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Alert Communications   Call (800) 664-3489
Company with the help of their highly trained receptionists offering cost-effective solutions for taking telephone enquiries on behalf of customers in different industries like legal, financial, property management, product sales, virtual businesses, web based business, medical and more. Give a look to site for more details.
Online Support   (2972)

AlldayPA   Call 0845 056 1000
Leading business and support service provider in call or telephone ring answering, secretarial and human resource support to blue chip and small to medium sized businesses. Helping clients with a 24-hour web based call handling service, handle by real people and entirely tailor made for each individual business. Take some of your time to go to site for more information and further details.
Isher House, Broadway, Salford Quays, Manchester, M50 2GY, UK   (2973)

CSnotepad Virtual Office and Virtual Receptionist Services   Call 0800 849 3990
UK based company specializing in professional and affordable virtual office solutions, telephone answering and outbound and inbound call handling.
Gemini House, 136-140 Old Shoreham Road, Brighton, BN3 7BD   (6565)

Dispatch Answering Service   Call (610) 965-8388
Well established US based company offering customers with communication solutions by providing with complete telephone answering and messaging dispatching services. Serving different industries including roofing companies, heating services, cleaning companies, Churches, hospitals, paving companies etc. Go to site for more information.
15 North 4th Street, Emmaus, Pa 18049, USA   (2974)

GoResponse   Call 0800 043 0443
Provides a professional telephone answering service for your business ensuring your telephones are always answered by a 'real person' in a friendly and courteous manner 24 hours a day. Whether your need is simple message taking, a virtual receptionist, flexible call handling or a large volume bespoke call centre communication solution the company can help. Give a look to site for more information.
1062 Cornforth Drive, Kent Science Park, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 8PX   (2971)

Kendlebell   Call 0800 083 2223
UK located communication company established in the year 1997 and still providing solutions for quality and uniterrupted personal telephone answering services for local companies. Each client of the company is provided with 3 experienced and professional assistants who make sure your callers or clients receive the right first impressions, dealing courteously and politely with the enquiry. Visit site for more business details.
4 Mansfield Business Park, Lymington Bottom Road, Medstead, Hampshire, GU34 5PZ, UK   (2975)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Telephone Answering Service Business Information And Guide

Today technology has touched a completely new level. In the modern world people have experienced a huge growth in every field of technology. One of the most important fields is the communication section that has witnessed a huge amount of improvement in all aspects. With the introduction of phones, connecting with people was made simpler. It has merged with many inventions that have made life easier. Even though it is a huge boon to the mankind there are many issues that are attached with the phone. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for people to answer the call in between of some very important work. At the same time it is also essential to know who was on line. This problem is solves by the telephone answering services. The business is absolutely a great option to step in.

While beginning this business you will have to realize the requirement of the people first. The segment of the public that will make a potential client for your company is a very important thing to sort. To accomplish this you will need to conduct an efficient survey regarding the needs of the people. There people who are interested in the getting a telephone answering service for their homes while there are those that need something to handle the communication system for their business. Therefore with the help of the survey and its analysis you will be able to chalk out the sections as well the groups that you need to target for your company.

The next step that you need to take is the types of services that you are going to provide the customers. With the help of an efficient market research you will be able to get the idea about the existing communication requirements of the customers. This communication segment has few categories of services such as automated form of the telephone answering, live response to the calls and the ones that are based at home. From these you can select the one that has maximum demand and also develop the other forms as well simultaneously. Apart from this you can also take up the task of handling the mails, setting of appointments as well as copy and fax related task. These added features will help you in getting more business opportunities.

The main function of the telephone answering services business is to more or less do the work of the receptionist. This includes the handling of messages, and scheduling as well. All these needs will vary from one company to the other. Hence you should make it a point to first schedule a meeting with the client and decide on all the tasks that they want you to perform. You should prepare yourself to handle all kinds of communication related work so that you can fulfill the needs of the customers with efficiency. The aim of the customer is to concentrate on their work rather than wasting time in taking the calls in between their work.

You can offer the client with a variety of choices so that they can select the best option that suits their business totally. Customers will also be willing in cutting down the money that they are investing upon this kind of communication system. Therefore you can keep options of telephone answering services that are time based. This can be opted only for work hours for those who don’t get time while working. The other option can be after the work hours where the person doesn’t wish to be disturbed by the phone ringing and at the same time needs to make a note of it. The other option is to get it done for the whole day.

You can also provide software to those customers that are interested getting there calls recorded as well while they are being answered and taken care of. Such kind of automated option of communication is also a popular choice amongst many business groups. As a matter of fact you can also provide the option to the customers to choose the software as per their requirement and give it for free along with the telephone answering services that you are selling them. This is a very wise method to not only gain popularity in the market but also to handle the competition in the starting phase of the business.

There are certain companies that wish to pretend that they have some employee that is responsible for answering and handling all the important telephone calls during the entire day and then give the feed back accordingly. This kind of service of providing a receptionist that works not from the main site but yet fulfills the communication requirements of the client is the best option for such companies. You will also need to work on the different languages that you can offer and the number of calls your telephone answering service will provide. This will keep clarity between you and the clients to enhance the stability of the business.

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