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Energy is like life itself, if you do not have energy there is very little that you can do. Yes you are a fully-grown up person and you have work to do. Do you not need energy to do your work? The energy that the body drives from the food we eat is called chemical energy. You can store this energy and use it at your will. Your require energy to push the sofa around the living room and this is a small example of humans using energy. In the same way for our transport vehicles to move from one destination to another it needs energy, energy in the form of fuel. So where do we get the fuel for our cars? Yes of course at youÂ’re nearest gas filling station but really fuel in all is form is derived from fossils.

As we all know by now that fossil fuels are the place from where most energy is derived from. Fossils are dead plants and animals that lived on the earth thousands of years ago and their remains are today found in the form of gases and oil. Fuels can be found in different forms but the 2 major forms of fuel that is used in automobiles is petrol and diesel. Earlier cars would usually use petrol to run the engine on while trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles would use diesel to run the engine. For decades automobile companies used the same old petrol combustion engine, which meant that petrol was used too extensively forming the theory that petrol could be extinct in some hundred years. Prices of crude oil started rising and touching new highs, thereafter automakers started investing in diesel engine technology for cars.

Today there are millions of cars on our roads and every car needs fuel to run on. There are of course electric cars and hybrid cars available but let us face the fact that these cars do not form even a single percent of cars plying on the roads. With markets such as India, Brazil and China being the new emerging fastest growing car markets in the world the demand for fuel is only going to increase.

Therefore there still exist huge business opportunities in the fuel energy business. If you would like to read a few of such business opportunities then this article is for you. In our series of recommendation our first recommendation is that you can have your own gas filling station. In some countries where fuel energy is controlled by the state it means you have to take a government license before you can start a gas filling station. Such a business is a small example of public private partnership. In other countries private fuel energy companies take a decision to allow a businessman to run a gas filling station.

Another of the fuels is compressed natural gas or CNG, which emits fewer gases into the environment. Compressed natural gas is being used in school buses in many places. It is not necessary that to have fuel energy business you only have to do something with fuel to categorize your business as one. There are many businesses that are selling CNG kits to cars owners and owners of buses. Since CNG costs less than petrol and gives an equally good mileage and emits less harmful gases. Thus if want to you enter the fuel energy business and one that is environmentally friendly then you can consider selling CNG kits which will replace the petrol engine to enable the car to run on compressed natural gas. Before you do that however you should check whether or not such systems have the approval of the local government and that they are certified to meet safety standards.

Have you heard about ethanol, most probably you have. Ethanol is a derived from crops such a sugarcane while in the US farmers will grow corn and then make ethanol from it. Ethanol is today being used as a bio fuel and its what can save the environment from the disaster it faces. Ethanol can be mixed into conventional fuel and be used in the same manner to run cars. Only ethanol with minus 1% water content is suitable for use in gasoline engines. Thus if you want a modern fuel energy business for yourself and care enough for the environment then you can cultivate crops and derive ethanol from them and then sell it to fuel making companies.

These are just some of the fuel energy businesses we can recommend to you. There are other fuel energy business models that you can consider as well. One thing for sure fuel energy business that keeps the environment in check is what businesses today have to do so surely your fuel energy business will be a good one if that is what you are considering.

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