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Commsolv Corporation  Call 1 888 755 2536
Company offering telecom management software to manage your communications assets saving money on expending on labor-intensive manual telecom order and inventory processes. Free demo.
190 Attwell Drive, Suite 300, Toronto Ontario, M9W 6H8, Canada   (1806)

Mapcom Systems  Call 804-743-1860
Provider of company telecom management software bringing both time and cost savings to the entire telecommunications organization.
7345 Whitepine Road, Richmond, VA 23237   (1817)

MTS  Call +972 (0) 9 762-1777
Offers billing solutions, telecom expense management software, VoIP billing system and software as well as mobile billing. Take a look at the site for further details about products.
22 Zarhin Street, Ra'anana 43662, Israel   (1816)

Telesoft Corporation  Call 602-308-2100
Offering telecommunication expense management software to Fortune 1000, government, and large private enterprises having features which helps in invoice processing, call accounting, asset management, recovery audit, wireless management, call accounting manager and more.
3443 N Central Ave, Suite 1800, Phoenix, AZ 85012, USA   (1814)

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Almost every organization or business is looking for solutions that can help them to reduce the expenses and complexity that is involved in handling the telecommunication area. They want a program which can help them to cut down their annual budget related to the usage of telecom devices. These costs are one of those costs that many leading organizations are concerned about. The telecom management system is one such software solution which is a real time cost reduction tool. The costs it saves for the company can then be considered as its profit.

The ever changing business environment needs a very efficient management software system to manage the telecom expenses. What the companies look for is a package or a solution that is robust as well as it has an ability to integrate well with any other internal software that the company might be using. They are interested in reducing telecommunication expenses and the TEM or the telecom expense management system can be of great help. Many companies find it difficult to have control over these expenses and their managing them is even more complex for them. They need software that could keep track of all the activities of their wireless or wired phones.

One of the reasons why many companies are attracted to the Telecom expense management software is the automation technique it offers. It helps to track every single call usage throughout the telecommunication units. It can interconnect voice and data units. It can provide analytical reports which can be annual, monthly or even daily. These reports can be helpful to the company or the business to take many important decisions. This program can make the work of the staff simpler giving them more free time for doing other important tasks. Due to TEM software the employees do not need to handle the paper billing and their job becomes easier serving to increase the profit margins of the company.

The number of people searching for the telecom expense management software is increasing. One can find number of solution providers selling this software to the business owners. You can find programs that can suit the needs of every company small or large. The telecom usage of the company grows with the size of the company. These companies need automated software to keep track of the landlines and cell phone usage by their employees. Many employees leave job and the company has to hire new employees. In such case the company needs a program that can easily deal with the changes in cell phones and landline usage. They also prefer programs that can handle their usage along with billing and inventory. In some case clients needs the tailored software to meet their specific needs. TEM programs are gaining popularity in the business world as many companies using automated TEM software report about 25% annual savings.

There are many software developers who are in business in this particular area of developing solutions for the telecom management. The clients know that they have many options in the online market for purchasing the product depending on their individual requirements. Sometimes your client may be a large company and they need to upgrade their telecom network from time to time with the advanced technology devices in the market. Your software must also take these things into consideration. If you are able to understand what the client might need in future you can be ready with solution before your competitors bring that in market.

There are many features that the client would consider while making his decision to purchase your software for telecom management for their business. He would like to know if your program is capable of tracking the collective or individual usage of all the telecommunication units they are using and if it is efficient in catching errors. They want the software that would make the work for their accounting staff simpler and less time consuming. They want the software that brings them profit by saving their money.

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