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Brighton Business Support Services  Call 01273 726834
Provide services for businesses of an experienced secretary and personal assistant. Visit the site for more information.
St Aubyns Mansions, Kings Esplanade, Hove, East Sussex,BN3 2WQ   (5231)

Eclipse Interpreting Services  Call +44 (0) 1665 511000
Eclipse offers a wide variety of translation and interpreting services covering almost every business sector and specialism.
European Translation Centre, Birch Close, Lionheart Enterprise Park, Alnwick, Northumberland NE66 2EP, UK   (6963)

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The modernized world of science and technology has almost a given a new look and meaning to ever business and aspect that we can think of. In the earlier times the secretary of the office had a lot of difficult and important job to support. They had a fixed and a must field of qualification in typing since their major work revolved around the same along with answering the calls on phone. Today things have taken a new shape altogether. The secretary does the same kind of service yet uses a variety of new devices and equipments. Now-a-days the same kind of work is done with the help of dictations and recorders. The data that is given is transferred into the computer and even the process of answering the calls has become very different since the device itself has gone through such complex changes. This kind of work that is done by secretaries used to be provided as the services to various organizations even earlier. The only difference is that that it is now referred to as the business support field. This has resulted due to the endless availability of technological options in the market today.

Even now, there are many people who recognize these services as the ones which deal with the secretarial work. Due to the transition it is now not correct to call it by the previous name. Therefore those who are willing to venture into this field must keep it in mind. Although the basic activities like transcription and typing remain common and still a part of the industry, people generally don’t expect the business support services to include stuff like designing of the spreadsheet, publishing of the desktop, and various work related to the internet.

The name, business support services, provides a better outlook and framework of the type of work and options that the industry now deals with. It also has many sub segments like the administrative as well as the ones for supporting the office. This kind of phrase used for the industry ahs brought more flexibility to the facilities that it can deal with in future. It also helps in broadening the scope of the industry and employees and adds a tag of respect to the occupation.

Those who are stepping into this field of business support field will realize that it is very difficult to judge the size of the target market. A major reason behind this is the mixing of various other kinds of services with this particular field by various organizations. Along with this there is a continuous process of evolution in this field with the rapid advancement in the technology. Earlier only a basic typewriter was sufficient to enter this field. Therefore you will need to conduct a good research and analysis on the major market and demands that holds important in this field especially the basic ones.

You need to understand that the field of administrative and clerical work has evolved tremendously in the past few decades. As the business demands have grown, so have the technological segment. There are various types of laptops, connections, communications devices that have made the working process very advance. As a matter of fact, with this trend there are chances that it will still witness a huge leap technologically in the coming years. The people handling this job also need a much stronger qualification, knowledge and educational standard to be able to handle such equipments. Therefore the team that you prepare for your business support service must have not only latest devices but also highly skilled people working on them. Only then you will be able to create a position for yourself in this industry.

You will need to go through the various changes and variations that the general enterprise related pattern has gone through in the last so many years. One such very popular field is the business outsourcing. In this case, another company is retained to carry out the functions and services which originally would have been carried on by the employees of the company. As a matter of fact, this trend is gaining so much popularity that; even the smaller companies are choosing this option in order to remain profitable and to get support for their work.

To get on road and get good profit from your business support services, you can offer a variety of options. These include answering of telephone, dictation over the phone, word processing, designing of spreadsheet, forwarding and receiving of mails, billing, check preparation and bookkeeping, and much more related stuff. When you are confused with the various option just let the client decide what exactly the need from you. As and when you keep coming across the new fields you can keep adding it in your list to eventually grow in this sector.

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