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Looking to enhance the beauty of your home? Need quality curtain hardware? Looking for free shipping? Looking to turn your ordinary curtains to extraordinary? Need products like custom hardware and drapery accessories for all of your curtain and drapery needs? Then this company can help. Visit the site for complete details.
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Curtain hardware business is profitable and labour intensive business. A curtain is known in United States of America as drape and in U.K it is known as drapery. Curtain is a piece of cloth which is used to block or obscure light. Curtains are also used for maintaining privacy such as obstructing others from viewing private areas and also to stop the light from escaping out of the house. Curtains are popular in both developing and developed world. They are seen as fashion statement. They are extensively used by buildings in developing world and in developed world.

There are various different types of curtains and they are classified according to maintenance (clean ability), ultra violet deterioration, noise absorption, fire resistance, life, appearance, oil and dust retention, etc. There are many more different types of curtains which are classified according to the usage and needs of the user. Religious buildings or places of worship in certain countries have curtains to maintain privacy.

Curtain come in different sizes, shapes, materials, colours, fabric, patterns, etc. There are specialized shops which are exclusively dedicated to selling curtains and there are other shops which stock curtains at a specified point in their shop. It is very important to understand that marketing strategies for different products vary according to the business. Manufacturing houses and buildings may order curtains of different sizes. Interior designers are known to order curtains (Curtains hardware) for their clientÂ’s buildings. Custom made curtains are also available in many shops and departmental houses and those are manufactured according to the user requirements. They tend to be costlier than the normal curtains. Custom made curtains are generally ordered by hotels, government residential buildings, public transport buildings, royal buildings, etc.

Leading manufacturers of curtains are India, China, Middle East, etc. Curtains in China differ from curtains in India because of traditional and cultural difference. Also difference in building construction also affects the requirement for curtains hardware products. In the same way people in western world have their own preferences regarding curtains. Curtains should be made according to the market requirements so that sales remain steady. Market for curtains varies according to the culture and wants. People in China may require curtains which depict their long hold traditional and cultural beliefs but people in western world may require curtains which show dynamism (in colour), elegance, etc.

Length of the curtain varies according to the specifications from construction houses. Often curtains in public transport require different sizes of curtains. Curtains for household purposes differ according to the size of the windows and doors. People in developing world tend to use curtains rather than blinds. Curtains vary according to the window size, weight and type of the curtain. Curtains are cheap and cost effective compared to blinds and other costly installations. In countries such as Spain where the climate tends to be warm wooden shutters are used to keep away the harsh sun rays and also to have adequate privacy.

Curtain installers may also put up appropriate lighting in such a way that the curtain looks attractive even at night. Interior designers give significant importance to curtains to increase the aesthetic feeling inside the house. Construction houses involved in interior design often order curtains.

There are three different varieties of curtains a Sheer curtain, uncoated fabric and coated fabric. Sheer curtain is made from a cotton lace. Uncoated fabrics are made primarily for heat insulation and light absorption. Coated fabrics have additional rubber protection which improves light absorption. Often margins hover from 5% to 35% it all depends upon the marketing and consumer base. Import and export opportunity is huge for this business. Countries such as India, China, Sri Lanka, etc have established manufacturing facilities. These manufacturing facilities cater to the needs of developed world and also to local products market. There are designer houses in Italy and France which caters to high end market. These products are rich in design and fabric. Many international players have their presence in this industry. Prospects for growth in construction industry are huge. This industry has tie ups with interior designers and fashion houses. Specifications from construction houses are sent to curtain hardware business. Exhibition or market places are ideal spots to know more information regarding this specialized market. Prices often vary for developed world and developing world. Products may be subjected to customs and other licenses. Contact you lawyer and customs broker before considering exporting or importing curtain hardware.

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