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Adera Natural Stone Supply   Call 1-877-526-6900
Well established business company known to be one of Canada’s largest providers of natural stone products including Landscape stone, Building Stone, thin Veneer, tile and slab, Stone Care Products, French Limestone, Imer Saws and Mixers. Contact the company today on the site to get all you need for your construction projects. Visit site for detailed information.
7420 Lowland Drive, Burnaby, BC, V5J 5A4, Canada   (3281)

Adirondack Natural Stone LLC   Call (518) 499-0602
Company into business since long and is the major supplier of different types of natural stones with four patent pending colors of Granite available in Squared & Rectangular, Mosaic Veneer, Wall Stone, Ashlar, Thin Veneer, Flagging, Uniwall and slabs for all building materials needs for your residential and commercial construction projects. Take some of your time to give a good to website for complete information and more specifications of the products involved.
8986 State Rt. 4; P.O. Box 225, Whitehall, NY 12887, USA   (3280)

All Natural Stone   Call (408) 544-9600
Company offering the largest selection of beautiful tile and exquisite granite under one roof including natural stone, Ken Mason Tile, Artistic Tile, Gainey Cermaics, Jeffery Court, Metal Coat, stone slabs in Granite, Marble and Onyx, handmade slabs, stone moldings, handmade and factory tiles and more types of building materials for all building and construction needs. Take some of your time to give a look to site for complete business details and information.
2504 Seaboard Ave., San Jose, CA 95131, USA   (3278)

Associated Natural Stones India (P) Ltd.   Call +(91)-(11)-22247644/22247646/22247645
Building material supplier indian company and well known to be the most reputed and leading exporters of natural stone products including Slates, Granite, Pebbles, Mosaics, Marbles, Borders, Cobbles, Quartzites, Limestone, Sandstones, Landscapes and Inlay Table Tops and more for your construction project. Take some of your time to give a visit to the website for detailed business information.
160 Aamrapali Apartments, 56 - I.P. Extension, New Delhi-110 092, Delhi, India   (3282)

Manu Tiling Company Pvt. Ltd.   Call 91-11-25251951-53
Indian company highly dedicated to their customers and fully engaged in the manufacturing and exporting of quality natural stone including marbles, sandstone, slates, marble and granite slabs, cobbles and kerbs, mosiacs, quartzite and more which are all essential building materials and used for large scale construction of buildings. Further business information can be found on the site.
A-354, Meera Bagh, Outer Ring Road, New Delhi-110087,India   (3279)

Natural Stone Veneers International   Call TOLL FREE: 1-877-923-2800
Natural stone fabrication company fabricating natural thin veneer stone for interior and exterior building applications. Also brings the thin veneer stone to market in a package that makes transporting of the stone more efficient.
390 W. Rolling Meadows Drive, Fond du Lac, WI 54937   (1055)

Business Information: A guide to natural stone business

Natural stone business can be regarded as capital intensive industry and low capital investment industry. Capital can be obtained from venture capitalists, banks and non banking financial institutions. A good project report should contain assurances from suppliers, marketing and advertising capabilities, demand and supply reports, retail spaces or retailers, end consumers demand report and at the end it would be very good if you have some assurances or contracts from demand side like construction houses, large retailers, etc. There are many options to natural stone businesses such as mining, retailing, transportation (remember natural stone business needs specific and high quality transportation equipment and personal), marketing and advertising, storage, processing, curing, building materials etc for which capital can be secured or obtained from various financial institutions.

Basically natural stones are catered for construction and decorative needs. Decorative stones are very much popular in jewelry. Diamond is by the most famous and expensive natural stone. Diamond industry is a capital intensive industry. Margins are huge for diamond business because of small number of established players. Jewelry stones have a popular demand among the consumers. Production is low for jewelry stones because of extensive refining and low availability in natural. Africa is considered to have huge reserves of diamonds and other precious natural stones and India is the highest consumer of Gold and natural stones building materials. It is important to know the sellers and buyers for a new entrant. Good margins are available to importers, exporters and middle man. A middle man in this business negotiates and stands guarantee between the buyer and seller.

Building and construction industry uses a huge range and variety of natural stones such as Marble, Slate, lime stone, Granite, Sandstone, Quartzite, Mosaics, pebbles, etc. Construction industry uses some of these stones for decorating purposes. Cost of these natural stones materials varies according to quality, shape, size and quantity ordered. Large construction industries have long term contracts with suppliers and producers to avoid fluctuations in supply and to have stability in pricing. If a new entrant wants to enter into natural stone materials business he needs to have good contacts and deals which ensure him constant supply demand ratio. There are other various special stones which are suitable for a particular type of region. Temperature stones are used widely because some countries have high temperatures and other regions have low temperatures for which a suitable stone needs to be selected. Marble is one such kind which exhibits cooler temperature even in summer season and during winters it gets worse because it gets much cooler than other stones.

Before starting any business one needs to consider the risk involved. Natural stone business reduces the risk of doing business. One of the most important aspects of this industry is risk which is reduced due to various factors. Natural stones can be stored for years together without any visible defect. Care should be taken so as to reduce the exposure of these stones to potential harmful (air and water) pollutants and harsh water which may cause harm to natural stones. Most importantly inventory does not loose its value with time. This makes the business potentially very beneficial to long term players. There are many established companies and very few small and medium scale business which are offering value as retailers and suppliers. Business cycle is not seasonal but it is entirely dependent upon construction business and economy ups and downs. Real estate sector and demand for new homes will be constantly growing due to population growth which in turn is offering better returns to the natural stone business. Natural stone business is growing at a very decent healthy rate and future demand is likely to be good. Mining is a profitable venture for new entrants.

Storage and transportation industry offers good business opportunity due to complexity and regulations in transporting natural stones building materials. Precious natural stones need special protection and natural construction stones need large storage spaces. Trucks transporting natural stones need special drivers and equipment. Also these trucks can transport only few stones and volume can be met only by frequent playing of stones from end to end destinations.

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