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Business Growth Strategy by Impact Executives  Call +44 (0) 20 7314 2011
Whether it is a Business growth strategy or a Downsizing process - an individual form outside the business is often better equipped.
13 Bruton Street, London, W1J 6QA, United Kingdom   (7023)

Centa Business Services  Call 020 7278 5757
Company providing a range of funded and commercial services aimed at new entrepreneurs and established firms including business help like boosting existing business, working with new business, business registration, support for women enterpreneur and more.
Centa House, 61 Birkenhead Street, London, WC1H 8BB   (1114)

Ferrara Business Services  Call (203) 730-0008
Ferrara Business is online accounting and bookkeeping services specializes in outsource accounting, individual or business accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, payroll services, experts in Licensing with Department of Banking various licensing requirements, business setup for proprietor and partnership and more.
93 West Street, Suite 8, Danbury, CT 06708   (1675)

Newtek Business Services, Inc.  Call 212-356-9500
Company fully engaged in providing complete tools for the growth of the business including finance products like insurance, electronic payment processing, business lending, data backup and security, company web design and development, payroll services, merchant cash advance, working capital to help your business meet its every day needs and much more.
1440 Broadway, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10018   (1678)

Peninsula Business Services Ltd.  Call 0800 328 9348
Offer professional, reliable and readily available business services including personnel, employment law, tax and health and safety services for UK and Ireland based companies. Visit site for video presentation of services.
Riverside New Bailey Street, Manchester M3 5PB   (1674)

Processusa : Accept Credit Cards For Your Business  Call 1-877-623-7787
Offer cost effective processing services to new businesses for accepting credit cards and electronic payments. Also offer other types of services.
1360 Clifton Ave.,Suite 193, Clifton, NJ 07012, USA   (4946)

Reynen Business Services Ltd.  Call 1-888-258-4TAX / 1-888-258-4829
Company specializing in accounting solutions like bookkeeping, T-2, T-1, business consulting and planning services, business software training and currently serve several hundred clients in the Campbell River area.
106-250 Dogwood Street, Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 2X9, Canada   (1677)

TechNexxus, LLC  Call (301) 365. 6869
The company providing business services including business process and technology outsourcing, legal services, supply chain management, business process engineering, technology design and planning, procurement and contract management services, communication solutions and more for all business needs.
14 Sandalfoot, Potomac, MD 20854, USA   (1394)

UK Trade & Investment  Call +44 (0)20 7215 8000
Get advice and support with setting up your business in Europe and expanding it globally. Helping hundreds of firms, from hi-tech start-ups to global industry leaders, discover global growth from a UK base.
Kingsgate House, 66-74 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6SW, United Kingdom   (2172)

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Top 5 Business Services To Spawn Top Businesses

Wow! It’s awesome how people can manage their expanded business ventures. Perhaps they have hired people offering business services that are taking them to top rankings. Could you become one to offer those services? What sort of business services are exactly in demand to start off with? Well, we would say that success lies in just five vital categories mentioned below. The need for business services arose from top businesses that required specialized services related to their fields hence almost every industry has put forth its foot to join the rabbit race.

Business management

Business management is perhaps one of the most common business service hired by entrepreneurs. This kind of service takes care of the legal matters, financials, accounting, taxations, corporate training and other similar matters. One needs to be qualified in management and accounting arena to offer such adept business services. There are several subdivisions under business management services like performance management, corporate training and consulting, each of these services work as individual services offering units.

BPO and Communication solution services

BPO (business process outsourcing) services are amongst the most efficient measures used by companies to tackle with costs and weighing down their work pressures. Along with BPO services, communication solutions is another business assistance that sells like hot cakes today as it takes care of phone services, telecom management, call center services and voice broadcasting for the employing businesses.

Information technology services

Information technology services offers wide spread scale of services related to business software’s, IT asset technology, mainframes, system management and information management. IT services is very vast category of business services and offering services in its subcategories is assisting businesses in a big way.

Advisory and customer services

This is general category where services are offered for small entrepreneur like jobs, legal consultation, training etc so they can run their businesses more efficiently. Where as in customer service business one has to facilitate employee training to make them customer friendly and gain their satisfaction.

Employment agencies and human resources services

There are businesses that require several employees recruited locally and perhaps nationally as per their criteria. Such companies assist them in employing domestic help and has wide online network also to make employees available from all over. This could include recruiting even professionals if required by businesses. Human resources services are somewhat similar in nature as they offer security to companies by tracking employee’s background, work place conflicts, performance level and so.

Apart from these top business services you can also indulge in information security, legal assistance, writing and editing field, printing assistance and event management of large corporate. You can indulge in one specialized category of business services and offer extraordinary services to grow their businesses. This business is perhaps most in demand ever since large corporate have entered commercial industry, the efforts of success are more like a team work rather than stories of individual success and sole ventures. The essential target behind all these business services are constructing worthiness in business, assist them in making best use of their group, take away convolution in modern business and cohorts with them to progress their business ahead.

Another Guide By Mohit

Today most of our businesses are related to providing services, be it printing services, legal services, IT services, business management services or hospitality business the services industry is at the forefront of all business we do. What do you do when you want room service in the hotel room you have occupied when on a vacation; you call room service and ask for laundry services. Similarly when you want a legal document for a tenancy agreement you will consult your legal advisor and ask for legal services. The business services business is one of the fastest growing business in the world, while some business services businesses are well establish other businesses still are growing and thus offering tremendous business opportunities. Either way all business services businesses offer various platforms do enter different business that can be become viable and profitable if pursued properly. To find success in any business it’s highly important to understand how the business can be done and the different business options available.

Amongst the first business models in the business services businesses is that of offering writing and editing services. Small and large companies need a lot of documentation work done and some of this work cannot be always completed in house, therefore they need to outsource work that is of less important and by outsourcing they are hoping the work will be done much faster and delivered to them in time. If you think you are able to provide such services to clients at competitive hourly or per page of work done prices then this one business where business is only going to grow. If you are wondering what you need for this business then the most important thing is a good English workforce. High quality English editing and proof reading skills are required to provide such services so if your business is based in a non native English speaking then you need to take extra care that perfect English writing and editing services are provided or else you could soon find yourself out of business.

Another of the business services business is that of printing services. All kinds of businesses require one or the other kind of printing services for their business, some need printing services for business card printing while others need brochures printed for their products and other uses. If you are thinking what is needed to start a printing services business then you will need all kinds of material and printing equipment. You will need printing paper, thick paper for printing brochures and also printers and other printing equipment. Having printing material and equipment is not enough you will also have find business for your printing services business. You will need to advertise about the services you can offer business with you printing services business. Also visit offices and ask them if they require any printing services like business card printing also do leave a printing services rate card so that in case a business would like to compare how competitive your services are then they can use your rate card as reference.

Home cleaning services business is another of the business services business that is widely applied business forms. In homes there are needs for professional cleaning services like fumigation, pest control, floor cleaning amongst other cleaning services that are needed. For a home cleaning services business you will need all kinds of home cleaning equipment and cleaning material. Also a home cleaning services business needs to have approval from the local health department also you will have to see that any of the home cleaning material that you use as part of your home cleaning is not harmful. Home cleaning services business is a highly competitive business with stiff competition so you’ll have to find ways to advertise your business in a way that it reaches your target market and people would like to use your services. One idea can be to highlight the good that can be derived home cleaning services so people who think they need home cleaning services will approach you for home cleaning services. The other thing is offering eco friendly home cleaning services so people know that the material used during the home cleaning is not going to adversely affect the environment.

Other of the business services business is that of business coaching services, often people falter in their business endeavor and really cannot understand where they went wrong. Also before starting a new business it makes a lot of sense that you receive business coaching from an expert who can impart knowledge and knowhow on how business plans should be charted and executed. Business coaching is service that can be offered by only those people who have vast experience and knowledge in the field of business and are then willing to offer the same to those people who need such services. You can charge a fee for your service while also offering business coaching as well as mentoring.

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