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Provide workplace conflict solutions and mediation training to human resources organizations focusing on employee relationship building and settlement outcomes, repairing communication and improving co-operation and rebuilding trust and securing practical solutions.
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Any organization is an organization till the time, the workforce of the company responds to the tasks allotted. However many a times, the organizations face a lot of internal conflicts amongst the employees which ultimately results into the degradation of quality of work as well as the timely execution of work allotted. It also creates a new work for the Human resource team to either hire or train new employee if some one from the team is released or terminated. To tackle with this, organizations spend a lot of time in internal quarrels resolution. However, this time is the non productive time and hampers the complete profitability of the organization. Do deal with this, company outsource this resolution work to a third party so save in time and in this manner gives rise to a new business area called as the workplace conflict solution business.

The people in this field in the beginning stage should first spend a lot of time on some real high level research on human psychology at all levels and the type of behavior at and work culture. An employee who is working at labor level may have different issues of conflict if compared with the manager’s issues. That indicates that the reason and way of the issues will not be always same therefore the solution to such issues will also be different. Hence the base necessity of this business is a huge database of case studies as well as psychological research related to such issues at different level of organization. You can also collect certain cases and studies from the human resource department as well.

In the development phase of the workplace conflict solutions business, it is very important for the company to keep a strong relationship with various human resource departments across multiple sectors of organizations. Such kind of an association and relationship will provide more business to the team. This field is totally dependent on the number of solution requirements. Hence keeping good rapport with the company officials is a must. This way you will be able to get an idea on the various possible problems and associated reasons behind such behavior at the workplace. No matter how comfortable and number of facilities and resources are provided in a company if this kind of issues keeps cropping up from worker level to managers, every one’s working capability is affected.

While trying to create a niche market for your company you must always look for the organizations that you need to approach and the organizations that will prove beneficial for the growing profits and revenue for your company. Therefore the target market should be analyzed and understood well. There is no point in wasting time in a city, state or country where the concept of workplace conflict is considered a very small issue. Also, a country where internal workplace quarrels are considered as a very critical issue and it is that critical that it cannot be outsourced to anybody outside the office campus for getting the solutions and solving the problem, in that case, the whole business setup will go waste even if you have a good rapport with the human resource department of the organization. Hence choose a location with keen observation of market trend and cultural behavior.

Since you are settling and in the growing phase of your workplace conflict solutions business, you will have to prove your caliber to the organizations that you approach for solving the human resource issues. For this purpose you will need to maintain a track record of the various organizations you have dealt with and the kind of workplace conflicts you have provided solutions for successfully.

Another essential thing to remember is that never take any case’s responsibility without a prior careful analysis of the details. Go through the case completely and discuss it with the members of your team. This team should be trained and skilled for handling such human resource issues. You should then take it forward. This kind of systematic approach will build a good reputation of your workplace conflict solutions business and maintain a good name in the market.

In the initial stage of your emerging business of workplace conflicts solutions you can also try a merger with small organizations in the same field of your own. This is helpful because while you are struggling and are new it will be very difficult to get any cases and it will also be difficult to approach the human resource department of big organizations with your services. This kind of tie will also help in tackling the high competition level in the market. You will be able to approach the companies and also be given a chance to prove your potential. This is a very important and upcoming field since the issue in the organizations can completely ruin the working atmosphere and result in poor output and efficiency of the employees.

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