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Marble And Granite Inc.  Call 781-407-9560
Importer and wholesaler of imported natural and engineered stone products like marble and granite. Strictly wholesalers and the products are available in the New England and surrounding areas.
270 University Avenue, Westwood MA, 02090,   (1056)

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Marble and granite business is a capital intensive business. It needs considerable storage space for storing marbles and granites stones. Usage of floor area is much greater and larger in marble and granite business.

Marbles and granites are widely used in developing countries rather than in developed countries. In developed countries people use wood and carpets as their flooring. Important places and houses of celebrities have flooring with marble stone. Cost of natural marble is huge in developed markets due to non availability and high production costs of building materials. It is considered as a luxury in developed markets. Construction houses and builders generally prefer marble in developing countries for flooring.

Marble production in United States was 46, 000 tonnes compared to 72, 300 tonnes in 2005. Production of crushed marble was around 11.8 million tonnes in the year 2006. Demand for finished marble was around 12% in the year 2000 – 2006. Demand for marble has increased by 2% from the period 2000 – 2005. Demand will continue to remain steady and it is poised to grow much further considering the fact that middle class population in developing countries are venturing out to buy new houses and apartments. Luxury apartments and modern buildings in developed world are opting for natural stone like marble.

Granite is widely used by construction houses and builders as such. Granite is used in flooring and as preservative of antiquity. Many large Hindu temples in south India, Pyramids in Egypt, etc showcase the popularity of the granite in building and construction. It is used to preserve antique models. It is widely used in public, commercial and monuments. Polished granite is used in Kitchens because it is durable and aesthetic. Some of the first stones in the world are made from Ailsa Craig in Scotland. Ailsa Craig is now a wildlife reserve and it is not used for quarrying. Granites are also used as artificial rock climbing walls because of the challenges which it offers. Granites are increasingly used by entertainment industry.

Building Materials like marble has industrial usage as well. They are the pure source of calcium carbonate. Finely ground marble is used in paper industry and also in toothpaste, plastics and paints. Calcium carbonate can be made from chalk, limestone and marble. Ground calcium carbonate is used to impart stiffness, dimensional stability, impact strength and thermal conductivity. Finely ground calcium carbonate is also used in paints. Paper industry is widely known to use calcium carbonate (finely ground). Under high heat conditions calcium carbonate turn into calcium oxide which has many applications in different forms of cement.

Import and export opportunities are very good for this type of building materials industry. Demand for natural stones like marble is present in developing countries due to growth in construction and infrastructure industry. Demand from developed countries is growing steadily in slight percentages. Import opportunities exist for developed countries and also for developing countries. Tourist dependent countries such as Middle East, Caribbean, etc are employing marble and granite in their hotels and tourist places. Famous kitchen houses use granite because it provides natural radiation, elegance and it can be cleaned easily.

There are exploration companies which search for granites and marbles. These companies lease the explored mine or mine it themselves. Often there are environmental rules and regulations which need to be followed before mining. Mining is an exploration business where there are significant risks attached. Often exploration of mine would take years and months in finding. At times companies need to be satisfied with lower quality mines or mines with lesser quantity of marble and granite. Quarrying of mines is a very profitable business.

Marbles and granites natural stones need to be cut for specific measurements. Often marbles with larger dimensions are costlier than marbles with small dimensions. Granites have to be cut and polished. Cut and polished granites increase the cost of the granite and marble. Specific measurements can be obtained from building and construction houses which in turn depend on their customers for measurements. Granites are very heavy and they need manual labour to pick and install. Transportation of granites and marbles are done in specialized trucks and trailer which have the capacity to carry huge loads. Many builders and construction houses often have trade agreements with suppliers.