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Canics, Inc.  Call TEL: 1-450 447-6700
Electronic components stocking distributor having extensive import and export experience supplying electronic components worldwide in such countries as: USA, China, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, England etc.
1231 Ch. des Patriotes, Richelieu, QC Canada
http://www.canics.com/   (1232)

Cosonic Enterprise Corporation  Call 886-2-2738-2233
ISO 9001 certified company which is the leading manufacturers and exporters of electronic components since 1978. Products include ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, resistors, aluminium electrolyte capacitors and more.
6F-4, No.77, Sec.2, Keelung Road, Taipei, Taiwan
http://www.cosonic.com/   (749)

Epcos AG  Call +49 89 636 09
Develops, manufactures and markets electronic parts and electronic components modules and systems, focusing on fast growing leading edge technology markets. Products include Capacitors, Inductors, Ceramic components, Surface acoustic wave components and more.
P.O.Box 80 17 09, 81617 Munich, GERMANY
http://www.epcos.com/   (752)

Ohmite Mfg. Co.  Call (1-866-964-6483)
Manufacturing company for electronic components such as power inductors, power resistor applications, precision resistors, surface mount resistors, Rheostats, Carbon composition resistors, Tap switches, Thick Film, High Voltage, and Precision Resistors, Variable Voltage Controls, inductors.
1600 Golf Rd., Suite 850, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
http://www.ohmite.com/   (750)

Soynia Electronics  Call :+91-172-2236724
Indian company offering highest quality of precision industrial electronic components at most competitive prices including products like toggle switches, push button switches, indicator lights, neon lights, led module indicators and more for the automobiles, ups, inverter and the industrial electronics sector.
E-63, Phase-VIII, Industrial Area, S.A.S. Nagar, Mohali (Chandigarh)- 160071
http://www.soyniaelectronics.com/   (751)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Electronic Components Business

Electronic components are mainly made in China. People who want to do electronic components business, need to find the right supplier or manufacturer. Else the business can be very difficult. A little uncertainity can lead to immense loss not only loss of money but loss of valuable time. If you look closely at expensive electrical components, you will find that most of them are made using Chinese electrical components. Chinese electrical components are widely used because they fit into any ones budget and convenient to use.

Departmental stores and shopping malls have endless variety of collections of electronic components. Though the prices are high, you can have a lot of varieties and qualities to choose from. This business is a very profitable and it flourishes in no time. Since, the key to every business is always proper planning and management. Before you can finalize anything about starting this business, you must visit shops and stores where they sell only electronic components. A better idea is to compare prices amongst small and big shops.

Chinese electrical components lately satisfy 5 million people all over the world with B2B e-commerce business platform. When it comes to global marketing, the right choice of suppliers and manufacturers really matter. The use of right kind of suppliers and manufacturers decide the success and loss of the business. Electric components business can be done both globally and at home. These days finding a successful trading partner is very crucial. High quality electrical equipments are at a high demand for many business people.

Apart from finding the right distributor and manufacturer, you need to find a right place to market your values. To achieve successful results own a professional looking shop at a good shopping complex. You need to have good relations with some trustworthy wholesalers. If you are good at this, chances of success is a lot more greater. Electronic components found at shopping malls are lot more expensive depending on the make and efficiency. Also shopping complexes sell few components altogether rather than one. This is one disadvantage why people rely on shops. This can be a good advantage for you if your prices are reasonable and long lasting.

Good advertising means works wonders. For this you need to own a shop at a famous building. People from all over the country visit such buildings to fulfill shopping needs. They usually rely on items sold here blindly as most items are ISO certified. Mostly ISO certified SMD wire wound coils, 32-bit microcontrollers, broadband communication chips, etc. are very trusted by people. These components are rare and expensive so every business partners lack some of these items. Often components are expensive or cheap depending on their availability and make.

Exposure is another good technique to increase sales. You can do this by printing advertisements and distributing them to passers by. Keep an eye on other competitors that are on you way. As soon as you have grasped all the techniques, it is your duty to utilize them in a proper way. This is a very fruitful business if proper knowledge is applied wherever required. Make sure you check out the financial and administration of the business well. You may need several employees to manage things well. A well equipped shop is attractive to customers. This will again require you to spend some money on showcases and catalogues.

Accept suggestion from customers and make changes according to their feedback. Most people don’t think this is a good idea. Last but not the least, check out your spacing, insurance coverage and license before owning a shop. If you are not doing business legally, you may get sued up and land into immense loss. Be the one to sell the best advanced technology electrical components. Electrical component business is a vast business to meet the increasing demands of the advancing generation. Electrical components are like building blocks of infrastructure products.

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