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Case Management Software  Call +44 (0)115 977 6999
ABM is a leading provider of information and case management software for public and private organisations. That means they develop software which assists organisations in sharing information and they do this for 80% of the British police forces and many other well established groups. So if you are looking for security software then make sure to visit ABM’s website.
ABM United Kingdom Ltd., Britannia House, Mere Way, Ruddington, Nottingham, NG11 6JS, UK   (6917)

Coherent Solutions: Software Development  Call 612-279-6262
Coherent Solutions offers a true combination between cost-effective offshore software development outsourcing and world-class U.S. delivery capabilities.
Coherent Solutions, Inc, 1600 Utica Ave S,Suite 120, Minneapolis, MN 55416   (5876)

Croner HR Solutions  Call 0208 547 3333
Croner is UK's leading provider of workplace advice, information and software. It has served HR, health and safety and business professionals since 1948.
Kingston-upon-Thames, 145 London Road, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6SR   (6083)

Engineering Software   Call 415-507-5000
Company helping with 3D design software for professionals in different fields like manufacturing, building and construction, media and entertainment and more.
Autodesk, Inc. 111 McInnis Parkway San Rafael, CA 94903 USA   (7251)   Call Only email support offers a free FLV Converter, a free FLV Player and a free FLV Downloader allowing users to save, convert and play their favorite FLV (Flash Video) files from sites like YouTube on their own computers.
Online only   (7262)

Knowledge Base Software  Call 1-877-744-1221
Offer interactive web-based Knowledge Base Software with all advanced features and unlimited usage opportunities.
Online only   (7219)

Officeability Intranet Software  Call only email support
Office Ability is a unique Intranet Software designed to quickly provide your company with a powerful Intranet and Extranet system.
Online business only   (5775)

Power System Analysis: ETAP Canada  Call 866-573-3827
Offer ETAP software which is an advanced analysis tool for designing, operating, controlling, simulating, optimizing, and automating of generation, transmission, distribution, and control of industrial power systems.
ETAP Canada Ltd., 117 Pembina Road, Suite 109, Sherwood Park, Alberta,Canada, T8H 0J4   (6069)

Quality Control Software   Call (888) 261-5948
Sparta Systems quality management software, TrackWise, provides flexibility for company-specific quality management solutions.
Sparta Systems, Inc. Holmdel Corporate Plaza 2137 Highway 35 Holmdel, NJ 07733, USA   (7276)

Business Information: A guide to Computer Software Business

Guide To Computer Software Business

With Microsoft glowing in limelight we get introduced to novice software’s everyday. Initially it was one version of window, then another and finally now vista has taken over all. Computer software is all about computer programs that aid people in organizing and managing various tasks. It is broad business with several categories however since they are usually in disc or CD base it becomes easy to deal in all of them. Software is directly linked with computer hardware in context with latest technologies and programming languages.

In general it can be divided into three categories that are system, operating and application software. This division is done only for your convenience as that will aid to make you understand as how each one works in the computer. System one refers to operating system, device drivers and window system as they act as shield to peripherals attached to computer. Next you have programming package that include tools that aid in creating programming languages and texts like text editor, Ms Word, Ms office etc. And finally you have the most extensive used application one. It is widely used in business industry and applied in almost every field today like industry, data entry, education, medical field to name a few.

Before one plans to indulge in computer programming business it’s significant he observes how his customer views his software. A layman understands computers at three levels one the basic operating system that forms the very base for simple operational tasks, applying it in routine which implies to his definition like Games and ms office word working in collaboration with the basic system and then utilizing the programs to accomplish tasks like spreadsheets, Excel, Adobe, power point etc. Of these entire divisions customer relate application user as close to software. For these one also needs to be have documentation as guidance to users to comprehend the program. You might need to maintain assisting programs to complement others that cannot work in a stand alone mode.

It’s truly important to hold license to sell and patent rights of software as you sell them at your own will without getting involved in illegal intrigues. In all mentioned software’s the quality is most important specifically in commercial programs like Linux because a bugged program may spoil entire data hence causing harm to huge businesses. The fact is this industry has become huge today and you can earn huge profits in it. Some of the famous industries have gained unreachable heights financially. Few are working to make programming and end uses more convenient and the first to achieve so would take away all the profits and fame. So where exactly does one stand in computer software business?

Software business is all about technology and specific customary applications. Except for regular software applications you can sell custom made software required for accounting or recording specific data for commercial purposes. There are software packages for primary education or animation like Photoshop that can either be sold or even installed on demand. Conclusively we can say even if you cater to application software you can make good profits and with experience in programming there is absolutely no gauge to your success.

Business Of Computer Software - By Mohit Jain

Computers are basically what we feed on these day, least to say its an integral part of our daily life. Many a times people have this question about “who invented the computer”, that’s tough question because the computer was not made over night. The computer as we know it today have been through made changes. In 1936 Konard Zuse made ‘Z1 computer’ which is considered to be the first freely programmable computer. Over the next fifty years and after series of innovations IBM introduced the first home PC. In 1984 Apple introduced its affordable home PC with graphical user interface and in 1985 Microsoft launched the MS windows to revolutionize home and office computing.

Today when we use our computers we have a range of applications to do our work quickly with precession. For instance, take the calculator on your desktop PC with a click of a button you can open a calculator and do your sums. You have sheets to record data in a tabular format and also word pads to write letters etc. But these are just the most basic applications of a computer’s operating system. You can paint, draw sketches, maintain accounts, surf the internet, download music files and play a DVD and the list goes on. So how is all this possible, how are these applications and videos running on your PC or laptop by just clicking the different options?

Well the basic thing allowing you to run these programs is operating software or OS and a whole lot of computer software and programming has gone into creating this one operating software. There is different software that put into action, there are scripting languages, coding and programming languages that are used to create computer software. Some of the well-known programming languages include PHP, C, C++, HTML, Java and SAP. Computer software are not only required to create operating system but video games, televisions, automobiles and a whole lot more.

Since computers do most of our businesses these days the sales of computers is growing and therefore the demand for computer software is increase with it. New technological innovations to meet the growing demand from consumers for better software solutions is also the reason why software companies are hiring better talent. Companies around the world spend billions on computer software for various reasons. Computer software can enable a company cut costs by improving efficiency and reducing dependence on manual work. Computer software is used in telecommunications so that wireless calls are better handled. Banking companies need computer software so that they can offer customized services to clients around the world and make their transactions safer and quicker. Airline companies need software so that they can track aircraft and passenger movements.

Thus computer software business is one that holds a lot of promise and if you would like to start your own computer software business then this article is for you. There 3 major kinds of software, application software, system software & programming software. Amongst the different computer software businesses you can opt for is web designing and web development. Certainly not everyone is familiar with web designing and web development therefore if you are a newbie then you can hire a team of expert web designers and create websites for your clients who will pay you well for such work.

As part of your business model you can create software for other large companies who want dedicated application software. Since not everyone will be well versed with each of the programming languages so you will need skilled programmers in their respective area of specialization. British Telecom, amongst the largest telecom companies in the world will do some computer software development in house that is they have their own software development team but since skilled labor in the UK is costly so they frequently outsource a major part of their requirements to countries like India.

Small-scale software companies usually use programming languages like Visual Basic and dot net to create application and system software, while large sized companies use software programming languages such as Oracle & SAP. If you want to start with small beginnings and not run a software business of 10-15 members then you can choose to be a freelance coder. For this tough you would need to have specialization and the right expertise to execute a small program. HTML is the most basic for of coding and it you have complete knowledge of HTML coding then you can design websites for clients. To find such business you can visit websites on the internet that are reliable forums for software outsourcing.

The business of computer software is worth billions of dollars each year and large sized companies enter into software development deals for a period of even up to or more than 5 years. Companies in US and Europe are where outsourcing takes place.

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Point of Sale is software package that boasts speed, ease of use, reliability and an extensive range of powerful features.

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