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Plumbing is required for apartments, houses and other commercial halls. Plumbing plays a vital role because it helps in drainage of waste and also in supplying water throughout the apartment. Plumbing is a specialized trade and often manufacturers and builders contract the work to plumbing companies.

Plumbers are responsible for supply of drinking water and drainage of waste throughout the apartment, commercial complexes, etc. They connect the plumbing pipes with the main source of drinking water and they provide exit to drainage into public sewerage. Plumbing is a specialised skill in developed world and often requires professional certificates to perform the work. Often plumbers get to work on an entire apartment or commercial complexes.

Plumbers have good demand in developed countries. Due to stringent requirements in developed world such as providing clean water, proper collection and transport of drainage, plumbing according to design, etc construction houses employ professional plumbers. In developed world demand for plumbing hardware is growing at steady pace as they are required frequently during building and construction of homes and offices. Plumbers are also responsible for distribution of portable water and removal of water borne wastes with the help of fixtures and pipes. Plumbing uses considerable amount of hardware because of the relative toughness of the job and also it needs various joints and fixtures which needs to be done during construction.

There are shops which only store plumbing hardware and cater to builders, construction houses and to plumbing professionals at discounted price. Construction houses and plumbers have specific deals and agreement which give the plumber his required hardware at discount. Departmental stores such as Wal-Mart store various products of plumber hardware and it can store different varieties and brands of the same product. These stores buy huge quantities of the stock which give these stores flexibility and opportunity to obtain these building products at discount.

Plumbing is a specialized skill and it requires people with tradesman certificate to be eligible for working. Many builders and manufacturing houses often employ plumbers for a contracted period of time. Plumbing hardware business has good growth opportunities. Labour restrictions in developed countries have contributed to the demand for skilled plumbers. Plumbers in developed countries use high quality material so that the joints, rivets and other parts remain intact. Quality and trust needs to be gained.

In developing countries due to high growth and volume in constructing activity many plumbing hardware business are experiencing good sales. Growth in the developing countries and Middle East is giving bottom line profits for these companies. Price for plumbing hardware is different and varies significantly in developing countries. Availability of cheap labour and ease of manufacturing due to lower restrictions has increased the export market. Countries such as China, India, etc are witnessing good business opportunity due to increase in exports.

There are various hardware building products which are used by plumbers such as fittings ,straight piping or tubing sections, fluid control meters and valves, Fittings of non common types require various different types of plumbing hardware`s which are expensive and need constant replacement. Material used in plumbing is generally of copper, steel and polyvinyl chloride. Brass bodied fittings are common in copper piping and plumbing system. Often materials which can withstand huge pressures and various different temperatures are selected. Sourcing of plumbing hardware materials is usually done from manufacturers who have appropriate quality certifications. Manufacturers do generally obtain quality certificate from the licensing authorities and they also make sure that the quality certification numbers are displayed on their product.

Manufacturers have used technology in manufacturing plumbing hardware products. It is a labour intensive industry requiring various verticals and horizontals. There are various different levels of this business. Manufacturers have marketing personnel who put up a warehouse and store different products in it for export and domestic market distribution. After marketing comes distribution. Distribution is done by a separate provider or by the marketing people itself. Distribution needs considerable storage space and people so that the items can be shipped to their destination with ease.

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