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Book printers offering book printing in 2 days!. Hard Cover book publishing and Coil Bound book printing in 1 week. Free downloadable book templates. Get 25 free books on orders of 100 or more. Specializing in religious books, poetry books, cook books, user manuals and catalogs, instructional books, self-help books, and novels. Visit the site for complete business details and information.
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Offer high quality book printing services to self publishers at an affordable prices by making use of most recent book printing and binding technology. Visit the site for complete business information and details.
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Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Books Printing Business

There would be many people who would take the stance that books are not so relevant in today’s world where e-books are starting to replace the traditional and conventional way of hard copy books. These days’ even employers complain that new recruits are not up to the standards when it comes to reading comprehension skills. But we are not trying to paint a gloomy picture for all you avid book reading fans. Also we are not telling prospective business people wanting to enter the books printing business that the market is diminishing.

Yes the Internet and TV have taken a slice out of book reading but they cannot replace books. We have to understand that TV and the Internet have created their own niche market and a large one too but similarly books too their market place which is even today substantially big. In the US alone there were 3.1 million books sold in the year 2005.

There remains decent enough scope in the books printing business for you to turn your business profitable and exist for a long-term period. When we hear the term ‘books’ we usually picture just a plain fat book. This is where we conceptualize the books printing market incorrectly. Book printing can be for novels, storybooks, management books, recipe books, books for education and school study material.

There many ways in which you can start your own book printing business. If you want to enter the book publishing business then you would need writers to write content for your books and hope that the books are able to sell well enough to earn you a profit. Alternately if you can pen an agreement with a well known or up coming novelist or other writer and confident that you will be able to garner enough sales to make profit then such a move can be very lucrative. You can discuss the amount to royalty sharing with the writer so that the initial up front payment will not be a huge burden. Once the book fetches multiple prints your profits could soar tremendously.

Another option for a books printing business is to get into a contact with a college or school to print course material books exclusively for that education institution. Many a times such contracts are the tip of the ice-berg leading to you entering a multi-year contract for printing books and supplying stationary (a side business opportunity) to that institution. Of course for book printing you need to have book printing machinery and equipment.

It is one thing to doing trading; you can simply opt for a book printing trading business. With such a business model you would book printing orders using your connections in the book market and pass the order to a reliable source that would finish the job and deliver the printed books to you. You would then deliver the books to your source and earn a commission on that job transaction. Surely if you opt to you can purchase book printing machine for you book printing business. There are a variety of machineries for your books printing business like a hard cover binding machine that will help you automatically fold the book’s cover with varying size from 490 X 700 mm to 780 X1160 mm. You can also have a section binding machine that will binding hundreds of pages in a matter of seconds leaving no pages loose.

In case you do not want to purchase expensive machinery initially then there are options to start a books printing business with low investment too. All you need is a digital printing machine that allows you to print 8-12 at one go through the PDF format stored on your PC. One such printing option is available with PQN (Print Quantity Needed) digital printing machines. With such a machine you are able to initiate short run printing where the procedure uses quick direct to image printing with toner blending that produces high quality images. The machine can be set to 100 or even 1000 copies. Lets have a look at the cost per print here, with the conventional ink-press printing the cost per print is $1.55 per copy but a minimum of 3000 copies will have to be set thus your bill is $4,650.

Whereas using PQN digital printer the cost per copy is $2.60 that means if you set the printer to 500 your bill is 1,360 US dollars. Thus depending on your business model you should make a purchase of a digital printer that’s like to recover cost in the short to medium term.

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