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Customer Service Experts, Inc.  Call (888) 770-7625
Company having experienced and dedicated team of customer service professionals helping to improve the customer experience by focusing on the employee and its direct link to customer satisfaction.
2901 Riva Trace Parkway Suite 100 | Annapolis, MD 21401   (2091)

Customer Service Works  Call (403) 257-7732
Company providing consulting services in helping with customer interaction development and facilitation of multiple training programs and personal and team coaching for different industries including Finance, Call Centres, Help Desks, IT, Educational Institutions, Non-profit, Manufacturing, Sports and Recreation and Aquatics.
Calgary, Alberta Canada   (2096)

Business Information: A guide to customer service business

In this ever increasing competitive world making new clients is a humongous task and it makes sense to retain old customers while trying desperately for new ones. This is where the role of customer service gets magnified. Customer service need not necessarily depict the picture of a call center trying desperately to make sales. Customer service is a broad term it is applied in every walk of life, a restaurant, airline, banks, mutual funds, real estate, cab service, shopping mall, saloon, recreational place, golf club, etc. There is no field of business where customer service and satisfaction is not primary. A customer who walks into a five star hotel will return to the hotel once more if he is satisfied by the customer service right from the reception to booking a taxi for his airport.

A customer service representative should have full knowledge about the company and should be geared in a position to take decisions. A customer service representative will be the initial contact point for your business and this interaction is vital for any organization because it can make or break a client. In certain instances he/she should be in a position to access the situation and take necessary action accordingly. In certain instances a phone call by customer service could make or break relationship with the client and this necessarily calls for call ethics and language modulation. Call centers employ customer service representatives to inform the clients about new products, make a pitch for new sale, take a cold call, retaining the client, making the client reorder, troubleshoot customer queries, etc. Those were some of the duties which appear most often in customer service business.

Retailers perform routine surveys to determine the customer satisfaction, get a new lead, product satisfaction, new products if required, etc. To perform these functions customer service businesses should be prepared with human resources and additional info to get started within short duration. Often the entire process is handed over to customer service business without retailer`s interference. Another vital important aspect for customer service businesses is in coaching. A company should have a right mix of talent and customer service qualities among it core employees. Often many businesses thrive by the word of mouth. If your customer is satisfied he/she would definitely recommend your business which can potentially improve your sales figure. Businesses need managers who have good customer service skills so that when need arouses they can exhibit their talent. Most of the high level managers involve themselves with high valued dealings which require professionalism and customer service skills, most customer service businesses provide training to staff. This requires talented people to be employed within the customer service business who can provide coaching to others.

Many organizations cannot send their employees for training due to several reasons for them customer service business should offer alternatives such as training through online, DVD`s, conference, web seminar conference, online tests to gage performance, Publications, journals, etc. Increasingly world economy is becoming global and it is understood that an organization requires multi lingual people to negotiate business deals, converse people with different ideas in an altogether different language, etc. Customer service businesses can profit by coaching people for a different language.

Conversation ability: -Organizations do not flourish if their employees are dejected. Customer service businesses need to empower management of organizations with customer skills so that they can effectively speak out with employees frequently, provide them with new offers, rewards, etc. Management needs to motivate employees in varied circumstances so that employees do not get dejected. Customer service businesses can reduce the overall cost of the client organizations by training their client employees for effective business consultation, service audit, client deal negotiation, service and data presentation to clients and shareholders, government negotiations, etc.

Growth for service sector is double digit but due to recent meltdown growth has comedown significantly from double digit to single digit. Also outsourcing has taken a hit which is bringing down the overall growth rate.

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