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ARTEMIS   Call 877/297-8267
Offering building products which are better for the environment, perform well, and contribute to healthier living including wood and boards made from bamboo, cork, wheat, sunflower seeds, and sorghum and also offer finishes that are made from natural ingredients and are free of toxic ingredients, cotton insulation, carpet tiles, recycled-content tiles, Japanese plaster, re-cycled aluminum sinks, tiles and lights, and much more.
3709 Butler Street, Pittsburgh PA 15201   (2630)

Eco Safety Products   Call 877.366.7547 Toll-Free
Phoenix, Arizona based company which is the leading distributor of high performance safety and environmentally preferred or green products including protective sealers, paint strippers, safety solvents, floor safety coatings, janitorial cleaners, natural pest control for home use and much more with quality services.
1522 E. Victory St., Ste. 2 , Phoenix, AZ 85040-1307   (2629)

Green Building Supply   Call Toll Free: 1-800-405-0222
Provider of safe, environmental friendly and sustainable building materials including air and water purificarion, natrual flooring products, non-toxic finishes, wool carpet products, energy and water conservation home products, environmental friendly cleaners, noise control and much more.
508 N. 2nd Street, Fairfield IA 52556   (2627)

Homasote Company   Call 609-883-3300 Ext. 1500
One of the oldest manufacturer of green building products made from recycled materials in the U.S and used in residential and commercial buildings. Product line include 440 SoundBarrier which controls sound in walls, floors, and ceilings, Burlap Panels for Tackable surface and much more. Visit the site for complete information.
PO Box 7240, West Trenton, NJ 08628-0240   (2626)

The Natural Abode   Call 800-863-1078
If you are looking for products that can help with greener, healtheir and more sustainable living than this company can help as they provide green building materials including natural flooring, low voc paints and finishes, Royal-Pedic, recycled glassware, energy-conservation solutions, natural latex mattresses and organic bedding from Vivetique and solar panels and natural fiber clothing.
517 S Main St. Moscow, Idaho 83843   (2628)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Green Building Products Business

One of the biggest challenge humans confront today is of global warming. In fact the gravity of problem is such that the future of human race is in great danger if corrective actions are not initiated immediately. Fortunately it is not too late and situation can be brought under control by sincere efforts at all levels from individual to industries. Industrial activities lead the chart of carbon emissions and construction sector is amongst the major contributor to global warming.

Constructions engineering till date was only concentrating on making project cost efficient and complete them at fast pace. Calamities like earthquake and fire made them responsible to make safer building for occupants. However there was still no awareness for environment friendly buildings. In fact start of many big construction activities is by deforestation. The concrete jungle we created is responsible for overheating of land. In our ignorance we have made big damage to nature. However the construction industry has now awakened and introducing new environmental friendly initiatives. Green building is one such promising move that will contribute significantly in safeguarding our earth. A business in green building materials will not only earn you wealth but also a satisfaction of contributing in a noble cause.

Building is both a public and private activity. Construction activity involves great cost and there is a constant effort to bring down this cost. Building materials form the major component of these costs and there is constant search for cheaper substitutes without compromising on quality. Green building products serves exactly the same purpose. They come with a lower price and yet are more energy efficient. They have become extremely popular in construction activities and are doing good business. Green products have brought down the construction costs significantly and increased profit margins for the builders. This has also resulted in cheaper homes for people.

Green building products offer many benefits. The most important benefit from the builderÂ’s point of view is it significantly lowers the construction cost. Even after completion the maintenance cost of the building is very low. The life of both the building and its occupant stays healthy. It offers great amount of flexibility for incorporating changes. Green products are fast replacing conventional ones. For instance bamboo or cork flooring is being preferred over ceramic tiles. Using green products really makes sense to both builders and occupants and increases the scope of business.

One must exercise due caution in selecting business products. The green building products need to get sanctioned from the regulatory bodies. It is judged on various parameters like efficiency, quality of indoor air it produces, efficiency in energy and water conservation and affordability. One should always deal in certified green building products. Uncertified products will not produce the desired results in a construction and this business decision will definitely backfire. On the other hand selling certified products will establish your reputation with construction industry and earn you more rewards.

The requirement for construction raw material amounts to a few million tons across the world. Most of the material is non renewable. To produce this material lot of energy is used. Bricks are produced from heating which consumes a great amount of fuel. There are many other resource heavy materials like iron and steel which require high transportation and maintenance cost. However better substitutes in green products are available which conserve energy and reduce cost. There is a good demand for these products. Manufacturing, selling or even recycling of green products can be considered as good business opportunities. As this is an upcoming are one must keep constant updates on the latest research and development in the field to analyze future market trends and prepare for it.

Due to the unparalleled advantages green products offer green revolution in construction is very much anticipated. With environmental norms becoming more stringent all building activities will slowly migrate towards using green building products. Government and other organization are sanctioning funds to promote green building products and businesses. With support from all sectors grass on both sides look green in this business.

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