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Pickard School Ltd   Call +44 (0) 20 8783 9658
Giving education to UK students of all ages and from a wide variety of backgrounds in the form of skills needed both to design gardens at a professional level and also helping to guide students to run their own design businesses. The school also provide garden design courses for newly qualified and more experienced garden designers, enabling them to develop new skills, keep up to date with developments and expand their businesses. Visit the site for more business information.
Thames House, 7 Mount Mews, High Street, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2SH   (3967)

The English Gardening School Limited   Call +44 (0) 20 7352 4347
UK school having a panel of gardening experts with vast experience and already trained many of today’s leading garden designers, horticulturists, plantsmen and botanical painters. Offer an unrivalled range of professional and amateur garden designing education including short and diploma courses.
66 Royal Hospital Road, London SW3 4HS, UK   (3966)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To The Business Of Providing Garden Designing Courses.

People love gardens. Many of them have flair for plants, flowers and design. Many consider being good garden designers. But it isn’t that easy. Garden designing is a close world. Only few people know how to do the layouts, garden and landscape designing. If you want to make people’s desire to be fruitful while at the same time earning good income for yourself then garden designing courses business is best. As they are the means through which people learn how to make their garden look beautiful whereas professional students learn how to design effective layouts, find clients and so. These courses are so useful and are in selling high in market now.

There are literally dozens of garden design courses on offer as a part of popular stream of education, some lasting a few days, others several years. The most important thing when making a choice is to be sure that the course you are offering meets the needs of the people availing these courses. Garden design courses come in all shapes and sizes, some for enthusiastic amateurs, others for the serious professional. When making your choice of offerings at business, try to be clear about your overall objectives. Where do you expect to be offering, in career terms for students at your garden designing courses.

Be clear about your longer term aims and be realistic about fitting your training around any other commitments! Also, be realistic about how your training is likely to fit alongside any other work or domestic commitments the students have despite from their education. Some colleges employ lecturers and tutors who have only recently completed a garden design qualification themselves. They sometimes have little or no teaching experience. Even worse, they haven't actually spent any time in the real world as professional garden designers. So it's worth checking and satisfying students that their tutors really do know what they're talking about and have ample real time experience and. Garden designers need to be trained in the principles of design and in horticulture, and have an excellent knowledge and experience of using plants. This all should be a part of education that you are offering.

It's important to know for students how their work will be assessed. If you have to sit formal, written examinations make sure they are happy with this. If not, offer a course which sets a range of practical, relevant assignment. You should have the provision of offering your garden designing courses at distance learning mode too. Many of the students who fall into categories like housewives, elder people may not prefer to be a part of the classroom but wants to be trained to maintain their gardens. You have to take proper actions to deliver course material, lectures intact to the students who are possessing education in distance mode.

You should also have to take care of the students who are approaching you and choosing garden designing education on professional basis. You have to teach them how to approach clients, communication skills and above all how to apply what they learnt in effective manner so that they can enjoy the fruit of success. Provide the provision of getting certification too as that adds to the value of the profile of the candidate and which has a direct impact on the reputation on your garden designing courses business as well.

Well what more to say!!! For every business there are pros and cons and ups and downs. Be confident and make sure that you have good marketing team which keep your reputation intact, good staff that provide quality education to the pupil and a good management that strives hard to turn every effort taken into a successful and profitable outcome as the garden designing courses business is best in many ways. It is easy to start, manageable to run and earnable too.

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