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Deeya Energy  Call 510-668-1485
Clean technology company working to develop and manufacture electrical energy storage systems comprising of veterans from the fields of energy storage, telecommunications, industrial power, semiconductors and chemical industries. Visit the site for more.
48611 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA, 94539   (1584)

Ridge Energy Storage & Grid Services L.P  Call 713-552-9300
Company engaged in energy storgage and maintainence by the construction of power plants, trading and transporting energy commodities, operating power plants for profitability in volatile markets, financing complex energy projects, and permitting, siting, and developing storage caverns.
3555 Timmons, Suite 650, Houston, TX 77027   (1585)

Valence Technology  Call 512-527-2900
Company having clients worldwide for providing energy storage solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. Products include Epoch whiuch offers the power of lithium iron phosphate batteries. Also provide high performance rechargeable battery and Lead-acid batteries to power devices such as wheelchairs, scooters, electric bikes, marine vehicles and more.
12303 Technology Blvd., Suite 950, Austin, Texas 78727   (1586)

VRB Power Systems Inc.  Call (604) 247-3300
Company engaged in developing energy storage technology and marketing, selling and manufacturing products utilizing the patented VRB energy storage system. Economically store and supply large amounts of electricity energy on demand and is focused on stationary applications.
Suite 200, 13955 Bridgeport Road, Richmond, BC V6V 1J6 Canada   (1583)

ZBB Energy Corporation  Call +1 (262) 253-9800
Zinc-bromine energy storage battery systems by ZBB Energy Corporation provides energy storage, solar storage and wind storage solutions to renewable energy and utility companies. ZBB Energy Corporation's zinc-bromine energy storage solutions to turn real-time electricity into on-demand electricity and uses a 500 kilowatt-hour F2500 energy storage system that is easily transported and plugged directly into a utility or renewable energy company substation.
N93 W14475 Whittaker Way, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 USA   (1587)

Business Information By Mast Directory : Energy Storage Business Information And Guide

If someone where to ask you whether you need energy in your homes and offices you could reply lamely ‘yes I do’ that is because we at time really do not understand how important energy or electricity is. Now imagine that you reach office and have tons of pending work and you find that the lights are gone and you cannot access your computer. It would seem to you as if the whole day is ruined and you are really under a little stress as to how you would deliver the work on. All you can do is wait for the lights to return.

Surely in the biggest cities like London, New York, Seattle and Tokyo and other such cities power is never shut, which is really great work done by the engineers. But that’s not the case with other major cities and towns in the developing world. Electricity shortage is a know fact and electricity rationing is a reality. Its just not about work is it, homes too need electricity and they cannot be expected to live life in the dark. So what are the solutions that we can have for such an energy crisis? The only way out is energy storage, yes home, office, building, manufacturing plants, farmers everybody they all need energy storage deceives. The good thing is that such devices are readily available and are already in use and from a business perspective there is a huge market for energy storage devices and energy storage solutions.

If you are think of an energy storage and environment business then you would need to first identify your market. Places from India, Pakistan, Africa, Central and some part of Eastern Europe, some parts of South and South East Asia are amongst the prime markets for an energy storage business. There are many products you can introduce which will have market potential in such places. Batteries are an excellent form of energy storage, so if you can make rechargeable torches then that one product that could lead to business success. Similarly offices to face acute power shortages during peak summer as the demand for electricity exceeds the supply. Work cannot stop so office use battery power UPS systems (uninterrupted power supply) which is basically a power converter sending power supply to the computer allowing work to be carried out.

Lithium-ion batteries are amongst greatest source of energy storage. Lithium-ion batteries are used in our mobile phone instruments and energy is stored in these batteries. You charge the mobile instrument and carry it with you. So batteries are a great form of energy storage business. Lithium-ion batteries are now about to enter the transportation business where buses will be equipped with such batteries in large sized enabling the buses to run partially on battery power.

Last year alone there were ½ a million hybrid vehicles sold in the US, hybrid vehicles are those vehicles run on combustion technology and battery power. When the engine is running on fuel some of the energy produced is storage in batteries fitted in the vehicle. Once stored you can switch over to running the car on battery power. Of course there are electric vehicles that completely run on battery power. You can simply charge them overnight and use them over short distances. Such cars are the most environmentally friendly vehicles, as they emit zero gases.

One of the oldest but most meaningful forms of energy storage business has been solar water heater systems and solar panel lamps. As we all know solar energy is renewable energy and it can be stored. There are many companies who are involved in making solar energy storage devices. If you have the technology to building solar energy storage devices then it could be a great business model for you energy storage business. One of the best advantages of solar energy is that it is renewable so the only investment one makes is the cost of buying the product thereafter you can use umpteen times without additional cost. For the long life of the device timely maintenance and some care would be needed.

From a completely business perspective to give up an idea of how the world energy storage business is shaping up, venture capital investment in energy storage businesses and start ups touched $704 million. This shows that people are betting big on energy storage business and fund managers and venture capitalists think that in the near term future such a business has the potential to become worth a lot of money.

We have mentioned a few of the energy storage business models that you can use for your business but it is also advised that you explore some of the other emerging energy storage business models before arriving at a decision. Fuel cell are gaining favor again and flywheels and superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) too have great market potential. Do look into all these emerging energy storage business models as well.

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