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Architectural Ironmongery   Call 01902 600 400
UK's leading specifiers and suppliers of architectural ironmongery or so called door hardware solutions to the construction industry in the UK.
Strawberry Lane, Willenhall, West Midlands W13 3RS.   (5035)

Direct Door Hardware LLC   Call 877-852-9449
Offer great line of door hardware, and miscellaneous home hardware products including pocket door hardware, kickplates, door hinges, bathroom accessories, handle sets, house numbers and house letters in a variety of finishes. Offer all building products direct from manufacturer. Visit the site for complete information.
881 West 700 North, Suite 103, Logan, UT. 84321   (3678)

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Doors are essential piece of furniture in apartments and houses. Doors protect the privacy and offer security to the enclosed area behind it. Doors are used since ages in buildings and construction houses. The basic concept has remained the same but model and design has changed since then. Modern door hardware has changed the way a door functions in a building. A door with proper hardware can protect the privacy of the person behind it. Proper hardware can give maximum security to the person who is using it.

A door without proper hardware would be a carved log without any use. Proper hardware is very important to keep out burglars. Burglars can easily open up a door which has poor hardware on it. Door hardware improves the beauty of the door. Tiny bit of additions can improve the overall look and feeling of the door. Colour, metal and feel improve the overall feeling of the door hardware. Construction companies give out a tender for supply of door hardware for longer time. Construction houses often look for quality certifications before ordering the door for their buildings. Door hardware is made available in different metals, colour, quality, etc. Quality of the door hardware varies significantly with cost. The quality of door hardware installed in a middle class company will not be the same as the quality of door hardware installed in a celebrity house. Price varies significantly according to the quality of the finished product and the metal used in preparation. Many of these door hardware`s are prepared either from iron, steel, copper, alloys, etc for buildings.

Significant decrease in the raw material cost has improved the business prospects for manufacturers. Input costs have decreased considerably which has made the business profitable. Manufacturers often buy material in bulk so that they can obtain discount from suppliers. Door hardware businesses stock other hardware related to construction industry. Door hardware businesses stock hardware related to windows, curtain, cabinet, furniture, plumbing, etc. These are called speciality shops because they store hardware specifically related to the construction industry. Large retail stores stock their shelves with door hardware. They stock these products with other retail products on their shelves. Discounts and offers are offered by speciality stores because of their relative ease and approach to customers specific to the industry. Departmental stores often stock material in bulk and this provides the opportunity to offer discounts and reduced prices.

Warehouses also stock products relative to door hardware. Some of these warehouses are known to offer huge discounts and much cheaper prices than the market value.

There exists significant difference of costs in developed and developing markets. Patent technology and cheap finance has improved the business prospects for developed markets but they still face tough competition from imports. Imports from developing countries have made steady inroads into developed markets which are giving touch competition. Developing countries can improve their business prospects by increasing technology and maintaining quality of the product.

Door hardware needs to be firm and it should be able to withstand pressure and various temperatures. Intruders should find the door hardware tough to crack. Many businesses understand the importance of door hardware and they often select materials with high tensile strength and toughness.

There are different types of door hardware such as hinges, handles, door stops, etc. Door stops are available in different materials. Plastic, touch paper, wood, etc are used in the construction of door stops. Handles and hinges are often made of brass, steel, iron, etc. Quality of material used and craftsman ship often decides the price of door hardware.

Banks, financial institutions and venture capitalists may provide loans to door hardware products business. There are various verticals such as marketing, distribution, retail, storage, etc. Finance can be made available if a manufacturer and retailer can prove trade deals with large retailers, ware houses, departmental stores, and etc. Government support is also provided for businesses which have good potential for growth either in domestic market or international market.

Retail stores, departmental stores, ware houses and speciality stores stock construction hardware. Brand popularity is very important because no individual or businesses alike would like to use a product which does not have good efficient technology. Inter locking technology is very useful in keeping the locks safe and secured. Hardware which can improve the appearance and feel of the door has higher demand from customers.

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