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USA located company which was formed in the year 1994 and provides professional, quality and affordable graphic and destop publishing services to businesses and organizations of all sizes. Services include designing of logo, newsletters, onscreen and hardcopy presentation and more.
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Business Information By Mast Directory: Desk Top Publishing Business Experience By Sandeep Sharma

I started my first business venture in the year 1990. It was Desktop Publishing business better known as DTP. Agra being a major educational center has many big publishing houses, and at that time most of them were using the old technique of hand composing for the printing of the books. Computerized composing was a new introduction and the publication houses took it up very well.

I started by purchasing two Apple Macintosh computers, which were considered dedicated computers for publication & composing business. I also purchased latest available model of HP laser printer. The total investment on the peripherals was around Rs. 2 lakhs at that time. I took a shop on rent in posh locality of Sanjay Place, which is the main business hub of Agra.

I approached the major publication houses and in the beginning faced a little competition as few other people had also started the same DTP business. But after some time I got my first book to compose and after that there were many others that followed and Alpha Graphics (the name of my firm) became a known name in DTP business.

Meanwhile I also approached the major advertising agencies and received advertisement-designing work from them as well. Initially all went well, the publishers and the advertisement agencies accepted the rates the other people and I quoted. Fifty percent of the payment was made as soon as any book was completed and the rest fifty percent was paid after the proofs were finalized, so the money circulation was maintained. I had no problem in making payments to the staff or other overhead payments like rent, electricity bill, paper purchase etc. Seeing the success of this business other people also started coming into this field and after two years as many as 70 different firms started operating. Now the competition for obtaining work became tough. The newcomers also quoted lower rates for various subject books, which included specialized subject composing e.g. mathÂ’s, physics, chemistry etc. Another factor, which led to opening of newer firms, was the drastic lowering in the rate of computers and printers. The people had to invest less in starting their business.

Ultimately there was very tough competition and the composing rates came down at their lowest levels. The publications took advantage of this situation and started giving work to only those firms that quoted the lowest rates. One more point that was added to the already grim situation was that some firms in order to gain work started offering commission to the work providing authority in the publishing houses. With very low rates, bad payment situations, increasing overhead expenses, employees demanding hike in wages otherwise threatening to quit, led to decreasing profits.

Most of the publishing houses have by now realized that putting up their own computers for composing their books was the best option. So most of the major publications had their own setup of latest computers & printers, which further led to shortage of work. One of my main client turned defaulter and refused to make a major payment of Rs.37,000 on the pretext that the book was not finalized even after 4 proofs.

This was a major setback for me, as I had to make payments to the staff, as well as look after other expenses. Bewildered by the situation I tried to apply for a bank loan, but that too was not possible. Ultimately I decided to wind up the business. I started to complete the work in hand without attempting for new work. I tried to collect rest of the payments from the market, some other firms also refused to pay small amounts. But by now I had no interest left in the business. I shut shop in March 1993, sold the computers & printer at cheap rates and ultimately suffered a loss of approximately one lakh rupees.