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Consumer Energy Solutions, Inc.  Call 866-253-9600
Energy consulting firm helping their clients to manage their energy costs and add to their bottom lines through effective energy purchasing strategies. Representing some of the largest energy suppliers in the United States, and have serviced many Fortune 500 companies such as Best Buy, Xerox, and McDonalds.
1315 Cleveland Street, Clearwater, Florida 33755   (989)

Green and Save  Call 4845885402
Offer home efficiency consulting to individuals who want to save money on their energy utility bills. Also offer commercial energy audits and highly cost-effective lighting retrofits consultancy for business owners. Also provide free resources to go green and protect environment. Visit the site for more information.
204 Old Lancaster Rd Devon PA 19087, USA   (4385)

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Ever since man learnt the art of harnessing energy available in the nature, he went a sep ahead and invented means by which he could alter the course of nature. Ironically though there are numerous new ways of harnessing energy the demand has grown so enormously large that there is an acute shortage of energy. This problem is far significant in developing countries where the means to generate power is still very crude. To quote a very simple scenario, if there is power cut in the US for an hour it would hit the news, on the contrary if there is no power cut in a city in India for day it will hit the news as well. In this article on energy and environment consulting business we will see how these two areas that sound distinctly different have commonality in them and how they can be used in the right way to have a dream venture that you are looking for.

The fundamental laws of Physics as we are aware says that “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transferred from one form to another”, in other words all forms of energy that we are tapping today comes from the environment. The nature and form of this energy would differ though. For example a hydro electric power plant would use the energy that is available in water for running the turbines which in turn generate power, on the other hand a device that works on solar energy could essentially do the same thing with only the difference in the input source of power. From an energy and environment consulting business standpoint this can be approached in two ways.

The first would be to be a consultant in the energy industry implying providing simple and easy means to the customers for utilizing their energy needs in the most optimal way. Now what does this imply? The answer is, for all industries small or large, it is an absolute requirement to have their energy needs addressed properly because in some cases the governments would be extremely stringent on the power consumption by the industries sector and would try to minimize this by the load shedding process to take care of the common public who need the energy as well. This scenario is an absolute reality in developing countries. For example in early 2008, the stat of Tamil Nadu, India had acute power shortage that industries were forced to work 5 days only. Even in the case of IT industries the working times were forcibly changed to regulate the power load. If there is a consultant who could actually specify the areas that are using additional power and the areas where the power loss is high the problem would be addressed easily. For example, if the factory or industry is located in an area with adequate sunlight, the need for using the heaters for any water recycling plate would not be of much use. This is an area where the energy and environment consulting business will make a big change.

The second case would be to be an environment consultant, whose role would be two fold. The first would be to focus on the way the company is meeting it’s energy needs and secondly are these processes that are adopted by the company in line with the environment regulations imposed by statutory bodies. Generally companies employ individuals within the organization who would take care of these compliance activities. However, just like financial organizations for any external audits the government will not accept the review and approval passed within the organization for environment compliance. So the role of an environment consultant will be very valuable. So the energy and environment consulting business will essentially provide two fold revenue and this with very minimal operating costs. If the energy wing of business is operating which provides product consulting as well then there is a sizable amount that will have to be invested, especially depending on the nature of the products provided. The energy and environment consulting business does not involve any dealership that is required, this industry is a lot similar to the more modern IT industry so everything that you touch with this business will turn into gold.

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