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Austin Roofing Contractors   Call 512-219-7663
Austin roofing company, American Pride roofing is a BBB member. Our contractors service the Austin, Texas region. We provide both residential and commercial roofing solutions. To speak with a contractor please call us or visit our website.
500 South Congress Suite 227 Austin, Texas 78704, USA   (7305)

Brother Roofing Supplies Company Inc.   Call 718-779-0280
Leading distributor and major supplier of sheet metal, waterproofing, siding and roofing materials from top manufacturers to the New York City. offer major brands of commercial, residential roofing materials, as well commercial building materials with 35 years of quality, experience, and service at competitive prices.
105-14 Astoria Boulevard, E. Elmhurst, New York 11369   (828)

Crowe Building Products LTD.   Call 905-529-6818
Company committed to delivering innovative solutions to the building and construction industries by providing the world's first synthetic roofing slate made from recycled polymers as roofing material.
116 burris street, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.   (826)

Newell Roofing Products Ltd   Call +353 91 790 475
Leading manufacturer and supplier of roofing products to the Irish roofing industry offering a broad range of roof system choices including many single and double-skin solutions. New products for the domestic roofing market have been added to the product range.
Carnmore, Oranmore & Galway   (827)

Seattle Roofing   Call 206-248-3737
A family owned roofing and construction company that has been in business and serving the greater Seattle Puget Sound Washington area since 1991. They do roof repair, installation and maintenance; as well as gutters, venting and skylight installation and repair.
12009 Des Moines Memorial Dr., Seattle, WA 98168   (5970)

Business Information: A guide to roofing supplies business

Roofing supplies building materials business depends upon construction sector and proximity of house owners to high winds, heavy rains and ocean air current which possibly wear out the roofing of houses. Many house owners are opting for flexible roof consisting of tiles and other fancy roofing supplies to improve the overall feel and quality of the house. These decorative tiles also increase the cost of the house by a small percentage. Increasingly people having houses near high winds, earthquake sectors, flood prone areas, etc are opting for flexible roofing. Farms houses are using flexible roofing to reduce the cost of housing. Roofing supplies business is providing good margins and returns for home owners.

Roofing supplies business is not a capital intensive industry. Roofing manufacturers often supply the necessary materials to end users (consumers) through dealers, retailers and suppliers. Roofing suppliers also perform construction work and this innovative idea is giving them good margins and better realizations. Small term capital is provided by many bankers, financial institutions, venture capitalists etc. Short term capital interest and repayment procedure increases the EMI. Sales and volumes are good in this business which creates an opportunity to repay the term loan without incurring a default.

Another way to benefit from this business is by cutting costs on roofing inventory and employing certain trained professionals on contract business so that they can be called when business deal is secured. Here one important consideration is to have deals with multiple roofing supplies business so that you can benefit from good margins and availability of materials. Roofing suppliers should have deals with masonry so that they improve their bottom line by referring business to them. Capital securing for this industry is tough because all you can pledge is roofing supplies. Banks and financial institutions require collateral before giving out loans in bulk amount. One important way to secure capital is to form a join venture with good construction houses. This joint venture can lead you a stable growth thereby giving you capital access from banks and financial institutions.

Roofing supplies are made from different building materials such as metal, recycled products, natural products such as cow dung (in Mexico it is popular as an cheap alternative and hygienic mix), etc. Some companies have adopted technologies which form an ecological friendly alternative to various products. Roofing supplies businesses are increasingly stocking solar panel, small wind farm technology, polyester roofing sheets etc which are providing efficient solutions to consumers in the building and construction industry. These are some of the innovative aspects for roofing supplies businesses which can benefit their bottom line and thereby increasing their margins.

Roofing suppliers do have availability of temperature controlled tiles which improve sunshine during winters and decrease temperature during summer season. Roofing suppliers should educate customers about the potential benefits of temperature controlled roofing tiles for their house. Cattle houses, farms, garage, small and medium scale industries, diary process areas etc use these kinds of tiles to improve the overall quality and cost benefit. Much more research is being done in these areas to improve margins and to decrease overall costs for the consumer.

Roofing suppliers get good business from coastal areas and areas affected due to typhoons because they destroy the much of roofing during the season. Air which contains salt and heavy particles gets deposited on the roofing thereby destroying it and houses under these particles influence needs to be repaired frequently.

Architecture of the house can be modified with implementation of beautiful and elegant tiles as roofing. These tiles not only increase the visual appearance but they also offer value to the overall price. Insurance payment might be decreased when flexible roofing practices are adopted. Also flexible roofing decreases overall costs of construction. Only flexible roofing made from man made materials can give a better chance for installation of solar panels than a straight flat roof. Overall margins and profits for roofing supplies business are healthy. Construction firms are using flexible roofing for constructing additional small houses. Small houses near the beaches are using flexible roofing which is proving to be a good business area for roofing supplies.

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