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Computer Service Now  Call 1(877) 422-1907
Company providing a simple, fast, cost effective solution to all of your computer service and repair needs. Including a full line of networking, break fix, and wiring services along with employee PC productivity solutions, network administration, microsoft solutions, network cable installation, network server help, emergency services and much more. Give a look to site for complete business information and details.
6730 Roosevelt Avenue, Franklin, Ohio 45005   (921)

Computer Services of Durant, Inc.  Call V 580.920.1216
Company active in southeastern Oklahoma and northeastern Texas area of United States and fully engaged in providing with services like computer sales, networking, repair, programming, webpage hosting and more. Helping diagnosing and fixing your computer problems on-site. Also help in virus and spyware removal and software installation services. More business information can be seen on the website.
115 N 12th Ave Suite B, Durant OK 74701, USA   (3386)

Integrated Computer Sales and Service, Inc  Call 888.941.7770
Company helping small and medium sized businesses in New Jersey, United States by providing them with computer services and information technology consulting. Services include computer repair, operating systems installations, networking, virus removal, Window’s troubleshooting, installations, data recovery, and wireless networking, workstation data migration and much more. Visit site for detailed business information.
Online email and form support   (3387)

IT Support London  Call 0845 355 1155
Offer IT services in London which include computer and network auditing, disaster recovery services and much more.
Elwood House, 42 Lytton Road, New Barnet, Hertfordshire EN5 5BY, UK   (7236)

LEDS of Sarasota, Inc.  Call (941) 757-0160
USA located company fully dedicated to fix and managed services to small and medium sized business clients primarily in Bradenton, Palmetto, Sarasota, Venice, and Pt. Charlotte and Florida for design, installation, service and maintainence of computer systems and networks, and also provide support across a wide range of software applications. Also offer solutions in all areas of computer planning, purchasing and renting. Give a visit to site for complete business information and details.
5926 Palmer Blvd., Sarasota, FL, 34232, USA   (1040)

Sonicwall Firewall  Call 00 800 7664 2925
Sonictek have many years of experience in the computer security and communications business offering firewall and wireless security.
Online business only   (6338)

TechPros, LLC.  Call 615.595.6399
Provider of worry free computer solutions to both residential and business clients throughout middle tennessee. Services include computer repair, hardware assembling and installation, virus and spyware removal, wireless network setup, directory setup, exchange rollout, computer system upgrades, firewall configuration and much more. Also provide with IT consulting services and custom web design solutions. Take some of your time to give a visit to company website for complete business details and information.
706 Columbia Avenue, Franklin, TN 37064   (927)

Tushaus Computer Services, Inc.  Call 1-877-333-4848
Independent company committed to providing the customers with the highest level of computer services, products and support and concentrating on the use of technology to meet business objectives. Services include storage and backup of enterprise data, networking solutions, hardware repair, computer security services and products, online technical and help desk support, web hosting solutions for corporate clients and much more. Visit the site for complete information.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin. USA   (922)

Business Information: A guide to computer services business

Computer service business involves providing full service of computer networking, repair solutions for file servers, personal computers or printers and also internet services. It can involve all or one of the services mentioned above depending on the size of the business. The main advantage in starting a computer service business is that it requires low capital investment. However there are numerous difficulties that have to be sorted out before one can start earning a living in this business.

The most important obstacle in the way of setting up a successful computer service business is attracting the clientele. The vast majority of people who buy computers would go to the place where they bought the computer for services. It is basic human tendency to go with (at least initially) people whom they have trusted to buy their computers from. Hence, half of the problem would be solved if one could woo the customers by offering them something more than what they currently get. Computers nowadays have become indispensable and people cannot afford long delay in sending the machine to the manufacturers for repair. Hence, there is potential niche in the market for an effective servicing business. The trick is simply to find that local demand, equip the business to meet the demand and aggressively promote the product and services offered.

Secondly, it is important to have a good inventory but it becomes impossible to stock rare parts if one is not willing to invest a small fortune. It is critical to strike a delicate balance between the amount of money invested and the returns that can be obtained from it. The best way to go about it would be to have a stock of the basic parts and order as the demand surfaces. In this way, even if the snag was software related one need not invest anything. For example, if there is a computer to be assembled, buying the parts only after the order has been confirmed can ease the strain on the budget.

Finally, nascent computer service business would invariably face stiff competition from the established computer stores. It is really important to build up a brand name as soon as possible as it not only helps in attracting new customers but it also improves customer loyalty by bringing back the older ones. Great service is essential in building up such a reputation. People initially would not be willing to entrust new computer service businesses with their computers. It takes a lot of time backed by consistent performances to build a brand name. But once the business is established there would be a steady flow of customers; of course people willing to come back would be solely dependant on the service that has been offered and if they are satisfied with it.

It can never hurt to be inventive or creative as the business should always strive to offer something different than the competitors. The price of assembled computers can be offered at a relatively cheaper rate when compared to the market rate. This could also give the customers the option of choosing the hardware they are comfortable with and not with the built-in preloaded peripherals offered by the corporate companies. Radical ideas like immediate home service or attractive discounts can be implemented to establish the name in the local market. The employees can also explain minor technical details or software details to the customers so that they are satisfied and would be able to handle such situations in the future. Such instances can help build customer trust and can result in them calling again in the future to learn and get the computer fixed.

In conclusion, setting up a Computer service business involves a lot of planning and strategizing. Although, the new business would be competing against established players in the market, the number of companies that have sprung up in the last decade indicates that there is always room for an efficient and customer friendly Computer service business.

Another Guide By Mohit

Work today in offices, homes and industries is simply not possible without computers. Computers have all the information that we need and since computers are readily accessible for the information we need using them the dependence on computer is increasing by the day. Now in a situation like this if your computer would crash or be rendered useless then that could lead to anxiety. The answer is not anxiety but rather you need the help of a computer services and repair business. People in the computer services and repair business handle all work related to the repairing and servicing of a computer or even a laptop for that matter. With there being millions of computers being used all over the world the need for computer services and repair is just going to grow. To sum it up it can be said that computer repair services are critical to the industry.

Computer sales are rising in developing countries and as prices for a basic computers and laptops nose dive with each passing year there are more PCs that need computer services. Things like hard disk failure, data recovery, data loss, computer peripherals replacement and repair there is a growing market for computer services and computer repair waiting to be tapped. If you are attracted to the business and would like to know of how do to this business then this article is for you. In this article we speak at length of the different business models that can be opted for to start or enter a computer services and repair business. But before you proceed to commence operations for your business there are legal formalities that you need to taking care of. The most important aspect is registering your business and getting a business name for your business. The business name and trade logo is the identity of your business, as your business develops it creates an identity in the industry and your business is known by its name. Also you would need a business license and a tax number.

Amongst the business models that we would like to recommend is that of computer repair services. There are large businesses in every industry and large corporations can have hundreds of computers installed at a single facility or office headquarters, even take the example of a bank they too have many computers installed for banking purposes. Such businesses need computer repair services frequently and in fact they have annual maintenance and repair contracts on a yearly or pre-decided period. So what you are basically looking to do is offer computer repair services. Your services should have clear pricing, features of your services, in what time frame the services will be delivered and time frame repair services to be concluded. In case you are offering computer repair services to a small or private business then you can fix your charges on per visit plus cost of spare parts or kind of repair job needed.

While if you are providing repair services under a maintenance and repair services contract then such terms are decided before the contract comes into effect. It is very important that while negotiating a maintenance and repair services contract you take into account all the costs that you will have bare each time you visit them. Though number of visits cannot be estimated with pinpoint accuracy still a base figure and cost per visit should be taken into consideration while deciding the overall costs of offering a yearly maintenance and repair services contract.

Computer services business can be the other business model that is an option for people looking to start or enter a computer services and repair business. If you are thinking what a computer services business then is simple terms a computer services business is a one where you offer different kinds of services to the clients. It can be selling hardware, software, computer accessories, and computer peripherals amongst others. The computer services business is one where you can expect stiff competition but there are ways in which you can establish your own business credentials and win business where even your peers have failed. As with any services business it’s highly important that you offer the best possible services at all times. When you are selling a computer RAM for example for business newbie it will be favorable that you charge a price below that being offered in the market. How do you do that, well if you have 10% margin on that product then halve it by half now the client will be more than pleased to make a purchase from you.

The computer services and repair business is a highly competitive one where competition for business is very stiff but that does not mean there is no room for new players. In fact new business with smarter ideas and best services are out doing old business. Pricing cutting and similar tactics can lead to your business going bust so rather concentrating on quality services and good management will help you establish your business in the long run.

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