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EDO Corporation   Call (800) 443-7117
Offer Computer Call Center and Technical Support to customers with high technology products and services like operating popular desktop applications to troubleshooting complex computer software and hardware problems and more to businesses, the health care industry, government agencies, and military organizations.
Lancaster, CA 93535   (2086)

iYogi Inc   Call 1 800 237 3901
Provider of computer repair and technical support for consumer and small businesses in Unitek Kingdom, United States, and Canada. Support services cover 72 desktop software applications, hardware devices, servers, printers, peripherals, routers and modems. Visit site for more.
12 Desbrosses Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10013   (2087)

Katalyst Partners LLC   Call (866) 302-7704
Provider of cost effective, high quality and scalable technical support solutions for ISPs, OEMs, software companies and IT needs of companies from multiple technical service centers equipped with latest call center technology and more. Go to site for more information.
307 Seventh Avenue, Suite 2401, New York, NY 10001   (2088)

LiveTechOnline.COM   Call 1-866-548-3349
Offer affordable, quick and easy online technical support for all computer related problems by using specialized remote desktop software and the internet and thus saving clients from inconvenience of bringing their computer to a store for repairs or service again.
PO BOX 27005, Kitchener, Ontario, N2E3K2, Canada   (2089)

Lord and Company, Inc   Call 703-361-3530
Provides a broad range of professional and technical support services relating to the design, development,installation and services of computer integrated Instrumentation and Control and SCADA Systems and wireless communications systems for commercial, state and federal facilities.
8811 Sudley Road, Manassas, VA 20110-4728   (2090)

Online Technical Support   Call (877)-797-GEEK
Offer online technical support to help you remove spyware and malware from your computer. Visit the site for more business information.
1070H Route 34 #190, Matawan, NJ 07747   (5206)

SupportSoft, Inc.   Call 1-800-727-8776
Get online support for your computer related technical problems including virus problems, non-functioning and any sort of problem from expert engineers online who will find the root of your problem, and fix it safely and quickly. Also offer online help to make your PC run faster and more.
Online Support   (2082)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Technical Support Business Information And Guide

With the increasing number of demands in the market and the eagerness to move forward in the competition every organization wishes to start new segments and branches of their company. The expansion and diversification is always very beneficial for every company if proper planning and steps are taken for it. To prevent the loss of concentration on the major project and field of the business people now-a-days look for options where some part of the work can be divided. This is generally followed by many companies these days by outsourcing their work. For this purpose the technical support is a very important branch on which one can depend. This increasing trend has made this field a very profitable and successful field of business.

In case of people starting this company newly will first need to understand exact function and purpose of the technical support. The main function of them is to handle all the queries and doubts of the customers that are related to the different products of the corresponding companies. Due to increasing fields of work to handle companies prefer leaving this job to a separate section altogether. This team is entirely responsible for handling the technical issues. This is totally back office field of work. Therefore in this technical support business the work fundamental is same with diversity in the sectors. This has to be the main point that the organization needs to keep in mind.

Earlier when a product was sold to a customer the guarantee was given depending upon what the manufacturer has mentioned and assigned to each product. Any issue during that period was resolved as the duty of the shop owner. Now-a-days apart from the guarantee that one provides it has become compulsory for the manufacturers to also provide post sales or post purchase service to the customers. Other than the compulsion it also has benefits since, taking care of this aspect helps in pooling in more money from the market back to your company. It also helps in winning trust of the customers who again come back to you for future requirements. All these benefits are possible by hiring a technical support team. This business has a huge influence on the working of majority of the companies.

The best part about this business is that the requirement of the market is not limited to a particular area or country. Outsourcing is something that almost every company needs in order to run its business smoothly and boost the level of profits. Therefore people in this field can definitely try their luck in the international market as well. You can approach all the companies need to export their products to different parts of the world and hence require a team of technical support that is qualified to handle all the queries of the customers. With a good marketing strategy you will be able to flourish even in the global market.

The market research should be carried out very effectively in this field in order to understand the companies and organization, their status, requirements and the kind of technical support that they need. In this field you can’t wait for the opportunity to come and then prepare for it. You will need to work on your strategies way before you start dealing with the customers face to face. The client interactions should only be meant for understanding the exact requirements and field of the business. Based on this you should finalize the plans that you will work upon. You can then sort and select the final team of people that you need to provide the company with.

The most important thing that you need to work on is the training of the employees of your company. There will be a wide range of requirements of the clients. You will need to ensure that you hire a good team of trainers in the first place to ensure that the best training is provided to the individuals that will enable them to handle any kind of queries and doubts. Apart from this you will also need to provide the trainers who are experts in different fields and industries with excellent communication skills and aptitude. This way you will be able to touch and cover all the sectors of the market. The position of your technical support business will automatically rise in level.

Another market sector that you can target is the public sector. There are many government organizations that also require this kind of technical support for their business. There many goods and products that are produced by organizations working under the government. For instance the government based mobile and telephone connections industry. They will also require your services. Therefore you should try to get associated with such organizations to achieve long time long term benefits along with the stability.

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