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Chynnadolls Wholesale Swimwear  Call Only email support
Offer clothing in wholesale including wholesale bikini, swimwear, apparel, dresses and more. The minimum wholesale order is $550 with a 3 quantity minimum per style. Visit the site for more details.
Chynna Dolls Bikinis, 14328-A Valley Blvd, City of Industry, CA 91746, USA   (4849)

Ladies Clothing From Continental Textiles  Call 0161 864 6040
Continental Textiles are a premium clothing manufacturer in the UK. They produce wholesale clothing aimed at ladies and children as well as accessories.
Thomas Street, Manchester, M32 0JT, United Kingdom   (6961)

Maze Clothing  Call 0151 737 1252
Maze Clothing are the UK’s premier retailer of designer menswear. We stock men’s designer clothing from renowned fashion houses including Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Fred Perry and many more. Shop online or in our Liverpool based store.
59 Allerton Road, Mossley Hill, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK, L18 2DA   (7405)

ShopStyle UK for Fashion and Designers  Call Only email support.
ShopStyle is where fashion happens. Find the latest couture and fashion designers while shopping for clothes, shoes, jewelry, wedding dresses and more!
Only online business   (5917)

Skiwear Shop  Call 084435 11078
Ski wear shop from United Kingdom selling vast selection of ski clothing and accessories including ski helmets and ski goggles. Visit the site for more business information.
Chelston Direct Ltd, Unit 6, Monument View, Chelston Business Park, Wellington, Somerset, TA21 9ND, UK   (6388)

Wholesale Fashion & Clothing Online  Call 008615914535945
Manufacturer and retailer from China offering all kinds of clothing such as wedding apparel, plus size clothing and much more.
No Road Huangshi Baiyun District Guanagzhou,Guangdong,China   (7329)

Business Information: A Guide To Clothing Business

The skill set required for starting a clothing business is the same as any other business: finance for procuring the initial resources, managing skills and a keen marketing mind to promote the business. A comprehensive business plan is also essential in guiding the clothing business through the turbulent initial years.

The biggest challenge facing the nascent clothing business companies is from the big firms, who utilize their marketing muscle and large resources at their disposal. There are also a large number of small manufacturing companies whose competition has to be overcome if the clothing business is to be successful.

The first step involved in setting up a successful clothing business store is to determine the kind of clothes that the company is going to manufacture. The market for clothing is so wide and varied. For example – the focus can be based on gender (girls and boys; men and/or women) or age (infants or elderly people). The apparels can also be designed for schools goers, teenagers or career professionals. There is also a growing demand for specific niche market like apparels for sports enthusiasts or athletes. Golfing apparels and tennis outfits have become increasingly popular nowadays. Selling high quality sports t-shirts is another good option.

Finding out if the finished project has a potential in the current market would be the next step. It is essential to gather detailed information on potential customers and the target market, along with strategies on how to reach them with the finished product. Two ways of finding this information would be to check with the retail store buyers or by talking with the customers who ultimately use the final product.

Thirdly, knowing everything about the competitors can be helpful in strategizing plans to overcome them. Some of the useful information that can be used as a benchmark is their quality of fabric and their individual styling techniques. One must be confident of at least matching them in terms of these qualities or there should be a rethink in the business strategy. Such information can be obtained from retail sources like owners of boutiques, textile suppliers or buyers. Finally, before creating a sample product, potential clients who are willing to buy the finished product must be identified. Seeking out information from sales agents and buyers of retailers, major departmental stores etc are some of the ways for identifying potential clients.

Once the market potential has been analyzed from all angles, distribution of the product to the clients is the next step. One can initially start small by selling the products in the flea markets or church fairs. Once people start to notice the product and there is an increasing demand, the business can be expanded accordingly. A larger scale approach would be to find a specific retailer who is willing to buy the product that the company produces. This approach has a lower risk rate when compared to the other distribution approaches as the sales is virtually assured and one can start thinking about the production aspects of the business. One small variation to this kind of approach would be to bring the consignment to a retailer or a shop owner, and the shop owner would get a small percentage from the sale of the apparel. Such agreements have to be well laid out and if possible also have it written and signed.

Decisions on production depend on several factors: the kind of clothing, quantity and the equipment required. Ordering raw materials required for production also calls for shrewd judgment because ordering too high a number is an unwanted cost that should be avoided. Hence setting up a clothing business, would demand mastery over three basic functions namely design, production and sales. Apart from these skills, one should also have a thorough understanding of the industry and basic know how of running a business. According to a recent sales survey, apparel sales for 2000 reached $315 billion, representing a 90 % increase from its 1990 levels. This indicates that starting a clothing business is a challenging, vibrant and profitable option.

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