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Statistics report released by national law bar association has reported that the number of assault cases within the country have increased by 35 percent in the present year. Assault lawyer’s business firms and individual legal advisors has been continuing providing their services to protect the victims and rights against such assaults.

Defining Assault

Assault can be defined as an act of violence against another person with intention’s to injure, disfigure, impair, or cause pain to that person. It is considered an intentional tort as the offender has intentionally assaulted the victim. It only needs intent and the resulting apprehension. For example threaten to kill anyone, abusing someone physically or mentally, sexual assault, stalking etc.

Types of assault

Assault can be basically categorized into the following types:

Physical assault: Also known as battery is a criminal offence which refers to a situation where a person uses physical force against another person resulting in an injury or offensive contact. Physical assaults are of serious nature, it could even result in death of a person or a permanent injury to the victim. Common examples of physical assaults are hitting someone, throwing a stone at someone etc. Physical assaults are most likely to occur at roads, nightclubs, parties, bars etc. Domestic violence is the most common type of physical assault.

Sexual assault: It is an intentional offense and crime, to intentionally cause another person to engage in an unwanted sexual act by physical force or threats. Any form of sexual contact without mutual consent is considered as sexual assault. Sexual assaults are commonly by a man on a woman, it can also be by a woman on a man or woman on a woman or man on a man, adult on a child. It is estimated that 574,000 women every year are confronted with unwanted sexual activity. Sexual assault may include kissing without consent, torture of the victim in a sexual manner, rape, sexual abuse of children, inappropriate touching etc.

Verbal assault: Also called reviling, can be described as abusive behavior of an individual involving the use of language. It may be in written or oral form which creates or is intended to create a fear of physical damage to another person. Verbal assault can make a victim suffers from low self-esteem, which may result in depression or stress harming the victim mentally. Verbal assault is the most common type of assault. Verbal assault is generally not taken as seriously as other forms of assault. It is most likely to take place at workplace, home, social gathering’s, public places etc. Domestic abuse, also known as spousal abuse is the most common type of verbal assault. Verbal assaults are most likely to turn into physical assaults in future if necessary action is not taken on time.

When and who to call for help

Any individual who has faced any of the above situations is entitled to a legal help as his basic rights. It is estimated that about 576,840 cases of assault are filled every year out of which only 60 percent of the plaintiff gets justice , due to lack of capable prosecution to build a strong case against the offender.

Assault lawyer business firms are experts when it comes to assault cases so it very important to chose your legal representative wisely. Make sure that the legal advisor you select is experienced and has won a lot of assault cases in his favor.

The last thing you want to worry about at this situation is how to build your case and how to fulfill the legal formalities required. Assault lawyer business firms will help you to establish a strong case, complete the various legal formalities involved in filling a petition. They will guide you through out the legal proceedings.

You do not need to worry about your financial burden at this point of time because most of Assault lawyer business firms work on contingency basis. This means if you do not win the case the lawyer will not receive any fee. The legal advisor will get paid a pre agreed percentage from the amount of compensation after you win the case.


Assault is an offence by law and you need to stand up to it so that it does not happen to anyone else. Specific laws have been laid down for various types of assault. A person can be sent to imprisonment or is fined a monitory amount to pay as compensation to the plaintiff.

To protect your right you need to contact assault lawyer business firms or any individual legal advisor’s as soon as possible.

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