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Custom Iron  Call 800.732.7699
Company, located in the small town of Zumbrota Minnesota, is a leading supplier of metal spiral staircases along with curved or incline stairs and metal stair components. Specializing in metals such as iron, steel and aluminum with accents in copper and brass while doing fabrication to make stairways. Go to site for more details.
400 First Street East, Zumbrota, MN 55992, USA   (2698)

Intermountain Ornamental  Call (801)553-7226
Company serving locally in the Salt Lake area, and nationwide helping customers with their decorative ironwork needs and also recognized as a national Award winning company for their manufacturing capability of spiral, winding and curving staircases made from metal for multiple level homes. Visit site for details.
10047 S. Prosperity Rd, West Jordan, UT 84088, USA   (2701)

Lapeyre Stair Inc.  Call 800-535-7631
Company making use of innovative technology to make the stair design and installation process simple and painless and also provider prefabricated steel and galvanized stairs and work platforms which arrive at your jobsite ready for installation. Give a look to site for more details.
P.O. Box 50699, New Orleans, LA 70150   (2697)

Salter Industries  Call 610-489- 5799
Provider of factory direct staircases made from wood and metals including classic steel stairs, Galvanized Steel Exterior Stairs, Forged Iron Stairs, aluminum stair kits and steel spiral stairs and more taking in mind the custom needs of customers from all over USA. Visit the site for further enquiries and brochure.
105 G. P. Clement Drive, Collegeville, PA 19426, USA   (2699)

Sharon Stairs  Call (330)-777-5377
Known to be the provider of universally recognized solution to conventional site built stairways including Steel Stairs, stair treads, stair landings, stair railings, prefabricated steel stairs, metal stairs, steel stair systems, CAD stair details, steel stair handrails, and egress stairs. Go to site for further information.
1481 Exeter Rd. , Akron, Ohio 44306, USA   (2700)

Stairs  Call +31 342 405700
EeStairs delivers stairs worldwide to home owners, companies and institutions. Visit the site for complete business details and information.
EeStairs Nederland bv, Harselaarseweg 102, PO Box 4, 3770 AA Barneveld, The Netherlands   (6227)

Stairways, Inc.  Call (713) 680-3110
Manufacturer of all kinds of wood and metal stairs providing a selection of stairs made from steel, aluminum or stainless steel. In wood, your choices include, among others, oak, mahogany, cherry and maple. Also offer top quality straight and curved metal stairs. Visit the site to get an online quote.
4166 Pinemont, Houston, TX 77018, USA   (2696)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Metal Stairs Business Information And Guide

Today business has variety of dimensions. It is not restricted to a single traditional product. Today people are more free and acceptable towards accepting new and trendy products. This not only encourages the manufacturer building products of new varities, but also gives the buyers a wider Varity to choose from. This is a world of globalization and world as a market concept, hence in this era, the marketers as well as the market has a lot more to explore. Even in this era of changing trends and better materials one thing that primarily remains unchanged is the large scale use of metals where strength and durability is a prime concern especially in areas like construction.

Metal is one of the important aspects of out lives from more than 100 years. Right from a needle to an airplane, the usage of metal is a compulsion. This is because of its tensile strength, its ductility and its look. It not only adds strength to a product but also adds a life to an original product life. Among all building products, metals are the most trusted material. Today all across the globe people don’t think twice before using a product or making a product out of metal. Out of all this, a metal stair business is not at all a bad option to choose from.

Metal stairs business is a business where the original stair made of wood or bricks are replaced by metal stairs. It is a business which has a great future in the coming market scenario. The world is moving towards automation. Those who were building products of cements and bricks are making them of metal. Today even big mall foundations are made of steel instead of the traditional method this shows the popularity of metal in the current market situation. It is not only a lighter material but also has a much improved life. Metal stair business has a great future stored in future as many companies who want to expand their offices in to multi stories internally may use a metal stair instead of the traditional stair as it will cost lesser than the traditional and also takes lesser time to construct.

The target market here has a huge range. From offices to small houses, from simple construction sites to shops and wholesale product go downs, this product can be used in all the possible places. Those offices where an immediate working environment needs to be set and immediate flooring and stair needs to be build can use a metal stair instead of the traditional stair. It may sound a little over the top but a time will come when this business will be used in the government sector as well. This product which is time saving cum construction time reduce product. Also the building products used in making a steel or metal stair is purely metal and a welding machine. Hence the cost of raw material is also very low as far as the product is concerned.

One problem associated with every metal products including metal staircase is that they can get rusted if not maintained properly. This is highly undesirable in this building product as it is primarily used to enhance the ambience. This has given rise to a new business area of cleaning and maintenance of metal stair cases. The stair cases need to be treated regularly with anti rust polish and painting to protect it from environmental damages. The contracts for such maintenance activities are on rise as many do not have time to carry out these activities in their busy lives.

To conclude, metal stairs business is sure to provide great hope and success. It may no be a large scale venture where a lot of profit can be earned like many other building products however the turnover of this product will be very high in the percent. The time constraint is coming into the picture very frequently these days therefore any product which can save a lot of time of construction will be a great success in the coming future.

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