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Business Information: A guide to information security business

If you know about internet then there is a finite chance that you have known about terms such as Virus, Trojans, Crash, SSL (Secured socket layer), Malware, Adware, Spyware and what not. All these terms signify only one thing that your information, data and personal computer is not secured. If it is secured (free from intrusions) then we wouldn’t have these anti viruses installed in our computers nor would you be reading this article nor would you be interested in this multi billion dollar business. We all know how real the threat is to our data, personal computers, hardware, etc. This threat would magnify as the size of your organization increases. Many large organizations get affected because of network breach. Network breach occurs due to gateway compromise which in turn occurs if filtered information is not obtained. Information security business has been developing and moving with much greater stride than the rest of the industry because customer database and sensitive data protection is much more important than devising new forms of software’s.

When virus, Trojans, worms, intrusion threat was discovered by many industry veterans they did not concentrate on eliminating it considering it as low margins industry but this trend got reversed as we can see the number of anti virus products available online today. Anti virus, Anti spyware, Anti Malware, firewalls, proxies, etc all were researched and brought into marketing to cater people so that their business information remains protected. Firewalls are useful to protect intrusions as they can inform the network administrator about the incoming connection and he/she can decide whether to allow the incoming or outgoing connection. Firewall can also block inbound connections or .exe files from getting executed. Proxies fake the identity of the client and it acts as a buffer between the client configuration and the server. A properly configured proxy can act as a wall protecting your system from all kinds of different attacks but when you connect a proxy to a firewall your system gets secured from inside and outside.

Microsoft Windows as we all know is one of the most popular commercial operating system used in the world. It has firewall protection which is weak because of which we had to rely on other operating systems and intrusion protectors.

Information security also covers providing data from getting corrupted, loss due to malfunctioning or crash of server and computer systems, back up, data recovery, authorization, data integrity check, secured transmission, etc. This industry is not new and information exchange started from the time of Julies ceaser who implemented practices of cryptography. Three main principles which are mantra in information security business are availability, confidentiality and integrity.

This business industry is estimated in billions and it is progressing at a very healthy rate. There is huge scope of growth for this industry because information security never has an end and it gets better by day. Government agencies, private companies, large multinational organizations, etc perform routine security checks to their server and computer systems for any intrusions or possible loop holes. NSA or national security agency of America has stated that around 1.5 million breaches have occurred because of improper scripting, wrong configurations, and improper implementation of security parameters. Encryption has huge growth in future as technology grows because of the enormous sensitive information which will be transferred through internet. Important technologies such as 64 bit, 128, 256 and importantly 512 bit encryption have been developed or its development is in progress.

Some of the various certificates which will be beneficial for you before starting out your business would be certified information systems security professional, information systems security engineering (architecture will also benefit you) professional, certified information security manager, etc. There are very few companies which actually specialize and provide service to top clientele one such company is Verizon which provides secured socket layer technology to companies. Continuity of business and communication channel clearance is very important for most business as any such compromise can leave billions of dollars as damage.

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