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Bmi Imaging Systems  Call 800 359 3456
Provider of full range of document, data and image management services, hosting services and product solutions. Company currently managing the conversion of more than 10 million pages per month for a range of clients from all over the nation. Also implements and design custom high-performance data and imaging solutions, supporting installed systems through phone, web and on-site support.
1115 E. Arques Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94085   (285)

Document Imaging  Call (863) 937-0272
Content Central from Ademero, document imaging system lets you capture, retrieve, and supervise these documents using a typical Web browser.
4644 W Gandy Blvd., Suite 4450, Tampa, Florida 33611-3300   (5755)

Ecopy Inc.  Call +1.603.881.4450
Company providing services to transform any paper document into a digital file easily and quickly. Also offers document distribution and imaging software allowing for electronic integration and distribution of paper-based information to enterprise applications. Check website for more of their services.
One Oracle Drive, Nashua, NH 03062, USA   (286)

ScanStore  Call toll free (877) 355-4141
Company specializing in easy to implement, low cost document management, document scanning, forms processing and OCR software for offical use for medium and small sized businesses. SimpleIndex application is the most automated and affordable indexing and scanning software available anywhere.
PO Box 548, Knoxville, TN 37901-0548   (287)

Snowbound Software Corporation  Call 617-607-2000
USA based company engaged in developing imaging technology which makes vital functions like converting, viewing, and manipulating images and documents faster, and more efficiently. Perfect solution for all types of document imaging needs in all types of file formats. Check site for more details.
321 Arsenal Street, Second Floor, Watertown, MA 02472 USA   (284)

Tallega Software  Call 949.367.9860
Company helping business enterprises by providing content-centric, value-based, all types of information capture services and solutions including scanning services and document imaging and workflow management solutions. Also offer scanners and document imaging software and OCR software for better document management.
26522 La Alameda, Suite 290, Mission Viejo, CA 92691   (288)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Document Imaging Software Business

In present scenario, the internet has entered in each and every part of our life and the innovative and latest technologies have allowed us to deal with every work with ease. If you are thinking to start your own document imaging software business, you must understand its factors, its necessity for business and some other essential part about it. You can find out more information about document imaging software through internet as there are many more websites that deal in the same field. SimpleIndex is one of the most famous ways that offer the easiest, lowest cost clarification for Document Imaging Software. It supports dominant cost solution features including OCR, barcode recognition and 1-click dealing out for a portion of the cost of similar systems.

Apart from this, the document imaging software would help you find the solutions and system planning tools to establish your exceptional document management system needs in detail. With the help of the document imaging software, you can reduce the false starts, as well as eradicate the entire cost of ownership. In true words, this sort of software is enough useful that would let you solve your needs within a quick span of time.

Moreover, a perfect document imaging software would help you come to know all the wholesalers who need to get a copy of your document management software. EBridge Solutions is one of the most prominent web-based document management service business companies, which would let you to scan and save the paper document online with ease. It also keeps the documents stored by about seven customizable index worth or keyword search.

If you want, you can also have a look at ViewWise that is unique and outstanding and java-based. It can be easily operated on Windows/SQL Server, Novell, UNIX and Linux systems with ease. When you want to use the document imaging software for the success of your business, you must know what OCR is. The word OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition that can help you in the right way. Well, most of the companies offer their software applications for the customers to have an idea how it works and how useful it’s for you. Moreover, the software for document imaging business can be easily tamed and you would need to learn using process of them with the dealer.

While going to avail document imaging software services, you must research on every section of the software. Well, when you contact with a document imaging software company, it can ask about your business plans to have an idea about your abilities that you need. When you sign a contract with a dealer, he would come to your place in order to instruct you how to use the document imaging software. Though this process can take time of nearly a day or more than a week, you must learn the entire process in order to use software for your business without facing any problem. Since the document imaging software process is complex and the installation process differs from each other, it would be a stunning idea for you to go with a service contract, which includes indefinite support and upgrades. Afterwards, you would get in the exact way what you expect! In fact, some of the companies offer free trial software and you can check it if it meets your needs or not.

Now the important comes before you how to evaluate the document imaging software regarding your business, it is simple. You only need to notice one point that is about to check its easy usage. If it’s not easy and helpful to solve your business purpose, such as to create files, and search documents, it would become useless for your workers to use it. So, you would need to find out whether it’s comfortable and easy to use or not. Thus, avail an apt document imaging software to run your business with ease!

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