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Bal Bharti Public School  Call 0120-2626656,0120-4561402
Official website of the Bal Bharti Public School which is located at Brij Vihar, Ghajiabad delhi. The school was started by the Child Education Society in 1984 and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. Visit the site for more information and details.
P.O Brij Vihar, Chander Nagar,Ghaziabad,U.P.-201011.   (3961)

Lovely Public School  Call 22153404
Providing an effective education to the population in the East Delhi Area. Besides the academic achievements, the students excel in many spheres of cultural and sports activities.
East Delhi , Delhi-110 092   (3962)

Trent College  Call 0115 849 4949
HMC independent day and boarding school in UK located on the border of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.
Trent College, Derby Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham NG10 4AD, United Kingdom   (7109)

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As a great beginning lays foundation for the best end in the same manner quality schooling and education turns an individual into a responsible and great human being in every aspect whether it is related to society, career etc. if you want to take up the initiative of setting up and giving a great start to the kids and schooling students of today’s society by starting a school then you must be aware of the size of the responsibility that you are taking on your shoulders.

When you are about to start a schooling business that promises quality education and standards to students you should make parents think that why to select your school for getting education for their children despite of already running tons of existing schools in the neighborhood. Do keep in mind that if you are promising some hi-fi and fancy things to parents you have to live upon your words. A good and spacious premise is very much needed to get good impression for your business. Manage to incorporate that extra space into your premises which students can use for playing and to do any extra curriculum activities. You definitely have to spend extra penny whiling making over the place.

A well planned and effective course work is also very much needed. It will be good if you can afford a section where in practical implementation of theory classes can be demonstrated to the children as it will raise their curiosity and keep them interested in studies. Good, talented, patient and cooperative teaching staff is very much needed to make your business a success. The teaching staff is one of the key elements apart from the facilities provided which actually reflects the standards of the school. Keep refining the hiring procedure for teaching staff to ensure that you are really employing right persons. But first of all monitor the base procedure that whether the procedure is good enough to test the candidates for and in required capabilities or not.

Make a list of all the required facilities and incorporate them in the school as they must be there to assure the parents that you have got all the necessities to provide quality education to their wards. Also, keep on monitoring about required changes and up gradations in these facilities. Some of these facilities can be good and quality furniture, laboratories, classroom commodities, playground and playthings. Take good care while designing the classrooms. They are the place where students have to be most of the time. Try to make the classrooms interesting for students. Place charts, study related material on walls. This will actually make the business place more livable and enjoyable for the students.

Design the daily routine for classes so that it has some place for games, hobbies like drawing etc and other co-curriculum activities for students apart from studies. Timetable should be well spread as every subject is of equal importance. Include enough practical sessions as well so that students can avail working knowledge as well.

Dedicate some space for quarantine rooms, hygienic canteen, stationary store and any such thing which will add value to your school and keep it stand ahead from other schools nearby. Conduct timely events related to sports and cultural activities. Encourage and motivate more and more students to participate in these events. Conduct timely meeting with parents to measure and track the student’s after-school involvement in studies. Also conduct regular meetings with teachers and other staff about student’s performance. You can also conduct some knowledge gaining sessions for teachers as well. This all helps in refining the standards and lays path towards the desired goal and reflects that you are actually dedicated toward the work you are in. School business is really a very profitable one now-a-days as it is only education and health related businesses which are in demand and in run 7days a week and 365 days a year. But school business is a very sensible one so extra care is needed for smooth running as one bad mark is enough to ruin out the entire business and you will lost yourself to one of the best schools at neighborhood.

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