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Alternative sources of energy are available in many types today. They are considered to be environment friendly fuels in order to control the damage done to the environment by the existing fossil fuels. Coal and petroleum are the fossil fuels which fulfill most of the energy needs of the world at present. High and regular consumption of these fuels have resulted in diminishing their reserves. They are not only costly but also cause serious damage to the environment. As a result, many companies are coming with this business of developing new and alternative energy resources.

It is important to keep in mind the fact and need. Why such need of using alternative energy resource has come up? As the developed and developing nations are moving towards progress more and more technologies have come up. Almost all of them require this energy supply in order to carry on the processes. All the business work and machinery depends on electricity produced by fossil fuels like coal. They are not only depleting in quantity but also causing damage to the environment by producing very harmful gases like sulphur dioxide and smoke in large quantities. Various health hazards are being introduced making a simple breathing process also toxic.

There are few major types of alternative energy resources available in the business today. They mainly include wind energy, natural gas, solar energy, hydroelectric energy, bio fuels and nuclear energy.

Wind energy is the cleanest and most readily available form of alternative energy. It’s free of cost and doesn’t cause any pollution in the environment. Handling of the fuel is also not an issue. This form of energy is utilized by equipments called wind mills. These have blades which move with the wind and produce electricity using a dynamo. This business is very costly since the wind mills cost is high. Another issue is the need of huge land area, dependency on speed of the wind and noise created by the turbines.

Similarly, solar energy and hydroelectric form of alternative energy source have the qualities of easy availability, cost free fuel, clean fuel and no issues of handling and doesn’t harm the environment. But this business is again costly since devices and equipments which support or use solar energy are very costly. Water used as a fuel is also drying up across the globe. It also uses large amount of water for the production of electricity.

Natural gas is an alternative source of energy which produces much lesser amount of pollution and thus causes very little damage to the environment. This fuel is already into the business of transport. Its modified form known as CNG or compressed natural gas is used in many vehicles like buses, auto rickshaw etc across the country. It has prove d to be a good substitute over petrol or diesel but it is also a fossil fuel and it’s reserves are diminishing at a faster rate.

Biofuels is an alternative energy source which includes fuels that are made from plant or animal remains. Wood chippings, animal excreta that produce methane, wood on decomposition by bacteria produce gases and certain alcohols as a product of the decomposition process. This biofuel production business serves dual purpose. It not only provides a fuel of biotic origin but also solves the problem of organic waste disposal thus proving very beneficial to the environment. Another important and much talked about alternative energy resource is nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is a very controversial form of energy. It has a lot of pros and cons in it. The major problem in this nuclear energy is the fact that this energy is also used as a weapon of mass destruction. Thus it’s considered to be both helpful and harmful for the environment. Nuclear energy has the capability of producing huge amount of electricity with very little amount of uranium fuel. But the large amount of capital investment in the business and its destruction capacity poses many threats keeping in mind the few disasters that have taken place in different parts of the world.

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