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Dale Carnegie Training  Call 212.836.0741
Performance-based training company having offices worldwide providing leadership and sales training to companies of all sizes in all business segments to increase knowledge and performance.
780 Third Ave, New York, NY 10017
http://www.dalecarnegie.com/   (1105)

Leadership Development  Call + 44 (0)15394 88333
Impact International is a leading organisational development and management training company, offering service ranging from leadership development to graduate training.
Impact International, Cragwood House, Windermere, Cumbria, LA23 1LQ, UK
http://www.impactinternational.com/leadership-development   (6904)

Management Training from Corporate Coach Group  Call 01452 856091
Corporate Coach Group provide Management Training and Development Courses and Leadership Training at venues throughout the UK.

Walcot House Parton Road Churchdown Gloucestershire GL3 2JJ
http://www.corporatecoachgroup.co.uk   (4320)

Management Training UK  Call 0800 849 6732
Offer management training courses and development programmes throughout the UK and overseas. Visit the site for more details.
5 Orchard Court, Binley Business Park, Coventry, Warwickshire CV3 2TQ, UK
http://www.management-training-development.com   (7133)

Manager Training  Call 0800 849 6732
Management and leadership training courses and programmes. Ongoing programmes or short courses available from MTD.
Binley Business Park in the Midlands
http://www.m-t-d.co.uk   (7132)

Mind Tools Ltd.  Call +44 20 7788 7978
Offer Online management and leadership training. Instantly available and exceptionally scalable. Visit the site for more information and details.
2nd Floor, 145-157 St John Street, London, EC1V 4PY, UK
http://www.mindtools.com/   (4419)

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It may be any team, but without any good leadership success is not likely. If the team is not successful the most obvious reason for that is lack of leadership. Any team or a group of people have a need of a strong and a capable leader. Whether it is any kind of job or assignment, as long as some people are working together to achieve a common goal, one leader is important to coordinate them and to use their energies to get useful output.

To start off with the leadership training business it is really important to learn the qualities of a leader yourself. In order to train somebody to be a leader you must take an insight of yourself to see if you believe that you are a leader or not. It is very important to believe in yourself to make people believe in themselves. Also if you are starting with a staff you must make sure that each and every one of them thinks and believes that he / she is a leader in himself / herself. If you have any doubts about yourself or your staff members make sure you go through a training program yourself first. A little polishing may make you confident enough to go forward with your leadership or corporate training business.

While starting off you can contact companies for teaching leadership skills to their employee. Each and every organization these days requires their employees to have leadership quality. If you have presented yourself well you might end up getting leadership training assignment at an organization. You can also try getting such training assignment at school, colleges and other educational institutions. Many of the educational institutions these days focus specially on providing leadership training to the students to make them the leader of tomorrow. If you can grab hold of such corporate training requirements you can make your business working. Another way in which you can go about is by starting off your own leadership training institution, where you can provide courses to the students interested. For this you have to advertise your leadership training business really well. In order to lieu students to your institution you can advertise in various forms of media available. Also making use of internet is one of the best possible options. You can start your own site listing the courses you are offering and about other frequently asked questions about leadership and leadership training. Do highlight what students will get after attending your courses. Also advertising about your corporate business to various educational related websites is a good idea as this will attract students in large numbers.

Regarding how to go about the training you can make fixed lectures where in you can organize what topic to go about. These lectures should be motivating and thorough in content. Also since leadership training is a very practical subject the course content should be made in way to interest students and after every lecture or session the students should feel that they got something valuable from that particular session. To make the course more interesting you can go for motivational speeches for your students. You can also hire somebody famous and experienced to come and give speeches to your students. People often get motivated by listen to the real stories of somebody’s success and leadership qualities. Apart from that various physical and mental activities can prove to be very useful for the students in getting the leadership skills and hence giving a boost to your leadership training business. Games and team related activities make them polished to work together in teams and also to lead a team. Also encouraging them to take part in creative activities take out the hesitation in students and make them more open and creative, which is another skill that leader should have. This entire if kept in mind and organized efficiently, will lead to a successful leadership training business.

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