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Allied Electronics, Inc.  Call 1-866-433-5722
Offers wholesale distribution of electronic components like video, audio, telecom, cooling and enclosures, wire and cables, connectors, power products and more. Visit the site for more information.
7151 Jack Newell Blvd. S. , Fort Worth, Texas 76118 U.S.A.
http://www.alliedelec.com/   (21)

Electrical Discount UK  Call 0844 225 9174
UK based online supplier of home based electrical products. Visit the site for complete products details.
Electrical Discount UK, 81, Northgate, Blackburn, Lancashire, BB2 1AA, UK
http://www.electricaldiscountuk.co.uk/   (6977)

Electronic Product Design : HBL  Call +44 (0)1273 860000
HBL product design are a leading original equipment manufacturer of electronic product design and acoustic products. Contact their electronic product design department for advice and guidance on the best way to design and manufacture your electronic or acoustic products.
Electron Product Design Department, Hosiden Besson, 11 St. Joseph's Trading Estate, St Joseph's Close, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 7EZ
http://www.hbl.co.uk   (5998)

LG Electronics Inc.  Call 82-2-3777-1114
One of the biggest manufacturer of electronics products from Korea. The products include mobile phones, hotel TV, LCD displays, flagship products, electronics components and more. Visit website for more details.
LG Twin Towers 20, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea 150-721
http://www.lge.com/   (97)

Samsung Electronics  Call (800) 726-7864, (800) SO-SIMPLE
One of the leading manufacturer of consumer electronics having distributors in almost every country. Products include mobile phones, television, digital cameras, home appliances, computer products and more.
105 Challenger Rd., Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660-0511
http://www.samsungusa.com/   (106)

Business Information: A guide to Electronics Business

Different Kind Of Electronics Businesses

Technology has left little to imagination. Gadgets and electronics have become keys in our lifestyle and if you plan to start up an electronics business perhaps you have taken a wise decision. You can pool them all under one roof however one would require large investment for display and stock in the later case. As for a beginner it is advisable to take some gadgets and deal in them with entire range in stock. We would like to clear up the fact that investing in all electronics is huge investment and it cannot be achieved by medium or small investor. Electronics rein our house and if we take them in distinct business categories probably you can also consider them in similar order.

We would start with visionary electronics as you will find some interesting business prospects in television only. You can have plasma, LCD, flat screen and regular screen televisions all under one section. These are most extensively bought electronics and sells best if made available in good brands. Few brands have launched televisions with low resolutions so that they do not strain eyes and affect child vision. There are now electronics introduced under power saving technology that promises low electricity bills and less power consumption. These are blow points to sell your products as people feel good if you recommend a product made with concern. There is usually an addition of home theatre system and DVD player along with television.

Other than this we have Cell phones and cordless those are always in demand due to latest models. Cell phones have become necessity for everyone and make a great choice for electronics business. If you have small display space then cell phones would be ideal display product. Mp3 players and digital cameras have hit the electronic market like plague. Teenagers searching for mp3 are searching for cheap models with good quality and one would prefer to see all models under one roof so they can make best choice. Apart from this we have electronics like laptops and gaming consoles that make attractive additions to your stock as they are frequently bought by children.

Other than these you have air conditioners, electronic synthesizers and warmers in this category. Along with your regular electronic products you can make seasonal additions for sale. People dealing in electronic business have to keep assistance for installations and repair in case any need arises. However it is most important that either you have retail in a popular place or have contacts to sell off or else electronics business even two to three items can be huge investment for any person. Selling is really important here and talking of LCD, Plasma and laptop they imply investment in medium range only.

How can one organize electronics business? There are few basic things to work on like space available for business. You have large space and money than you can ignore our query. Even if you have less space you can keep one or two models on display and settle the rest on demand. Before you invest in electronics business remember that electronic business is all about offering latest technology to consumers and maintaining good know-how about the product too. Electronic business can meet success if you are located in centralized markets or enjoy fame associated with some product or posses franchise to some exclusive electronics.

Gone are the days when things used to be done manually either by humans or by animals in the latter stages. With people becoming comfort lovers the trend has now changed. Now-a-days everything has changed and the world today is turning into an electronically driven machine. Almost every object you come across is some way or the other associated with electronics. Just recollect your daily routine and you will get the proof of how dependent we have become. From the morning’s electronic alarm to daily entertainment dose through the television, music players, movies players, microwaves, etc. there is no end to this list of products in our life. Not only household but also various business related devices are being used widely by everyone.

With a wide range of materials in the world it sometimes becomes difficult to decide which field one can step in. today if we are planning to get into the business with any non-perishable item then the most ideal will be the electronic products in this zone. Though it may seem a good option you should know that the initial investment cost is quite good in this. However, if the party analyzes the market well before stepping into this work then there are chances that they may be able to create a buzz in the market. This business involves huge amount of risk in the sector of performance and the technical related problems. However, once you have sold the item, you are bound to take the guarantee of its working period at least because after all it is a device.

With more and more new research and inventions in the science and technology field, more and more products are being launched every now and then in the market. The government also has its role to play in this field. It does the very important job of posing a lot of tax on all these products. These taxes then help in keeping the profit level restricted for all the companies in this field of electronic products. All those who are wiling to start a business this field, should therefore set up a team to plan out various methodologies in order to pay the tax value minimum. This will help you deal with the tax issues on a long term basis without worrying about the profit.

You should always plan out your method of working and how you should utilize the situation of the market. The export market of various products is expanding day by day. One of the strongest markets is the Chinese market. If you are in the initial stage of your enterprise where you are trying to develop it then you should avoid competing with the stable sectors in the business. All the companies who fall into the niche category in the electronics products should follow another important method or strategy of skimming. You should try and extract whatever possible profit that you can gain from a particular sector of the market instead of trying to target others.

While starting the enterprise you should be very careful and specific about choosing the right market for your field and also choosing the right price for the electronic goods. Although this may not seem as a very serious issue but if any one of the prices are assigned and selected wrongly then the whole business can go haywire. Stagnation is the last thing that should happen in any business. While you are trying to make a mark and settle down in this field do ensure new things are introduced every now and then. You can come up with various selling ideas and promotional scheme. This will keep the public waiting for such offers and create a demand of your product in the electronics market. Also keep the customers updated about the latest offers from you. This can be done through promotional SMS and e mails to them.

The public has become very conscious about everything around them. They are aware of the environmental scenario and its effects on all the living creatures. The customers have an idea about thee various emissions that are released by the electronic devices like refrigerators, mobiles etc. keeping this is mind the government has imposed a ban on the usage of such material in the devices. As a result companies now have to produce and sell such goods only. So to keep your self updated about such issues carry out a good research within specific intervals. This will help in building a business reputation and also customer’s faith in your products. Also your license can be cancelled if you land up selling goods which are banned by the government. Ultimately it is the customer which will decide your fate in the market. You can make or break your image in front of them.

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