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Business Information: A guide to Energy And Environment Business

A Glance At Energy And Environment Business

Have you ever concentrated on environment news recently? The most common words you must have come across were pollution, global warming, deforestation and stress on conservation. Perhaps you are thinking what do you have to do with this? We were discussing environment business here and environment business is about saving environment and providing alternate options to people like solar energy and green environment. People are talking a lot about less energy consumption specifically large plants and going green means less pollution and certainly lower cost indulgence. So if one is planning to take up energy or environment as career he sure has a long way to go!

Is this going to happen? Green revolution is not a dream any more. Anyone would prefer to buy products that are eco-friendly and vote for companies that are concerned about environment. All these products that are made with energy proficient techniques, recyclable stuffing, making use of renewable energy and sustaining environmental protection grounds and tasks would be anyone’s choice over synthetic and harmful preparations.

Is everyone qualified to start this business? Well, a person requires being qualified in geology. Apart from this if he possesses any advanced degree in the field it could be an added advantage to his career. Other than education a person interested or practicing this business should have researching capability, good communication skills, great networking skills and fine problem managing skills. In this field one has to get in touch with executives and workers of all levels to work on solutions for their problem, hence he should an equal ability to deal with person of any caliber.

When world is talking about being eco-friendly energy consultants have to take the leading lamp in their hand and advice industries and companies on being energy efficient. With expertise and experience in your study you could track his utility pattern and offer alternate solutions with minimal energy wastage. If a single energy saving tip can cut down their energy consumption you are definitely boosting your career and saving the world from reaching energy crisis.

On the other hand environmental business has more broader horizon and gets extended to large plants like electricity or even big industrial set ups. For instance when chemical producing factories let their waste into sea they are creating harm to nature and in general humankind. Being environment specialist you could lead their way into natural re-sourcing, utilize less harmful products and stop polluting water. Though this is not just possible in a jiffy but if one has gained special skill in this field than nothing remains impossible till his research shows him positive results.

One might not see very encouraging response to consultancies and suggestions in the beginning but eventually with time and experience on your side all will end well. If you aspire for more proficiency in the field then we would suggest that one can move into higher studies and specialize in specific field to offer even better solution to companies and world. This certainly is hot venture in coming days yet to be explored and exploited and career in similar fields can be way to assured success with good remunerations.

Another guide by - Mohit

In the last few decades the awareness for energy and environment has created new business avenues and opportunities for people. Today many homes feel that they can contribute or do their bit by just consuming less water or using less electricity. World leaders have taken upon then to save the environment by lowering emissions, encouraging car makers to manufacture more fuel efficient vehicles and other measures to control damaging to the environment. Surely there is a lot that has to be done and companies and industries have made billions of dollars worth of investment in the current but now old technology. To change things and bring in less polluting more efficient technologies businesses would need to reinvest in technology that is both viable and safeguards the environment.

If you think that the energy and environment business holds great future prospect then that’s correct, energy and environment business is a major sector where money and investments are flowing in. In this article we discuss the various business models that can be used to start or enter an energy and environment business. Before that you will need to register your business, apply for a business license and a tax number, these are some formalities that are prerequisite to establish a business. A business name is also needed which will be the identity of your business.

For your energy and environment business one of the most widely applied business models is that of a solar energy business. Though solar energy business has been around for quite sometime there is still huge scope of improvement and market that can be tapped. Initially the cost of solar energy utilities was very high and the technology not completely developed. Things are changing and there are various solar energy products. You can become a seller of solar energy products and by selling such product earn money. Some of the products are solar powered lights, solar water heater and solar power outdoor home lightings to name a few. Solar power systems works by collecting sunlight, then converting that energy into electricity thus powering home lighting and other machinery & equipment. You can buy such products from businesses that make these products and sell it for a profit in the market.

In the year 1990 Clean Air Act an amendment was established which revolutionized the energy and environment business. Through this act industries that are certified as polluting industries will need to buy carbon credits from non-polluting industries that have carbon credit points. If you happen to have an industry that is using new less polluting technology in your plant then you will be awarded points for the non-polluting technology. To stop their units from shutting down polluting industries need to buy carbon credit so they will approach your business to buy these carbon credits. In turn for giving them a carbon credit points certificate you will be able to charge them money. This way you are earning revenues from the production of goods & material and also earning revenues by the way of selling carbon credits.

One of the other energy and environment business models that been successfully tried and tested over the years is that of waste management and recycling business. Everyday in our cities and towns there is millions of tons of waste that comes from homes. Today there is technology available wherein you can recycle that waste to produce energy and supply it to plants and units. For such a energy and environment business you will have to set up a plant where waste can be recycle and then when gas is produced from the recycling of that waste you will need to convert it into usable energy. In many countries government policies encourage the setting up of such plants by providing tax subsidies and easy low interest finance.

Since your costs are less, meaning raw material is almost free, tax subsidies means you pay less taxed coupled with low interest rate means overall the cost of power generation is less. When you meet with potential buyers for power from your plant and you quote cost of per power unit or megawatts supplied lower than market price buyers will jump at the opportunity. Power consumption is increasing by the day and many countries are crippled with power shortage thus a low cost waste management and recycling business that can generate power is a business model that holds immense potential. Power generation is a huge capital intensive business but the returns from a waste management and recycling business are promising too.

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