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Advantest America Corporation  Call 1-408-988-7700
Known to be world's leading manufacturer and supplier of automatic test equipment for the semiconductor industry designing innovative electronic measurement equipment and semiconductor test systems required for the development and manufacture of advanced computer and telecommunications products.
3201 Scott Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054
http://www.advantest.com/   (740)

Aeroflex Incorporated  Call (516) 694-6700
Multi-faceted high technology company that manufactures, develops, designs, and markets a diverse range of microelectronic and test and measurement products and equipment. Provider on international level of high technology solutions to the defense, aerospace, cellular and broadband communications markets.
35 South Service Road, P.O. Box 6022, Plainview , NY 11803-0622 [USA]
http://www.aeroflex.com/   (739)

B&K Precision Corporation  Call (714) 921-9095
Company from USA specializing in the design and manufacturing of cost effective and high quality test and measurement products for over 50 years including products like function generators, multimeters, electronic load, component testers, video testers and other testing equipment.
22820 Savi Ranch Parkway, Yorba Linda, CA 92887 U.S.A.
http://bkprecision.com/   (743)

Boonton Electronics  Call (973) 386-9696
manufacturer of test equipment dedicated to measuring the power of microwave systems and used in both commercial and military sectors. The company also manufactures impedance measuring or measurement instruments, RF voltmeters and audio analyzers.
25 Eastmans Rd., Parsippany, NJ 07054-3702
http://www.boonton.com/   (754)

Dust Monitoring Equipment  Call +1 866-266-5919
Company known for producing performance management solutions and tools. Visit site for more information.
TSI Incorporated, 500 Cardigan Road, Shoreview, MN, 55126, U.S.A
http://www.tsi.com/Aerosol-Monitors/   (6960)

Fluke Electronics  Call (403) 291-5215
Manufacturer of electronic test and measurement tools, network troubleshooting equipment, cable testers, digital multimeters, electrical testers and more. Visit rhe site for more details.
101-1144 - 29th Avenue N.E.Calgary, AB T2E 7P1
http://www.fluke.com/   (755)

Tektronix, Inc.  Call 39 02 90722441
World leader in test, measurement and monitoring equipment. Products include Oscilloscopes, Real-Time Spectrum, Logic Analyzers, signal generators Probes & Accessories, video signal generators, MPEG generators, audio/video signal analyzers and more.
P.O. Box 7000 MS 60-580 Wilsonville, OR 97070.
http://www.tek.com/   (738)

Vann Draper Electronics Ltd  Call 44 (0) 1283 704706
Specialist test and measurement company representing a number of test and measurement manufacturers and is able to supply a wide range of instruments. Equipment can be supplied individually or as complete packages for fixed or mobile vehicle workshops. Products include soldering and desoldering equipment, Tektronix, Fluke etc.
Stenson House, Stenson, Derby, DE73 7HL, UK
http://www.vanndraper.co.uk/   (753)

Business Information By Mast Directory : Electronic Test Equipment Business Information And Guide

A wide range of business opportunities are available in the field of electronic test equipments such as production, supply, sales, repairing and maintenance. These test equipments ensure that an electronic product is working precisely before it reaches market for sale. These equipments guarantee the manufacturer to produce quality equipments, avoiding rejections that help in lowering operating cost and increase profits.

Electronic test equipments can serve different purposes like testing of simple electronic component, cable testing, appliance testing, diode testers, scanners and many more. Buying and selling of used equipments is another area in this business as there is good market for the used test equipments and many dealers are already in the business of used test equipments. There is also an opportunity to operate an online warehouse for selling, purchasing, repairing and maintenance of these equipments.

Electronic test equipments are also commonly known as test gears. Their functioning is based on creating electrical signals and detecting the signal received from the device that is to be tested. These equipments are used in the field of electronics engineering and assembly of electronics components. There work is to troubleshoot or find faults in working of these assembled products. There are some commonly used equipments like millimeters, voltmeters, ammeters, galvanometers, power supplies, oscilloscopes, ohmmeters, signal generators pattern generators, pulse generators, frequency counters and test probes. All these equipments record a good sale throughout the year in this business.

The other equipments that are more advanced than the common testing devices are the RF probes, Signal tracer, Electrometer, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, frequency synthesizers, function generators, pulse generators, network analyzers and many more special purpose devices. These testing equipments help a great deal in fault finding and are vital in any electronic assembly. These devices are an integral part of the electronic test equipment business.

Businesses that frequently need to test electronic devices primarily include automobile alternator manufacturing industry, military supplies and aerospace industry. Some businesses even prefer to buy used test equipments while some may lease their test equipments to others. This is another area of electronic test equipment business where one can lease the Equipment to those who don’t want to buy one. Some of the advantages that one gets by using rental equipment are that it does not need capital investments and it also provides the business owner with a chance to test the working of the device before he actually decides to purchase one. Renting equipment also saves the maintenance cost.

With such benefits most of the industries prefer to purchase second hand equipments or get them on rent .this trend is giving rise to rental and second hand segment in the testing equipment business. Some of the suppliers lease their equipments for long term and sell the equipment to the business owner at the end of lease term.

Another business area can be supply of the user manuals for the used test equipments as they are rarely available with the equipments. The manuals could also be supplied online in the form of PDF files or e-books or CD.

Electronics test equipments can be purchased from physical counter and they are also available for sale online. There is a large market of new as well as used equipments. There are also many customers for the purchase of the users manual. The online business is very convenient and the customer can compare the offers made by many vendors and the product they offer. As there are a variety of products which use electronic components, all business that manufactures these products need test equipments. For examples automobile industry uses a lot of electronics and has a good requirement for testing equipments. These businesses require apart from regular equipments need special ones to suit their need. They place orders for manufacturing customized testing equipments that make into a good business. They usually prefer suppliers who offer training and support on operating the device and have a good after sales service record.

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