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First International Computer, Inc  Call 86-10-62698524/25-18
Global company having branches in many countries of the world like Taiwan, USA, HongKong, Japan, Netherlands etc and leading manufacturer of computer hardware products including motherboards, PC systems, notebooks, mobile solutions, and other electronic devices with over 28 years of experience. Please give a look to website for complete business information and details.
Rm301 Floor 3th. Tianchuang, Science Plaza, No.8 Caihefang RD., Haidian District Beijing, China   (3388)

Fujitsu  Call +81-44-777-1111
Global manufacturing company having main branch in Japan and distributing its computer software and hardware products in all major countries of the world. Products include personal computers, Peripherals like Scanners, Printers, Keyboard/Mice Input Devices, storage products like Hard Disk Drives, Magneto-Optical Drives, Tape Libraries, Enterprise Storage Systems, SAN Switches, Storage Management Software and much more. For more business information please give a look to company website.
4-1-1 Kamikodanaka, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 211-8588 Japan   (3390)

Gateway, Inc.  Call 1-408-876-6001
Gateway is based in Irvine, California and is known to be one of America's best-known brands with millions of satisfied customers for computer hardware products including notebooks, displays, desktops, accessories, latest design computers with multimedia features, computer monitors, servers, and computer accessories. Please check company site for corporate and products information.
7565 Irvine Center Drive, Irvine, CA 92618, USA   (3389)

ICDistribution  Call 757-873-8288
Computer software and hardware distributor and services provider. The products include computer cables, cases, casefans, case accessories, controllers, CPUs, floppy drives, hard drives, memory, keyboards, mouse, modems, DDR RAM, monitor displays, projectors and many more products.
11861 Canon Blvd., Suite D, Newport News, Virginia 23606   (155)

Laptop Rentals  Call (800) 645.1692
Laptop Rentals by the day, week, or month, shipped overnight, nationwide. Call (800) 645.1692 for the guaranteed lowest rental rates and immediate delivery.
110 Shawmut Road, Unit 8 Canton, MA 02021   (5885)

Laptops  Call 1-800-TOSHIBA
Toshiba of Canada Limited is a subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, one of the world's largest integrated manufacturers of electronic products and semiconductors. They offer some of the leading laptops, netbooks and notebooks for all computing needs.
Toshiba of Canada Limited, 191 McNabb Street, Markham, ON, Canada, L3R 8H2   (7224)

LCDScreen  Call +1 (832) 200-1456
Online seller of replacement screens for laptop computer in different brands. No need to buy a new laptop if screen becomes faulty.
2130-A Holly Hall # 100, Houston, Texas 77054, USA   (7093)

Max Group Corporation  Call (800) 256-9040 or (626) 935-0050
Distributor of wholesale computer hardware in different brands like Aopen, Avion, Toshiba, LG, Microsoft etc including products like cables, cases, memory, printer, projectors, cooling fans, CPUs, motherboards, mouse, keyboards and many more. Check out site for complete information.
17011 Green Drive. City of Industry, CA 91745   (154)

PC Computer   Call 1-877-477-5707 is a Canadian Online Merchant of selling Notebooks, Netbooks, LCD & LED monitors, gaming video cards, Computer Systems,Point of Sales (POS) solutions, computer components as well as other Consumer Electronics.
140 Amber Street, Markham, Ontario, L3R 3J8, Canada   (6969)

Rackmount Keyboard  Call 866-207-6631
Rackmount Solutions provides a great selection of high quality rackmount LCD monitor, rackmount keyboard, keyboard drawer and also hardware. You can find a wide range of rack mount monitors/keyboard with KVM or without KVM.
Rackmount Solutions, Ltd., 915 S. Jupiter RD., Garland, TX 75042 (Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex)   (5848)

SVB International  Call 91-11-26436564, 91-11-26432240,
An ISO 9001:2000 certaified indian company providing world class services and products in the field of information technology and having distributors all over India. Products include bar code printers and scanners, mp3 and mp4 players, wireless networking, VGA cards and other computer hardware products.
201, Ashok Bhawan, 93 Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019   (156)

Business Information: A guide to Computer Hardware Business

Guide To Set Up Computer Hardware Business

Can we do without computers? That is just not possible in present times. Computers have entered in almost every field and laptops have taken over note books in schools. More advanced technology is introduced every year and we wonder what would get computerized next. So if you are selling computer hardware you are surely in demand. But recently people have been raving about up roaring software packages; does that mean computer hardware is not that rewarding?

Computers hardware is the very essence of the machine and if you are not making most of your business then we would not hesitate to call you a fool. Computer hardware consists of microprocessor, mother board, Ram and hard disk, hence for setting up a hardware business you would need to invest in best and latest technology of these parts. Here we shall discuss them in brief so you get a fair idea about them.

Mother board hem in all the major components, next CPU also referred as central processing unit controls the working of the machine maintains RAM the so called memory of the computer that makes it present memory and running possible. You have computer fan to lower the temperature, display unit, power supply units (UPS), and hard disk for other storage purposes. Except for these you have memory cards, socket ends, CD or DVD drives, sound card and modems that are required equally for anyone to set up a hardware unit. And finally to make it an entirely attractive package you also have to consider external peripherals attached like keyboards, monitor, mouse, speakers and printer. It is not a very small set up and need at least a room to stock delicate inventories.

Before we move on lets assess few facts about computers. We all would agree that most of the people use cheap assembled computers as they cannot afford branded ones. It’s a machine with distinct sorts of hardware that usually face problems like spoiled keyboards, low memory cards, virus affected data, blank monitors, jammed printers, shut speakers and dusted disc spaces. And if they need to replace any of these hardware’s you are in the scenario, so you need to keep stock handy to cater them. In addition to this you would need to hire business services to make links and contacts about your business to attract clients. To make most of your hardware business we would suggest you to get in touch with schools, large company set ups, cyber cafes or computer learning center where the usage is more frequent and quantity needed is in bulk. Perhaps Computer Hardware business is like getting in the race to make profits from altering technologies.

As reported in a survey recently 90% of youth spend five hours on computers everyday and you can very well imagine if they are working that much frequently their parts are going to rotten up in months. We would say you have expanded range of products to sell right from processors to monitors, and if one also extend services like assembling cheap computers, annual contracts for computers hardware servicing and even startup installations he would surely make handsome profits. What is most interesting in this business is that one is never held up with stale stock as new varieties keep pouring in market and people get fascinated with them hence good terms for your hardware venture.

Computer hardware business set up certainly needs you to be an adept in computer technology or you might end up messing your money in unknown and maze venture.

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