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Eastern Glass Block  Call (973) 777-8989
Eastern Glass Block is an American company which distributes and installs Pittsburgh Corning glass blocks and other masonry in residential and commercial applications in the construction industry. Selling glass blocks direct to contractors and homeowners with complete customer satisfaction. For more business information please go to site and have a look.
12-A Rennie Pl, Lodi, N.J. 07644, USA   (3451)

Glass Block Designs  Call 415-626-5770
Stocking distributor for Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block, shower systems and kits, and both aluminum and vinyl lightwise windows. The company manufacture prefabricated custom windows using any size and style of block, with or without vents and sliders in both aluminum and vinyl frames. Leading the construction and masonry industry since long. Give a visit to company site for complete business information and details.
381 11th Street, San Francisco, CA. 94103, USA   (3448)

Glass Masonry Inc.  Call 352.343.0534
Glass Masonry Inc. has established a tradition of excellence in the florida building industry with a high quality line of glass block for the construction needs. Working closely with the architect, contractors, and home owners through all phases of design and construction Glass Masonry has lead the way in a rapid growing marketplace of building materials. More business details can be seen on the site.
4600 Lake Industrial Blvd., Tavares, FL 32778 , USA   (3450)

Pacific Accent  Call 888.522.4527
Pacific Accent’s masonry like glass block window products and its marketing programs were developed from the start to be sold primarily by building material supply retail professionals. Because of this focus from the very beginning, the company products fit perfectly into any retailer’s product offering. Go to website for more business details.
Online email and form support   (3447)

Business Information: A guide to glass block masonry business

Glass blocks business is a profitable venture. Glass block business demands creativity from the builder. This creative profession needs very less capital to get started and there are no rules by the book. Capital is not a major problem for starting a glass block business it can be started if you have a minimum of $10,000 in your wallet. Finance is provided by many banks, financial institutions and venture capitalists. This business can be started even in your garage with little capital investment and you can break even within few months depending upon your charges. There are two types of billing systems billing per glass block or billing for a complete glass block with installation. Single glass block can act as spare installation and also to complement.

It is important to note that there are many customers who do not know about glass block and its benefits. A person intending to start a glass block business needs to educate his customers about the potential cost benefits and aesthetic look in using a glass block. In churches glass blocks are used to improve the aesthetic look. Religious places such as churches offer good business potential as margins are good. Clubs, Pubs, restaurants, interior designers, hotels, etc use glass blocks to increase the overall feel and look of the place. Designer glass blocks make your portfolio diverse thus giving you more products and better margins.

Product flexibility is very important because it offers you better realizations and margins. Margins are also higher for designer glass blocks. Some customers prefer custom built glass blocks and to cater those customers it is important and necessary for glass block business to have machinery and expertise ready. If capital is a problem a second hand machine can cater to the need of the business. Glass block businesses require professional expertise for installation and maintenance. Any wrong installation or improper configuration of the glass block can lead to injury or destruction of the glass block.

A single glass block affected in the maze will destroy the entire structure. Whole process needs to be started again which can prove costly. Maintenance of glass block is important because it improves the look and feel of the entire structure. Designer glass blocks have higher appeal and they also fetch good returns for the customer. Glass blocks are available in different colors and a customer needs to be presented with different choices. Lighting also varies when you choose a glass block with a different color.

Glass block businesses are offering free consultation for your needs if you purchase glass block service from their store. Generally average price fluctuates from $25 to a window to $90 for 4 windows and it can get much lower if the competition increases. Prices also fluctuate according to the size of the block. Some of the various sizes available in the market are 4*8*37/8’’, 6*6*37/8’’, 6*8*37/8’’, 8*8*37/8’’, etc. There are various available shapes such as rounded finish, curves and columns, round and 90 degree block, 45 degree block, etc. An efficient masonry can transform a bathroom into an architecture marvel. Most of the installation is done by an efficient masonry.

If you are an amateur trying to make big in this business first you should opt for masonry course. Masonry is one of the oldest professions in practice and skilled people are very much in demand for their services. Skilled people can benefit from teaching others of age old practices of glass block making. There are various courses offered by companies through apprenticeships. Also you can opt to join a company as trainee thereby gaining valuable experience with money. Masonry units involved in glass block business may be required to follow section 2103 of international building code. There are many online courses which teach you about the art of preparation and installation of glass blocks. Overall it can be said that glass blocks business is profitable if you can use creativity and put up some hardwork.

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