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Offer custom writing services which include writing and editing of essays, book reports, speeches, term papers and much more.
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EditAvenue Incorporated  Call not provided
Professional editing and proofreading service that gives you access and opportunity to speak to over 250 editing experts. Help editing essays, resumes, and other forms of writing. Let editing specialists proofread your writing today by submitting your project on the site.
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Northwest Writing Services  Call 360-907-6732
Serving individuals, non-profits and small businesses in variety of areas including business writing, public relations, résumés, historic home research and more. Visit the site for more details.
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Writing Doctor  Call 650-941-6229
Provider of ghostwriting and editing services for a wide variety of formats including film, fiction, manuals, nonfiction, articles writing, reports, and college application essays. Visit the site for more details.
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Business Information: A guide to writing and editing business

Writing and editing business has survived for centuries and it will survive going forward. During the good old times when technology was at its initial stages communication and transfer of information was only through print and media. Great literatures and quality writing was developed during those years. Writing and editing business thrived during those years and it got better during information age because it opened opportunities for people over the world to exhibit their talents to writing and editing business.

Internet arguably is one of the greatest inventions by a human which revolutionized business, communication, information exchange, etc. Sourcing and exchange of information has never been as easy as it is now. We could speak, write, exchange, communicate, develop apps, etc which couldn’t have been possible if internet was not the medium. One important aspect which we all need to understand is during those good old times we had people writing and editing content which was printed on paper and distributed. During the information era due to time constraints and flexibility we choose to read our newspaper or search for information/news online and to cater this group of audience we need writers and editors. Medium of information exchange and transfer has changed from print to online.

Online business has opened the doors for copyrighters, editors, content writers, designers, etc. In print media infringement of copyright material or content is very low but when you talk about online copyright law violations, content plagiarism, etc there is a huge violation of law. Laws of some developed countries are mature enough to tackle these problems but they are not sufficient. There is no said regulatory mechanism which can monitor or detect copyright violations online. Developing countries and third world countries are still struggling to enact and act on violations. Still it can be said that writing and editing business is still in its infancy considering the age of internet and its comparison to the huge opportunities it offers.

This revelation brings us to the fact that there exists opportunities for writing and editing business if they follow the law and act accordingly taking into consideration plagiarism, copyright violations, Para phrasing etc into their quality guidelines. There are many reputed companies and business which are established but there are no such companies which can boost of sustainable revenues and a healthy growth rate. Today we might be having few companies which have earned name but they all are small to medium scale enterprises.

Opportunities are unlimited as many print media houses are outsourcing content and writing business to third party vendors. These houses are responsible to translate traditional print information into digital following guidelines. There are websites which are sorting work from global clients and providing it to their account holders. To improve business visibility and quality people are submitting their content to ezine. Ezine website has strict quality guidelines regarding the quality of content and laws governing online content. Increasingly internet is becoming the way of outsourcing in editing and writing business removing the traditional barriers of calling and meeting. Editing business is outsourced from developed countries to third world countries which have good command over the said language such as English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, etc. English and Spanish has the highest share in writing and editing business. Mandarin is gaining popularity taking into account the number of people who speak the language. In print media editing and writing requires a certain qualifications such as Master of art in the particular language you choose to write or edit. Good command over the language is a prerequisite for business who want to grab a share of outsourcing or those who want to offer business to clients. It is true that writing and editing business is facing lower margins but it is here to stay for a longer term. Competition is huge globally but for quality providers the writing and editing business is here to stay.

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