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Lifetime Pools  Call (650) 494-0508
Lifetime Pools is a swimming pool and spa construction company located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Let Lifetime Pools show you how our professionalism and experience as pool builders can truly give you a lifetime of pleasure.
910 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto, CA 94303, USA
http://www.lifetimepools.com/   (4029)

Swan Pools  Call (408) 866-6893
Swan Pools, a California pool contractor with over 50 years of experience, offers award winning, outdoor environments, custom swimming pool designs and quality construction. Visit the site for more business information.
1495 S. Winchester Blvd., San Jose, CA 95128, USA
http://www.swanpools.com/   (4028)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Swimming Pool Construction Business

Swimming can be considered as a sport or a recreational activity that is done in water. It is nothing but an aquatic locomotion. Swimming can be considered as a competitive sport activity or as an entertaining activity which is done by people in their leisure time. Swimming is also a good exercise. It can burn all the extra calories in our body. So people see swimming as a way to keep their body fit. The specialty of swimming is there is no restriction in the age of people. It can be learnt even by a two year old child or an aged person. In recent days, most of the places like hotels, resorts, apartments and commercial complexes are building swimming pools. It can be benefit for people who are interested in doing swimming pool construction business. To say, swimming pool construction can be considered as an ever flourishing business.

Before starting up this business you should be aware enough in knowing the things which are needed for the construction of the swimming pool. You should be intelligent and should be informative about the different ways of construction of swimming pools. As beginner it may be difficult for you to get contracts because people prefer only experienced business person. But you should strive hard to get more contracts in order to become more experienced in this business. The quality is also an important strategy to be considered. Your work should have quality and no matter if it costs a little higher.

There are many things to be considered before getting into construction. Those may include fun stuffs like the shape of the pool and the different styles. But the serious and most important issues are on the zoning law which includes the consideration of building, health, safety codes and local permits. These are the foremost in construction of swimming pools. Make sure that you construct swimming pools which are health in all ways. You should be conscious about the safety codes and take proper care in implementing it. And getting permission from local body authorities is an important issue. So make proper plans and arrangements for all these formalities well before. Other issues which are to be considered are like energy regulations and drought conditions.

You should analyze about the various things which are to be taken into consideration for this swimming pool construction business. Having wise thoughts can help you better in promoting your business in a great way. There are chances for some common mistakes which can be easily committed during the construction. You should be careful enough in not doing such mistakes. A few common mistakes are mentioned here. The price of the construction is important. You should not make cost as a big matter. As far as swimming pool construction is considered you will usually get what you pay for. The next mistake which most people do is business through phone. It is not at all a good practice. You should always deal with customers in person. Another mistake is giving focusing on aesthetics and not on mechanicals of the construction. Next can be safety. Lay proper safety measures in the construction like fences and barriers. Most contractors fail to do this. You should be keen in these entire mistakes and should not repeat.

You should have idea about the other things which are usually followed in the construction business. Those common things are mentioned here. They are like, getting the permits and do the surveying, planning and layout for a typical pool, including how to read a soils report. You should also get the necessary drainage requirements for the system. The mechanical systems such as pumps, heaters, filters, skimmers, and solar systems should also be implied properly. The underground piping should be covered properly such that it is not damaged easily. It includes drain, supply, and gas; and electrical work, including grounding and supply to breaker, pump, underwater lighting, and heater. As a top pool construction businessman you should sit down with your customer and discuss what they are looking for. The mechanical systems such as pumps, heaters, pool filters, skimmers, and solar systems should also be implied properly. There should not be anything like you cannot do for them. Try to promote your business as far as possible in taking all the steps discussed.

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