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ADI Time  Call Toll free: (800) 935-8463
Specializing in time and labor management software as well as manage time attendance, labor, time and attendance employee tracking, biometrics and time clocks. Visit the site for more details.
855 Waterman Ave, East Providence, RI 02914
http://www.aditime.com/   (2385)

Datamatics  Call (800) 673 - 0366
Provider of web based and enterprise time and attendance software having features like it allocate labor costs to products, departments, and clients, capture employee time and attendance automatically, eliminate manual calculation errors from employee timesheet records and much more.
330 New Brunswick Avenue, Fords, NJ 08863,
http://www.datamaticsinc.com/   (2383)

PeopleForce Solutions, Inc.  Call 734-560-6590
Offer web-enabled Hosted Time and Attendance Software which automates the employee leave management process, tracks employee hours worked and wages paid, reduce payroll costs by automating complex pay calculations, and simplifies regulatory compliance and wage audits. Visit site for more information.
2232 S. Main St., # 139, Ann Arbor, MI 48103-6938
http://www.peopleforcesolutions.com/   (2381)

Softworks  Call +44 (0118) 951 9586
Offering workforce and time and attendance software including project tracking, biometric and access control, expenses tracking, sick pay tracking, and honour-based timesheets for Absenteeism Reduction, manpower planning etc for various industries like pharmaceuticals, hospitality, healthcare, banking and more.
Unit 3, The Croft, Buntsford Gate Business Park, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B60 4JE
http://softworks-workforce.com/   (2384)

Time America Inc.  Call (800) 227-9766
Company has already automated the time and attendance of over 30,000 companies by providing them with the complete workforce management software with integration of time and attendance, workforce scheduling, absence management, and task management. Serving industries like manufacturing, food processing, retail, healthcare, service, hospitality and more.
15990 N. Greenway Hayden Loop, Suite D-500, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
http://www.timeamerica.com/   (2380)

WorkForce Software  Call 877.493.6723
Leader in workforce management software and time and attendance systems for mid-sized and large employers which automates and streamlines interactions like time-off requests, time entry, request for personal information, and schedule preferences between the employer and its workforce. Go to website for further enquiries.
36141 Schoolcraft Rd, Livonia, MI 48150-1216, USA
http://www.workforcesoftware.com/   (2382)

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Life changes every minute and every second. No one can stop this process or hold it back but it is always beneficial to keep a track of the events and the utilization of resource in the right and useful manner. Today time management has become very essential since not one to be left behind in the race. Therefore the ever growing science and technology has come up with the new system to mark the attendance and time of people. It is not always smart to depend upon the peons or the security guy for the entries that take place in any organization. They may also fake the entries to reduce their job burden. Hence this new software system has a very bright future in terms of business for those who are willing to venture.

When any organization or a company hires people for the purpose of working their main intention is to get their desired job done and in return of the output get them the deserving salary. There are many people who do not follow the office timings and attendance religiously. This reduces the period of work and automatically the output. No one can ignore the fact that time is money in business. Therefore it becomes very important to keep a track on the employees, their attendance and entry details. Manually there can be manipulations in this process hence it is wise to use such a software system which cannot be changed and will record all details minutely.

This phenomenon is very common in every field. You will find such manipulative and lazy people in almost every company. Therefore in this software system business you need to approach all the major sectors like the manufacturing, retail, information technology, etc. you will need to explain them the importance of the man power and its tracking and how it is very important to get work done by the employees within the deadline. Once you have created the value of the attendance and time in efficient working, you will be able to present you product well.

You will have to get in touch with the various consultancies and organizations which deal with the salary of the employees. You can suggest them to get a tie up with your company and use your software system product for keeping a track on the attendance and time of every individual employee. This kind of tie up will help you broaden the horizon of your business. You can approach the various organizations that are labor based. Such companies give salary on the basis of the time that is on the number of hours and attendance of the worker.

Since your business in dealing with a software system it is always beneficial for you to keep updating it with the latest versions. When you update the software you can add some more features to it such as reporting facilities and graphical representations. Such added attributes will help the manager in tracking the performance of the team members as well in keeping an eye on the time of coming to the office and attendance of the individual. This kind of methods will not only keep you updated in this field but also help you in creating a niche for your company in the market. This is very important in the establishment for those who are new in this field.

Apart from just the regular updating of the software system you will also need to keep a regular check on the updates and latest developments. To perform this task you can also hire a team of experts for a research and development team. They can work on this and come up with new ideas on the time and attendance management. You can also broaden your target market by trying to push this product in schools and colleges where such records play and important role on a daily basis. This will also help you in spreading the scope of this business and help in gaining more profits.

It is also a good idea to try and promote the software system in different countries. It is true that once the business is set in the global market it gets a good boost for all future sales and profit. Before getting into this you will also need to get an authorized license for your time and attendance management product. This should be renewed in every required period and your company can get recurring profits. In the initial stage of establishing yourself keep the price of the software low to attract more people. Once you have more or less built a reputation in the global and local market you can slowly raise the price and quality of your product. Any business will shine in their respective field id such methodology is followed.

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