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Auric Technology, LLC  Call (212) 573-0941
Offer CRM software with free demo giving an opportunity to sales professionals a fast and easy way to track and organize their contacts. Helping customer support teams access to the information they needed to resolve customer issues and gives management the analytics to gain complete visibility into their sales pipeline and customer service operations.
330 Madison Ave. 6th Fl., New York, NY 10017   (1459)

Bright Blue  Call +61-2-8448 2050
Company helping organisations use their customer information to increase customer satisfaction, attract new customers, retain existing customers, and get more value from both and drive sales by use of their innovative CRM software. Visit the site for more details.
Level 15, 88 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.   (1458)

CRM ASP, Inc.  Call 1-415-874-8040
Provider of on-demand CRM customizable software supporting thousands of users and is with over 86,000 companies which require Information technology solutions based on customer relationship management.Integrate with your existing applications with full source code, CORBA and XML Web Service.
Not provided   (1460)

Dovarri, Inc.  Call 713.273.6880
Offer CRM software built entirely on sharepoint. Software features fast implementation, fast adoption, and intuitive design and easy to use which even a sales person can use effectively with web training or 24/7 tech support.
5718 Westheimer, Suite 1440, Houston, TX 77057   (1462)

E-Z Data, Inc  Call (800) 777-9188
The company provides CRM, practice, and agency management software for insurance and financial services management helping to reduce paperwork, ensure compliance and deliver excellent client service. Visit site for more.
918 East Green Street, Pasadena, California 91106   (1652)

GuestWare  Call (206) 233-0110
The company offer CRM software for hotel management industry featuring guest contact and correspondence management, data cleaning and address collection, user friendly access to profiles and reports, single enterprise view of the customer.
100 4th Avenue North, Suite 560, Seattle, WA 98109   (1463)  Call 888.848.4564 x702
Company providing with web based customer relationship management and sales force automation that helps companies achieve maximum success with their sales pipelines and offering a very high return on investment with no risk and no commitment. See site for more information and to download online.
1640 Nixon Drive, Suite 300, Moorestown, NJ 08057   (1461)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Customer Relationship Management Software Business

Never in the past had customers enjoyed so much attention as they are attracting now after the invention of information technology in modern world. With competition coming to an edge in every business and retaining customers is a top priority. From discounts and special offers to frequent customer benefits no stone in left unturned when it comes to pleasing customers. Do you get surprised when your cell phone provider emails you to wish on your birthday? You must be wondering how out of so many subscribers how could he remember your birthday. For a moment you really feel special and develop goodwill for your service provider. When someone seeks your advice over choosing cell phone service you happily recommend your provider and say that they not only provide good service but also give personalized attention to their customers. A simple birthday wish to customer helps the service provider earn goodwill and recommendation in the competitive segment of mobile subscription. Off course he doesn’t remember birthdays of his million subscribers. But how about software that checks for birthdays of subscribers each day and automatically generates email greetings to everyone whose birthday falls on that particular day. Just by installing the software once he can ensure to wish each of his customers without even bothering about it. The software we are talking about is the customer relationship management (CRM) software and it does many powerful things than sending birthday emails. You need to contact an information technology company to make such a software for you if you need to sell it and make it as a business.

As the name suggests the main focus of CRM is to enable businesses to develop relationship with their customers. It is important for businesses to know there customers to plan their strategies. Surveys and customer feedback are used for this purpose. However it is difficult to cover large samples which make the results unreliable. However with computerization and Internet it is possible to conduct on line survey and feedbacks and there is no limitation on sample size or location. Results are realistic and businesses can analyze more accurately now. Value added features kept on adding and CRM software started taking shapes. Today CRM has become the heart of service providing companies and entire business revolves around it. Developing something on which life of business depends is extremely challenging. The products you develop must be extremely reliable and accurate. (Say the birthday greetings reach the customer a month late. In this case it would have a negative effect on customer. ) Remember CRM are implemented to develop reputation and a small mistake on your part can lead to catastrophic effects. One should thoroughly understand the requirements of this business to its minutest details and do a complete analysis before entering this field. If you fail once there is no chance of recovery again.

CRM software is not general and must be developed according to the particular needs of the customer and thats the job of an information technology service provider. Every business has its own customer policy and your software should be centered on it to fall in line with the business operations. Be ready with the common modules such as customer profiles, communication features etc. which are required by all CRM software. This will save your development time and bring down cost (a definite advantage as CRM software is very expensive) .You can focus on special requirements of the customer thereby improving quality.

Just buying CRM software is not enough. It needs to be implemented properly to achieve desired goals. It’s a process of continuous experimentation and regular up gradations. The technology market today is very volatile and business policies change often to be in line with market trends. The changes one makes in business have to be incorporated in customer relationship management software as well. CRM software is expensive and it is not feasible to replace the existing software. The software is integrated to other software, contain a lot of stored data and over a time employees become familiar with the software. Nobody wants to risk a software change. An upgrade to the existing software is the recommended method to incorporate changes.

Security is a major issue with CRM software. Recently many incidents have surfaced where the credit card information of customers was misused by BPO employees. Customer database is not less than any wealth to business and they don't mind paying to treasure it.

Many a times CRM is looked as liability and business claim of no noticeable improvements. It is the businesses that need to be blamed for their choice of CRM selection. Business should take due caution in choosing the appropriate modules that suit their needs. You can overcome these negative vibes by providing your expert suggestions and providing then with exact solutions for their requirements. Remember you too need to practice CRM to establish goodwill in this business. After all they trust you with their life – their customers.

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