did anyone think about the impact of such large energy consumption would have on the environment.

Today as both industrialized nations, developing & underdeveloped nations move aggressively toward further industrialization the demand for energy in all its forms is touching a peak. At the same time the gases and wastes from industrial production is the biggest environmental concern that people and governments all over the world are faced with. Rising temperatures, floods, infrequent rains, melting glaciers can have catastrophic results in the long term. The effects of pollution on the environment can already be felt in our waters. Researchers have found that during summers the sea is a lot warmer than previously found and as a result sea life has been affected tremendously.

The need of the hour is that we manage energy resource more efficiently and use more green technology and green energy resources. Governments around the world have made concrete commitment to pursuing and promoting use of green energy. As cost of energy rises and small business look to manage energy more efficiently business are looking for energy management solutions and companies who have the know how for energy management businesses have a great chance to offer such solutions.

The best way to start an energy management business is that if you know how an energy management plan can be initiated then you can offer your advice to clients as a consultant. Though the beginning may be a relatively small one but if you can garner enough clients and have a really good energy management plan that can reduce the energy consumption of the company without compromising on any vital aspect of their business then that’s what businesses want.

Apart from an energy management consultancy business a different energy management business can be that of selling electricity saving products. Till sometime ago people use yellow bulbs in the homes and offices for lighting purpose but today you have CFL tube lights and bulbs. There are even LED lights now that use small clear bulbs that radiate bright lights using minimum power. Business are looking for such solutions and if you manufacture such products then you can send your sales team to visit such businesses and show them an exact plan on how your products can help those business save on power costs. The plan must be elaborate wherein your team will analyze the entire office building. Then suggest changes and the steps that you would take to effect the changes. The main point is the cost. You should give an accurate cost of the energy management plan and also mention that over a year or specific time period what kind of saving the company can expect. If the company finds your plan feasible then you are in business.

If you are an architect or a building designer then green buildings are the new way of energy management. Even if you are not an architect or a building designer but want to enter the energy management business through this route then you can learn this professional and start your own business. Green building designers and architects basically design the building model keeping in mind that the building will use less energy as compared to other building of the same size and structure. Recently ITC group of India unveiled India’s greenest building. That building has been designed to use 51% less electricity than other buildings in its class and additionally it can recycle 40% of the water that the building uses.

The future holds immense promise for energy management business because it is something that the world needs both to maintain energy costs and use such resources efficiently. There are many other business ventures you can think of when entering energy management business. While the business model can be different the goal is to reduce energy cost and optimize efficiency.

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