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Corporate Christmas Parties UK  Call 0845 676 9755
UK based event management company having annual turnover of £5.5million. Holds experience in managing Christmas parties for more than 10 years. Join their newsletter today for latest updates.
Office Christmas, 42 Bond Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1RD, UK   (7159)

Corporate Events (UK) Ltd  Call 08456 44 90 55
UK located well established company providing with top class entertainment and event services which include stage hire, team building events, dinners and dance, mobile nighclub, floor and staging, event management, venue finding service, full conference production, christmas parties and more. Visit the site for complete business information and details.
Gratitude, Foxley Lane, Binfield, Berkshire, RG42 4EE, UK   (3311)

Corporate Team Events  Call +61 2 9419 3122
Corporate Team Events can be performed both indoors and outdoors. The specialists at Sabre HQ will see to it that your event is a huge success. Their company is small enough to give you the personal and attentive care you deserve, yet they are big enough to be the best.
35 Anderson Street, Sydney NSW 2067, Australia   (6140)

Marquee Hire  Call 01748 811511
C and J Rentals is a marquee hire and furniture hire company helping you find the right setting for your wedding day or other special event like corporate events. Having over 30 years experience and are based in the North of England.
Century House, Gatherly Road Industrial Estate, Brompton-on-Swale, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 7JG, UK   (6905)

Off Limits Corporate Events  Call +44 (0)1773 766050
UK's most experienced and trusted team building and corporate events company offering businesses with complete entertainment including driving events, sports events, fun days, evening entertainment, treasure hunt, corporate hospitality, themed parties and more different types of business services. Give a look to website for complete information and details.
East View Terrace, Langley Mill, NG16 4DF   (3310)

Office Christmas Parties  Call 0844 826 2027
Eventa offers a wide range of corporate christmas parties with packages starting form just £10 per person. Visit the site for more information.
4th Floor Hanover House, 118 Queens Road, Brighton,BN1 3XG   (5198)

Team Building Events  Call 0203 589 8916
Accomplished Events are specialist planners and organisers of corporate team building events. With a massive range of games and activities to suit all types of team building Accomplished Events are a wise choice.
Online only   (7402)

Venue For Events In Cardiff  Call 01443 482002
Offer Conference Venue in Cardiff including facilities such as conference rooms of various sizes to accommodate the largest event, exhibitions, corporate and product launches, gala dinners and events management.
University of Glamorgan, Pontypridd, CF37 1DL   (4864)

Business Information: A guide to corporate events business

Corporate events business is not a capital intensive business. Corporate event business can be started with low budget and finance. There are venture capitalists and financers who could provide you the initial seed money. As you post profit quarter on quarter there will be more financers and venture capitalists backing you so that you can develop your start up into a corporate events power house. Care should be taken in choosing venture capitalists and financers who would stand beside you for a real long time. Finance can be obtained if you have a right plan and report. Finance from charities can also be obtained if you are planning to host religious corporate activities and missionary activities for corporate.

Corporate events business should be studied before embarking on the project. As the word event suggests it deals entirely with communication and reaching out to target audience. Communication is the main theme in corporate events business. Often a corporate event reflects the company profile and it should be handled carefully by professionals so that the overall message reaches out to the target audience without affecting the climate of the event. Banks, financial institutions, Insurance, religious events, political events, employee meets, civil servants meet, celebrity show, fashion show, Musical night, etc are some of the events which a corporate event handler handles. Communication, event handling, security arrangements, make shift and permanent rooms, travel arrangements for dignitaries, crowd handling, necessary permissions from concerned government departments, road and traffic clearance, etc do form a part of the overall corporate event. New entrants into corporate events need to build contacts and arrange necessary arrangements at the spur of moment. Many new entrants fail in their projects either due to lack of experience or they might be poorly equipped to deal with situations and in securing permissions.

As you might have clearly understood that corporate event necessarily deals with public, employees and high profile clients who might need additional security and arrangements within short notice. Experience plays a crucial role for successfully completing a corporate event. Creative human resources are very crucial for this business because they need to decorate, mould, prepare stage, sound systems, lighting system, security, estimate personnel for the event, etc. More than creativity they need to take their own judgments within short notice. In this corporate events business more than customer service skills an event manager has to be present on the field and plan accordingly the various events before him. More than the comfort and luxury of air-conditioned he has to bear the cold nights and harsh sun because it deals with humans and dealing with humans is a very tough job. Some celebrities who need to be on the show have to appear on time and it is the job of event manager to make sure that he/she comes to the event.

For instance consider a shareholders meeting of a large fortune 500 company, you need to show necessary project completion reports and a rating to show your professionalism. A certain amount of bank deposit should be shown to the client and this is mandatory in large projects. Security of the meeting will be vested upon the event manager. Margins are good and growth prospects for this industry are estimated to be good for the near term. Due to worst recession faced by the world, in current situation growth has moderated to a certain extent but it still remains bullish. Growth of this industry will pick up as recession ends and there are many companies out there which like to throw away the heat.

Increasingly many companies are offering their employees to join together so that they can vent out their heat and stress. Meditation and Yoga is sponsored by many major companies in developed world. It can be said that event manager should be prepared to host parties, offer charity work on behalf of their clients, religious activities, etc

Another Guide

Just like we party and celebrate various occasions of our lives there are various programs that the corporate world organizes as well. People today like work hard and then enjoy and party hard on the weekends. Apart from just parties there are various other important campaigns, seminars and meetings that need to be held in an organization. Sometimes the annual meet and sometimes the conference, something or the other always keep cropping up. Therefore the corporate events and entertainment business is a very profitable field to choose especially for those who are planning to begin a new one.

There are people in the organization who are allotted and assigned such tasks to plan out the various corporate events for the organization. Now-a-days due to time and manpower crunch, various organizations are now opting for companies in this business on which they give the complete responsibility of entertainment and party planning and arrangements. This helps the organization in concentrating on their daily targets and deadlines since the job is now taken care of by a totally different unit.

In this business you will need to first find out about the types of event the company needs and the kind of entertainment they are looking for. Once you are sure of the type and category you can plan the entire outline. Another important thing to clarify is the budget of the organization and the amount of extended limit that they are ready to shell out on the whole. This will help you in completely planning the program for the corporate organization.

Since this concept of having parties and Even though the types of event and the corporate organization that you are dealing with may keep changing there are few common factors that one needs to keep in mind in this entertainment field of business. These include the most important budget, the purpose, and the kind of people that will be attending the meeting or seminar. The guest list will help you in judging the overall planning of the program. If you are taking in charge of a program which is overnight or stretches over a period you will also need to arrange for parking facility as well. In such cases you should always get a tie up with some type of hotels which can arrange for the rooms and accommodation.

There are so many great ways to find out the different new methods and techniques in the planet of the corporate event and entertainment business. You can pick up and learn new ways of conducting presentations, latest themes, and tools for planning and new software for the entire planning. All this may cost you a little more than the expected initial investment but it will definitely help you in grooming your team and giving the best and unique service. This will also help in keeping an upper hand in the competition in the market.

During such meets and sessions you can also meet other established companies in the corporate event and entertainment business. You can also get collaborated with the established companies to get a good hold on the market. You will have to share the initial profit with them but it will help you in understanding this field and its working techniques well. Once you are over this phase you can start and follow your own techniques and methods to establish yourself in this industry. This tie up will help you in creating a niche for you in the market.

You can also keep yourself updated with the new and latest trends and news of the event planning world. For this you can get into subscription of the newsletters and magazines. These publications can help you in making the maximum profit from the corporate event and entertainment business. Any sort of changes in the patterns or any influential news can affect your planning and occurrence of the program. Even the clients dealing with you will be impressed by your systematic approach and alertness. This will create a good image and rapport with the customers and you will be known in the market for your sincerity.

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