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Cabinet Hardware :   Call (800) 308-7710
Simplyknobsandpulls is USA based online store offering best quality cabinet hardware including products like novelty hardware, oval knobs, cup pulls, cabinet door pulls and much more.
2503 N. Elk Cove Way, Meridian, ID 83646, USA   (6702)

Selby Furniture Hardware Co. Inc.   Call (718) 993-3700
Leading provider of furniture hardware including lighting fixtures, casters and glides, hinges, drawer slides, locks and accessories, table hardware, sleep systems and more. Visit the site for complete information about these building products.
321 Rider Avenue Bronx, New York 10451   (3885)

Whitechapel Ltd   Call 800-468-5534
Distributor of antique cabinet and furniture hardware with finest quality for your home, cabinetwork and furniture and thousands of uniquely beautiful alternatives from Europe and the US. Visit the site for more information.
PO Box 11719, Jackson, WY, 83002, USA   (3884)

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Furniture is used to store and hold objects, support human body, etc. Furniture is a common piece of equipment used by common man for variety of his daily needs. Furniture is mostly used to store certain items and also to support human body. Some of the most common furniture items which we use daily are dining table, chairs, bed, etc. Furniture is used for domestic application and also for commercial purposes. They are also used for decorative purposes. In Asia prayer rooms contain furniture to stock certain items.

Furniture hardware business has lower amount of risk and huge potential for growth. Population has seen a steady growth and the need for furniture also increased accordingly. Furniture business has good growth potential in developed world and enjoys healthy profits due to lower number of certified and qualified people in the building products industry. This industry is poised to grow at a steady rate because of after sales service and demand for new types of furniture from commercial and residential manufacturers. Few countries in Asia still use age old furniture which needs to be replaced by modern ones. Modern furniture offers flexibility and good design standards which increase the scope of the business.

Furniture hardware business is dependent on construction industry and overall economy. Growing number of middle class population in Asia gives a significant growth edge to furniture hardware business worldwide. This business is dependent partially on manufacturing industry but there are significant growth opportunities worldwide in the building and construction industry. Italy is known for its furniture to high profile clients. Italy is also a leading manufacturer of high quality hardware.

Different types of furniture hardware are Sliding door gear, rubber stoppers, door handles, latches, door hinges, brass hinges, shuttering plywood, centre and fold sliding doors, etc. There are different types of furniture hardware products for kitchens round spacer, furniture fittings, kitchen leveller leg, modular kitchen components, L bracket, corner bracket, wheel chair spare parts, stretcher brackets, tilting mechanism, furniture fittings, hospital bed parts, hand forged iron escutcheons, decorative drawer pull, magnum furniture hardware, table adjusters, etc. which are used as building products during construction of homes.

Furniture hardware can be profitable if you can manufacture the items by employing low amount of labour. Automation has crept into furniture hardware business and it is possible to manufacture hundreds of hardware equipment within shortest possible time. This has allowed developed world manufacturers to compete with global building products markets. This industry is export driven industry. Exporters need to follow strict quality standards to pass customs and quality standards. Often exporters need to have quality certification before exporting goods. Third world countries are the leading exporter of furniture hardware to developed markets. It is good to consult your lawyer and customs broker for appropriate advice on exports and imports of your country.

This industry is directly dependent on furniture industry which is in turn dependent on construction sector. Manufacturers often buy furniture hardware in bulk. Cabinet makers often have reliable and discounted supplier who supplies them regularly. Furniture hardware suppliers often engage in agreements and trade agreement with the manufacturers and cabinet makers. This type of agreements give cabinet makers continuous supply of the required products at a discounted rate and these types of agreement boost the bottom line for furniture hardware building products business.

Different types of furniture are storage, seating, surfaces, sets, sleeping, etc. All these different types of furniture require furniture hardware to make it a finished product. Any kind of service trouble with the furniture requires furniture hardware for fixing it. Replacement of furniture is a costly procedure thus fixing the furniture for further use can be done with hardware.

Finance for furniture hardware business depends upon the marketing strategy. Many banks and finance houses require marketing strategy for further processing. Often tie ups with major retail department’s gives considerable advantage regarding reach and tie ups. There are specialized shops and departmental stores which store furniture hardware in particular. Furniture hardware business is a labour intensive industry and requires working capital requirements for smooth flow of business. Often employees need to get certified to qualify working as furniture hardware professional. This is a pre requisite in developed worlds.

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